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Brzezinski: US must stop following Israel “like a stupid mule”

Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brezezinski, like so many of us, is tired of Israel leading the US by the nose.

Press TV – Hollywood Masters Propaganda War on Iran

America’s new fall TV shows are back at it. Last year the Israeli propaganda and Islamophobia had begun to dissipate but, this year, it is easy to see, the “Masters of Hollywood” are engaged in war mongering on behalf of their own masters in Tel Aviv.

Is NetanBombYou a ‘Toon?

Breaking news update! The Netanyahu 'Toon has returned to the UN to respond to all the mockery he has received.

WINEP’s “Near East Policy”: Silence the truthers, stage another 9/11!

They call it "Near East Policy." I call it high treason and conspiracy to commit mass murder.

US-Made Anti-Islam Film, Zionist False Flag Operation: Analyst

Behind this gigantic coordinated media effort to slander and smear Islam and murder millions of Muslims around the world is the Zionist entity and its supporters.

Gwenyth Todd: Richard Clarke a 9/11 person of interest

Was Terror Czar Dick Clarke the "terror czar" of 9/11?

Pat Buchanan: “Why This Obsession With Iran?”

Pat Buchanan wonders why the neocons are obsessed with Iran. I can answer that...but it isn't going to be pretty.

In Defense of Iran.

What chutzpah, what hypocrisy! Israel with over 400 nuclear devices, with submarines that carry nuclear tipped missiles and intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching Washington DC!

US War Rhetoric: The Road to Sedition

Following the recent IAEA report released on Iran’s nuclear program which many observers found professionally faulty, Washington once again ratcheted up the 'bomb, bomb Iran' rhetoric.

Targeting Iran: World War III and The Chain of Obedience

"The World is at dangerous crossroads” “The holding of mass demonstrations and antiwar protests is not enough”

Iranian Terror Plot: Fake, Fake, Fake

This story is very scary – not because it’s credible, or believable, because it is neither.


Two lines in the fourth stanza of The Star Spangled Banner provide a clue to one American mindset that supports empire building. By James M. Wall...