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Hollywood and The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight, which the New York Times itself says “mutates from an exploration of racial animus into an orgy of elaborately justified misogyny,” is very similar to Tarantino’s Django Unchained in terms of humiliating and degrading the Goyim.

Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Alex...

The next time you are planning to watch an Alex Jones show, keep your eyes open, put your thinking cap on, and then ask Jones serious questions about the so-called "globalists."

James Bond Meets Aleister Crowley

What most viewers probably do not know is that Ian Fleming, the creator of James bond, was fascinated by Aleister Crowley.

Gene Simmons Is a Destroyer

Simmons is no longer spitting fire and sticking his tongue out during concerts and live performances. He is now raising money for the Israeli Defense Forces in the Los Angeles area.

Arthur Topham and Denis Rancourt on Trial

In a moral and reasonable universe, things operate according to the laws of logic and evidence.

Kirsten Dunst: The Industry Is Suffocated by Money

Kirsten Dunst is disillusioned with the “The Industry” and is certainly disappointed about how it has robbed her of her true self.

Ann Coulters Career Is Officially Over

If Coulter wants to be serious, then she needs to start apologizing to the people who plunk down the money to buy her books. She needs to start refunding millions of dollars to her favorite fans.

The Industry Killed Robin Williams

Could it be that Robin Williams was a morally tormented soul who could not make heads or tails of the real world (namely the moral and social order and its application to real life) and the fantasy world (Hollywood’s promiscuous lifestyle)?

How to Play Anti-Semitism Card and Lose

Shai Franklin: "In our interconnected, postmodern world, ‘anti-Semitic’ has become synonymous with ‘morally indefensible,’ unworthy of rebuttal, able to swiftly kill careers and conversations."

Hollyood Book of Death

The moral law—the universal principle which binds all human beings together, which can be apprehended by any individual, but which has been suppressed directly or indirectly by Neo-Darwinian ideology —cannot metaphysically be broken

And the Jewish Nobel Prize Goes to Michael Douglas!

Eli Roth: "We’re all just trying to bring back really bloody, violent, disgusting, sick horror movies."

Natalie Portman: Oscar Statue Is a “False Idol”

Kylie Jenner: "I feel like I go through these times where I hate myself."

Angelina Jolie, Please! Not Now!

Neocons are “kind of like the terminator” and “they just don’t die. You would think they would be so discredited they would be shamed, but they have no shame."

Anti-Semitism? Oh, Dear!

Mila Kunis: "My whole family was in the Holocaust. My grandparents passed and not many survived."

Michael Douglas on Anti-Semitism

Chaim Bermant: “It is perhaps time for an end to oying. A sense of guilt does not make for a healthy relationship between ex-persecutor and ex-victim.”

Pro-9/11-Truth Director Denied “Best Film” at Oscars

As far as I can tell, there are only two genuinely great American directors: David Lynch and Richard Linklater – and both are 9/11 truthers.

Sex in the Talmudic Jungle

"The famed Frankish ‘orgies’ were, in fact, the custom of sexual hospitality, which was not a single ritual but a daily practice."

Sexual Politics and Metaphysical Substratum in “The Interview”

Josh Lambert: the Dreadful Few have used pornography and obscenity “to fight anti-Semitism, while others use it to rewrite traditional stories in a contemporary idiom.”

Torture Porn and Moral Reasoning (Part III)

"Sexual liberation is a system in which behavior dictates reason, and once reason is no longer the light according to which man acts, force takes its places and force…means the sexual exploitation of women."

Hollywood’s Sexual Calculus and Violence Under the Spotlight (Part I)

The people in the sex industry practically scorns and laughs at the moral order but embraces it when their sexual proclivities get them into trouble.

Crowley Meets Clive Barker, Mike Mignola, and Bob Marley (Part III)

Clive Barker: "[William Butler] Yeats then led me to the Golden Dawn, and from the Golden Dawn to Aleister Crowley."

Crowley Goes to Hollywood and the Music Industry (Part II)

"Crowley set about performing sexual magic with diligence, sodomizing Victor Neuberg in Paris in 1913 as part of a magical ceremony."

Aleister Crowley, Rosaleen Norton, Harry Hay, and the Gay Movement (Part...

Michael Swift, "We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and feeble lies.

Keanu Reeves, Slutty Shiksas, and the Hollywood Industry

Oliver Stone: "I think America has to bleed. I think the corpses have to pile up. I think American boys have to die again. Let the mothers weep and mourn."

Idols of Perversity: Hollywood Punks, Pimps, Whores, and Your Children

"Subliminal technology sells records by the tens of millions each year in North America. No one apparently knows or understands as yet, however, the consequences of this sensory bombardment upon human value systems."

A Dame to Kill for, Nymphomaniac, and Talmudic Ideology (Part II)

Pornography is no longer an abstract principle as in Freud’s psychoanalysis, but is a psychological weapon aimed at the heart of the moral order.

Anti-Zionism Rises

Alexander Solzhenitsyn: “Our way must be: never knowingly support lies!”

Hollywood: The Entertainment Industry and the Dreadful Few

“I am heartsick that people like Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem could incite anti-Semitism all over the world and are oblivious to the damage...

Neocon Intellectuals, the Lost Wars, and Sexual Politics

“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome.”

Jewish News For Christmas – Bugs Bunny is a Jew

Bugs Bunny was created by a Jewish producer, lived in a Jewish neighbourhood, has a distinctly New York/Jewish accent and uses his wit and sense of humour to avoid all attempts to eliminate him.

Hollywood and the Dreadful Few (Part II)

Neal Gabler: “The Hollywood Jews created a powerful cluster of images and ideas—so powerful that, in a sense, they colonized the American imagination…”

Zionist Hollywood: Not a Bed of Roses

Hollywood Great Joan Fontaine Revealed Zionists in Hollywood Long Before We Knew What Was Happening

"They Live" While We Suffer

The movie They Live is science fiction but it is about us, all movies are about us, and their great appeal has do with where we are in our consciousness.

"Occupy the Media!" Dr. Gary S. Corseri Weighs in on Argo

Let the Occupy Movement emerge from its long winter hibernation and focus its admirable energy on our spurious media!

“Occupy the Media!” Dr. Gary S. Corseri Weighs in on Argo

Let the Occupy Movement emerge from its long winter hibernation and focus its admirable energy on our spurious media!

Is Alex Jones a Complete Idiot?

Why is Alex Jones dancing on Hugo Chavez's grave?!

Iran Drops Bomb on Hollywood

An Iranian secret weapon - the "truth bomb" - has just annihilated Hollywood.

Against Hollywoodism, Revisionism

The term Hollywoodism refers to the transformation, often mendacious, of reality by the spirit and practices of a whole sphere of American cinema.

First Lady Urges Hollywood to Tell Military Family Stories

The entertainment industry can help to shine the light on military families by incorporating their compelling stories into movies and television, First Lady Michelle Obama said yesterday.

Palestine Comes to Hollywood

Despite its flaws, 'Miral' marks the first time anyone has tried to tell just a Palestinian story in Hollywood.

Dale Suiter: Politically Correct – Then and Now

By Dale R. Suiter STAFF WRITER Burke Davis writing in "Marine," a biography of Marine Lt. Gen. Lewis B. "Chesty Puller," quotes the general as...

Veterans put their own war stories on film

Irked by Hollywood's portrayals of the Iraq and Afghan conflicts -- don't get them started on 'The Hurt Locker' -- five veterans will offer their cinematic perspectives.