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5 Facts You May Not Know About Chronic Pain

It is easier to treat a physical injury or an internal illness because you can always find the cause of it and treat it accordingly. But chronic pain may not be the cause of one single illness. Instead, it is the result of many illnesses.

How to Respond to a Heart Health Emergency

It is an indescribably scary situation to either experience a heart attack yourself or witness someone you love go through one.

7 Considerations for Those Entering the Healthcare Field Today

Becoming a Healthcare Professional Takes Time. learn more

DUI Road Accidents Still On The Rise Among Veterans

Alcohol-influenced road accidents involving veterans have increased to 60 percent since 2014, according to a recent study by the American Addiction Centers.

Dental Fillings: Procedure, Alternatives, and Comparison  

Dental fillings are crucial in many cases. In order to fill a tooth, the dentist has to administer a local anesthetic to make sure that the area around the tooth is numb which will eliminate or at least reduce the pain.

A Guide to Financial Assistance for Senior Care

If your parents or guardians are around the age of 65, senior care is, definitely, on your mind. Depending on the condition of your senior, your options range from assisted living, home care, nursing care, adult care, or even hospice.

Bridging the gap between veterans and health care jobs

As co-founders of Premier Medical Staffing Services in West Allis, Laura Hanoski and her husband Mark have seen the roadblocks that prevent veterans from landing health care jobs in the civilian world.

After Decline Of Steel And Coal, Ohio Fears Health Care Jobs...

When people talk about jobs in Ohio, they often talk about the ones that got away.

These 7 Jobs May Be Hazardous to Your Health

You might think your inside job isn’t as hazardous as, say, a high-rise construction worker, but you might be wrong.

Our Costly Addiction to Health Care Jobs

The health care industry has been a great friend to the United States economy.

Remember veterans in health care reform

As our nation moves forward on the issue of “repealing and replacing” the Affordable Care Act, we need to keep in mind our veteran population.

New White House Policies Could Put Veterans' Health at Stake

Veterans voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton by a 2-to-1 margin back in November. But a couple of changes that the new administration has underway are likely to put a particular squeeze on former service members' health care.

Health counseling available for veterans and their families

We are excited to announce that Chris Thomas and Bill Brown from the VA Vet Center will be at Veterans Corner every Thursday from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. They will provide health counseling for veterans and their families.

600k veterans uninsured in 2017 – health researchers

A projected 604,000 US veterans will not have health insurance in 2017, according to a new report.

Veterans struggling with homelessness to be given free meals, health care...

Veterans struggling with homeless and underemployment in Kalamazoo County will be lent a helping hand this week.

Work begins on new veterans health clinic in Bremerton

A recent meeting among the National Contracting Office, VA Puget Sound Health Care System engineering staff and building lessor Golden Oyster Bay LLC resulted in a limited notice to proceed, VA spokesman Chad Hutson said Friday.

Spectrum Health program connects veterans with benefits

Veterans are entitled to a lot of federal and state benefits, but figuring out how to get and use them can be hard. A new program at Spectrum Health is helping veterans pay their hospital bills and much more with benefits that already exist.

Mental Health Facility Opens For Valley Veterans In Need

Veterans say these specific services have been sorely needed. They believe a new Fresno facility can be effective in combating the growing problem of homelessness among veterans.

The Big Lie Versus The Great Truth That Shall Set Everything...

Happy New Year - the hope for a better world and our role in it lies deepest within each one of us.

Beating the VA Diabetic Testing Racket

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor The Department of Veterans Affairs, in order to comply with GOP cutbacks, has tightened up on many things, most of...

Study: Non-veterans lack resources for treatment of PTSD

- Non-veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder are less exposed to information and treatment options than combat veterans, a new study reveals.

Brain Bank Opens To Help Study PTSD In War Veterans

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder affects half a million veterans in the United States. In Oklahoma, 11,590 veterans were treated for PTSD last year in outpatient clinics with the Oklahoma City VA Health Care System and 817 veterans were hospitalized for the illness.

Concord Vet Center Paves Way For Needed Heart Centered Approach To...

It's been an incredible personal joy to witness with Sal the heartwarming transformations that occurred as many of these emotionally wounded veterans burst into full flower by going through their fears and finding joy beneath their deep pain and despair. We literally saw the light come on as they began to see through different eyes

Agent Orange: Alphabetized Ships List

If your vessel is not included in the Mobile Riverine Force, ISF Division 93 or listed designations (see "Find Your Ship"), check the alphabetized...

PTHD – Post Traumatic Heart Disorder

The power and truth of a heart centered approach to self-healing has withstood ridicule and then opposition within the VA and medical pharmaceutical community ~ but it is now fast approaching the stage where its acceptance and value are self-evident.

Americans become increasingly aggressive because of antidepressants and heavy metals

Americans suffer from various forms of psychosis due to prescribed drugs and heavy metals in water and air.

VA pitches ‘fundamental shift’ in veterans’ health care to Congress

The Veterans Affairs Department will meet veterans’ health care needs through closer coordination with outside hospitals, clinics and doctors, the department says in a plan its sending to Congress on Sunday.

Midland DAV chapter donates $1,000 toward women veterans health care

The Disabled American Veterans of the Permian Basin, based out of Midland, presented a check of $1,000 to the Women Veterans Health Program at the VA Medical Center located in Big Spring.

Vladimir Putin’s Syrian Strategy: Reducing the Risk of Biological Terrorism in...

Putin - Russia stands for the creation of "as big a coalition to fight the extremists and terrorists as possible and is working with major regional and international partners" like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

On Being In The Field

Being in the field to me is a deep awareness that I am in sync with my destiny regarding my work as a heart centered consultant and that my destiny is involved with retrieving lost souls from the rubble of deep childhood unworthiness.

But I know he is my father

Sami Jamil Jadallah - One day, a loving son took his aging father to a restaurant for dinner.

Northwestern Health Sciences University to open veterans support center

Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington has announced plans to create a new Veterans Support Center designed to meet the needs of students who have served in the military.

Are You a Vietnam Veteran? Help Us Investigate the Impact of...

ProPublica and The Virginian-Pilot are exploring the ways children of Vietnam veterans may be affected by a parent's exposure to Agent Orange.

Minnesota and Wisconsin veterans are facing thousands of dollars in old...

Recently, members of Congress were notified that the VA discovered unbilled copay amounts for inpatient care provided to veterans over a five-year period.

Northland veterans sound off about health care

A program that's supposed to help veterans who live in rural areas get health care close to home is failing them, said several veterans who attended a forum in Duluth on Friday.

Hidden damage revealed in veterans’ brains from IED blasts

A research team at Johns Hopkins University says they have found a unique honeycomb pattern of broken and swollen nerve fibers in brains of Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans who survived improvised explosive device (IED) blasts, but later died of other causes.

Band of Brothers (HWH) #17

The Healing the Wounded Heart program with its emphasis on healing soul damage through gratefulness and heart centered action is a beacon of light in the seemingly impenetrable darkness of PTSD as well as an obvious antidote for our rising Veteran suicide rate.

How Effective Are PTSD Treatments for Veterans?

A new study published Tuesday suggests commonly used first-line treatments for PTSD in veterans may not work as well as medical experts once thought.

Veterans voice health care concerns with VA officials

Dozens of local veterans addressed concerns with officials from Overton Brooks VA Medical Center during a Thursday evening town hall meeting.

Veterans Can Get All Of These Prescription Drugs To Treat PTSD,...

Around the nation, thousands of veterans and active-duty military personnel are waging their own personal battles against post-traumatic stress disorder.