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Exactly Who Is In The Driver’s Seat in Washington?

Those sneaky elected officials don't deserved another term

Being “under the bus” with COLA

Keeping your fingers crossed about COLA for veterans won't make it happen

So….What's the Problem?

"Never let a good crisis go to waste" is what got us into this problem!

…And so it came to pass (Hopefully NOT)

S-1629 is not a bill to help veterans of Vietnam be compensated for Agent Orange exposure. It's a bill for all Americans

A Chance to Nail The Lid on The Agent Orange Coffin

Agent Orange-The dirty secret of the US Government

Bassakword Government Policies – Part 2

Legislation is being developed in both houses of Congress to correct the Agent Orange inequities

America’s “Ready, Fire…Aim” Government

Some may remember the horrific wild fires that burned in Pinal Mountains of eastern Arizona near Globe, from August 28th to mid-September. They became known as The Frio Fire, which was cause by lightening.

Veterans Job Preferences… A Can of Worms And Maybe Not

How will a veterans job preference bill play to the vets and the private sector employers?

One Party Rule Bad for Veterans; Split Party Rule Good for...

Sad state of affairs in US politics

Agent Orange…Falling Prey to Snake Oil Salesmen

Today was not like every other day for many of us. For veterans having to deal with a proposed amendment to the Military Construction Bill I wrote about earlier.

The tragedy of toxin use brings back memories of Dr. Joseph...

The use of Agent Orange could be considered by many as a war crime and perpetuated by our unwillingness to solve the toxicity problem

VT Hails Senator Murray Selection as New VA Comm Chair

VT celebrates that a veteran advocate and a female, Sen. Patty Murray, has taken over a key leadership position in the United States Senate Veterans Affairs...

Senate Veterans Committee September Schedule

The Senate Veterans Affairs committee list a couple of hearings for September so far Legislative Presentation: The American Legion Date: Wed Sep 22 2010, 9:30 AM,...