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What Kind of Society Do Americans Want? – An Analysis (9...

On 7 May 2012 a new study came out on healthcare in the United States. Based on research carried out by the Urban Institute, the report is published in the journal Health Affairs.

Condoleezza Rice Talks Values

There is no living group of individuals who have done more to undermine crucial values than those who worked in the Bush Jr. White House.

Israel: Twenty Years and Counting

How long do the angry men in Jerusalem think it will take the American public to notice?

FBI Goes Rogue on Iran

DOES ANYONE CARE ? The FBI’s Counter Terrorist Unit has transformed itself into an instigator of crime.

Modern Barbarism : A Malodorous Umbrella Concept

Mistaking the Particular for the General. Modern barbarism is a malodorous umbrella concept.

President Obama’s UN Speech and its Critics

Obama was stuck with the conundrum that the people of Libya (and Tunisia and Egypt and maybe Yemen and Syria but, of course, not Bahrain) deserve self-determination and peace, while the Palestinians are apparently still out in the cold.

Great Britain : Goodbye to International Law

Great Britain changed its UJ law to allow the government, in the person of the Director of Public Prosecutions, to veto any arrest warrant referencing universal jurisdiction issued by a British judge.

Robert Gates : Israel Is An Ungrateful Ally

Great. Now you tell us! Triumph of groupthink, careerism and narrow interests over honesty and moral courage.

Turkey Does the Right Thing

Unfortunately, within Zionist world of illogic, Turkey’s position will just reinforce Israel’s narcissistic sense of victimhood. Yasir Arafat once said that Israel acts like a homicidal "big baby." He was so right.

America’s FBI Goes Rogue

If one thinks this through, it becomes clear that the FBI policy makers have confused thought and action. In such a way is the road to hell paved with (alleged) good intentions.by Dr. Lawrence Davidson

Will the U.S. Really Leave Iraq?

“Although the Iraq invasion was launched under false pretenses, U.S. troops stationed there are “defending our country.” Defending it from who?”

Flotillas and the Law : Civil Society Movements vs. Corrupt Politics

For all intents and purposes, when it comes to the Palestine-Israeli conflict, the United States and Israeli governments have placed themselves above all law.

Conjecture on Israel’s Changing Demographics

If the historical goal of the state of Israel is to provide the world’s Jews a secure national home, a place of refugee in a world of real or potential anti-Semitism, it seems to have failed.

Is there an Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program?

It seems there are two worlds. The real world of facts and evidence and the unreal world of political fantasy. Our political leaders and their advisers are, apparently, stuck in the unreal one. Their words, and their policies, are built on the assumptions of this fantasy world. They go to war and kill people based on beliefs that are demonstrably false. And the rest of us? Most of us are stuck in our own local niches and beyond them we do not know what is real or unreal. -- Dr. Lawrence Davidson

Eric Cantor and the Provoking of American Anti-Semitism

Eric Cantor’s Pledge of Allegiance to Israel over America By Dr. Lawrence Davidson Zionists of all stripes incessantly complain about Rep. Cantor promised Netanyahu party will act...