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U.S. employers add modest 148,000 jobs; unemployment rate at 4.1 percent

U.S. employers added 148,000 jobs in December, a modest gain but still enough to suggest the economy entered the new year with solid momentum.

California Unemployment Rate Drops to Lowest Level Since 1970s

The economic juggernaut that is the California economy barreled forward in November as the state added 47,400 net new jobs and the unemployment rate dropped from 4.9 percent in October to 4.6 percent, the lowest level since the 1970s.

How To Get Interviews If Your Resume Is Vulnerable Due To...

How To Get Interviews If Your Resume Is Vulnerable Due To Age, Short-Term Jobs, Unemployment, Self-Employment, Not Enough Experience In Their Industry or Just...

The Government’s Labor Reports Fail To Capture The Real Problems Of...

Month after month, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that U.S. veterans are doing better than non-veterans in the job market.

5 Horrifying Jobs That Almost Make You Prefer Unemployment

We realize that "it could be worse" is small comfort to someone who spends their workday staring at the clock and fantasizing about taking a shit on the boss' desk.

Utah saw more job creation in June but also more unemployment

Utah's unemployment rate rose at a slightly higher rate in June, but state officials were not overly concerned as that increase ran parallel to solid growth in new job creation.

Maryland loses 1,600 jobs in May but unemployment rate falls

Maryland lost 1,600 jobs in May while the state's unemployment rate fell back below the national average.

California Unemployment Falls to Lowest rate in 16 Years

The number of Californians employed in nonfarm jobs actually fell by 16,300 jobs in April, but on a seasonally adjusted basis the unemployment rate ticked down by 0.1 percent.

Post-9/11 Veteran Unemployment Rate Ticks Upward

Unemployment rates for all veterans and especially for post-9/11 veterans went up in July despite a rosy government jobs report Friday that showed the U.S. economy strengthening.

Is the Unemployment Rate for Veterans as Low as WSJ Claims?

The unemployment rate among veterans has fallen to a seven-year low, a result of an improving job market and federal policies that promote employment among service members.

Unemployment for veterans at lowest level in 7 years

The unemployment rate for veterans has dropped to its lowest level in seven years, thanks to an all-hands-on-deck push by government and corporate America to hire veterans.

Era of high unemployment for Iraq, Afghanistan veterans ends

An era of high unemployment for those who served during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars appears to be over, according to federal statistics showing jobless rates for those veterans are now on par with civilians.

Event urges hiring veterans

The unemployment rate for U.S. military veterans is at its lowest level in more than six years, but advocates say many men and women still face significant employment hurdles after being discharged.

The Big Lie About Job Recovery

Based on Department of Labor statistics, it reveals that only 58.3% of working age Americans have a job.

Is a College Degree Worth It?

Given the $962 billion Americans owe in student loan debt, it seems reasonable to ask what a college degree buys them in employability and future income.

Are Americans Asleep?

2012 is almost ready for the scrap heap of history. 2013 is just around the corner. Will America wake up or will it continue down the road to LaLa land?

McKinstry Joins HireVeterans.com

Established in 1960, McKinstry is a full-service design, build, operate and maintain (DBOM) firm with over 1,600 employees and approximately $400 million in annual revenue.

Milestone for Veterans Retraining Assistance Program

We hit 45,000 approved applications for VRAP. We're excited so many Veterans have taken the opportunity to achieve their educational goals. Help us continue the momentum.

When is enough “enough?”

I'm sick and tired of watching and listening to pundits who profess concern over the minimum wage. They all read from the same talking points…

Never take a knife to a gunfight

The 2012 national elections are over. Conservatives are at a loss for words to describe the election results, while liberal progressives are giddy with joy.