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False-Flag Meme Goes Mainstream on Boston Bombings – Part 2

Glenn Beck finally admits he has been keeping his mouth shut about 9/11 controlled demolition. What's up with that?

Glenn Beck Will Shed Real Tears Next Time He Visits Israel

“It is hard to imagine that the story of the Zionist land grab of Palestine could go down in history as the redemption of the world Jews and a courageous act that need to be restored by a hypocritical Zionist mouthpiece like Glenn Beck.”

Rick Perry, Glenn Beck and Alan Dershowitz: Meshugener or Shmucks?

Mishugener is a Yiddish word meaning insane or crazy. A Schmuck is Yiddish for a self-made fool- but it also refers to male only anatomy.......

A Murdoch Note

Murdoch is now admitted to have controlled the political system in Britain and America for two decades. He has had the power to choose national leaders, make policy, pass laws at will.

Glenn Beck at Knesset "I Stand Up for Israel"

Beck, "the demands of the Palestinian Authority are another excuse for the world to continue a centuries-old campaign of anti-Semitism, which he said is “going through the roof. The United States has an economic problem and the Jews will be blamed.”

Glenn Beck and Zionists to Rally in Jerusalem

Religious zealot and religious/political con-man Glenn Beck will hold a rally to support Israel's illegal occupation of the entire city of Jerusalem on August 24, 2011.

A Walk on the Dark Side of Israel Politics

With his texting bad conduct behind him, Weiner is now free to join the Glenn Beck team. Rod Blogovich let his greed overrule his good judgment. As a result AIPAC has another kept senator at its beck and call.

Dear Mr. Beck: I Shook Hands with the Antichrist

Earlier this week, Michael Lind wrote an article for Salon about the misplaced energy in demeaning alarmists like Glenn Beck.1 Having friends and family who often revere the inflammatory rhetoric of Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, and others as a light in the darkness, the temptation to dwell on and ridicule these figures, ones that have even caused divisions between conservative commentators, is strong. Lind’s point is crucial though: the question is not primarily whether or not Beck’s theories are sane. Actually, the less sane they seem, the more likely it is that these theories are moves of desperation and the more important it is that we should stay focused on the actual issue.

Is Our Competitive Spirit Helping or Hurting America?

The mere thought that man's primary imperative is in pursuit of conflict and greed - and that's essentially what competition is - is counterintuitive. The fact is, our tendency to be competitive rather than cooperative is man's primary dysfunction.

Glenn Beck Craziness Aimed at George Soros Draws Protest from Rabbis

VT (VT) issued a statement of support for the Open Letter by 400 Rabbis charging Beck with diminishing "the memory and meaning of the Holocaust when...

Is Sarah Palin More Dangerous than a Guy in the Hood?

I'd also like to take a moment to debunk the myth being widely spread by the corporate media that merely mentioning the Nazis in response to what's currently going on in America is irresponsible and beyond the pale. That's total nonsense and is in direct contradiction to another adage that states that a crazy person is one who does the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. Thus, the corporate media is literally asking us to embrace insanity.

Chaplain Kathie: Glenn Beck’s mental health

GLEN BECK'S MENTAL HEALTH By Chaplain Kathie STAFF WRITER Glenn Beck was on the Today Show this morning with Keith Ablow M.D. talking out their book...

President Obama’s Flowery Arizona Speech

It is indeed interesting to see how all of a sudden the corporate media and the GOP have come together to praise the president's Arizona speech - even FOX News. After two years of calling him a communist, a friend to terrorists, a fraud, and a liar, the GOP has finally found a reason to praise him. The reason they're praising him, however, is because, yet again, he's allowed GOP criminals off the hook.

Colbert: The Forgotten Victim in All of This Is Sarah Palin

The Word - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Angriness. If incendiary rhetoric isn't connected to the Arizona tragedy, in the minds of the...

Fort Hood Terror v. Neocon Arizona Terror

When news of the 2009 Fort Hood Massacre broke, the most tenuous evidence was used to paint the killing as the work of Al...


"COWBOY JESUS" REVIVAL OR ZIONIST COLLABORATOR PICNIC? By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor There is a certain absurdity for a group only remotely related to Christianity...

Thank You Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, Rightwingers Will Regret It

 - Stupid, white people do not mess with the memory of Dr. King and then get away with it - By mal I spent a lot...

Glenn Beck Is Not Martin Luther King Jr.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

You know nothing, You remember nothing

By Ernest A. Canning at the BradBlog  On Sunday, Brad Friedman posted a "Toon of the moment" in which a hypnotist sits dangling a...

White People to NAACP: Time to Disband

- Tea Partier: NAACP "make(s) more money off of race than any slave trader ever." - The white race baiters in our political culture assure...

For Fox, Beck, and Limbaugh – Race Baiting Has Become Standard...

The NAACP passed a resolution condemning "extremist elements within the Tea Party, calling on Tea Party leaders to repudiate those in their ranks who...