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NEO – Kiev Takes Major Step Toward Negotiations and Flops

- ISIS has already helped East Ukraine with their admission to Franklin Lamb that they have access to nukes, supposedly to use on the Zios

Putin – West using Ukraine to destabilize region

- Putin - 'Poroshenko “is himself the responsible for unleashing battle actions in Ukraine” and is now liable for the war and deaths in the ongoing crisis,'

Poroshenko’s call to Putin ploy to buy time for blitzkrieg: Analyst

- "We’ve got people on the ground now and Poroshenko is just stalling for time. His Western handlers have told him to buy time to build up Kiev's military readiness."

NEO – Energy Wars in Europe

- Petr Lvov brings us a timely analysis on the gas pipeline wars, a subject that is going to have a major effect on all of our lives for the next generation.

EU sanctions on Russia could double gas prices – World Bank

- We are seeing game war and chaos theory being played out on steroids with all of the geopolitical insanity going on now. The goal is to undermine any...

Bilderberg Plots New World Order Agenda

The Bilderbergers are losing their grip...on the world..

US Lauched Murderous Coup In Ukraine: Duff

- The United States launched an “armed murderous coup” in Ukraine that ousted President Viktor Yanukovych months ago, a political commentator says.

Ukraine: Zionist America’s new Jewish colony

The new president and prime minister of Ukraine have now been “outed” as Jews — and this in a country where Right Sector fascists nourish a deep-seated hatred of Jews. This is surely a recipe for disaster.

Georgians as Expendable as White Rats

- There are now scattered reports of biological weapons being tested on citizens of various countries, including Georgia and some Middle Eastern countries.

The Great Earthquake

- No, this is nothing to do with Scalar High Energy Weapons! I am referring of course to the political earthquake which has happened in Britain this week.

NEO – Ukraine: All Your Coals ARE Belong to the IMF

- I don't see the breakaway states taking less than a new constitution plus federation. The two nationalist parties came in each at 1%, so they are back to thug work.

NEO – Western Cracks Appear on Ukraine and Russian Sanctions

- While the Western buffoons were playing Puff the Magic Dragon with their Russo-phobia, Putin and Lavrov were not over reacting

NEO – Ukrainian Elections: EU Membership May be a Mirage

- The Ukraine coup continues to be a zoo, and continued failure will be nothing new. Its Western backers will continue their takeover of another struggling country

NEO – NASA and Russian Space Legacy Threatened over Ukraine

- Jim W. Dean..."Our Neo-Colonialist White house is putting a torpedo into the long running NASA Soviet-US cooperation on the Space Station. How stupid is that?"

NEO – Crimean Tatars in the Political Game against Russia

- "The story is the usual exploiting of past ethnic tensions, plus using Muslim extremism as a key part of the US destabilization efforts against the Russians".

RT’s “Truthseeker” rips the lid off false flags!

Will the NSA cyber-attack RT's new TruthSeeker episode - just like the did last September?

NEO: Kiev Snipers Mystery Solved

- America's involvement in Georgia was pitiful for a once great nation, who like an aging heavy weight boxer wants to seek out someone weaker to fight...

The NSA and the Israeli Regime Revisited

A Memorandum of Understanding between the NSA and the Israeli intelligence service details how the United States takes the unusual step of routinely sharing with Israel raw intelligence containing the communications of American citizens

Why Rahm Emmanuel raged against Obama’s peace prize

- Rahm Emmanuel's foul-mouthed tirade against Obama's Nobel Peace Prize revealed his real agenda.

NEO – Odessa: A Model of Warfare On the Cheap

- All that is required for a war is a target, a nation with something worth stealing and a will to steal it.

Ukraine Crisis Leaves Stain on West: Analyst

- Vladimir Bodelan..."Victims of the Odessa fire massacre died within seconds, but not from smoke or carbon monoxide suffocation..."

USA insulting world’s intelligence

"Our US-NATO imperial masters keep pumping up the lies till they explode."

Neocon psychos blow up Ukraine

Are the neocons blowing up Ukraine in service to Israel? Or are they just stupid?

NATO Continues Eastward Aggression: Analyst

- NATO is up to its eyeballs in its multi-decade aggression eastward to the Russian border.

US – NATO – Kiev Absurdity Continuing in Ukraine

- NATO is up to its eyeballs in its multi-decade aggression eastward to the Russian border, and time will tell how events will play out.

Kiev and Right Sector Kristallnacht Odessa

- Western powers, have gotten away with using terrorist proxy troops in Syria and other places, and developed a "no fear" policy for their continued use.

Russia urges US to press Ukraine over Operations

- PressTV - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has urged the United States to use its influence to make Ukraine's interim government immediately stop military operations in the country’s southeastern part.

Crimea Referendum – One Law for All, Only if the West...

- Ferris - Self-determination often does not mean that people had the right to make a decision the winners didn’t like. Once again Russia has called the bluff of those with blood on their own hands, which is exactly why the Western backed government is now seeking to hide that blood behind howls of protest and the rhetoric of American politicians. Double standards double the problem, and always have.

Russia slams Kiev over Odessa deaths

- Russia has censured pro-Western authorities in Kiev as ‘criminally irresponsible’ following a deadly fire in the trade union building in Ukraine’s Odessa.

The Ghost Troops of Russia

- The State Department and the NY Times got caught red-handed with faked evidence of Russian aggression in East Ukraine.

NEO – The West’s War on Middle East Christians

- Ulson Gunnar rips Time Magazine's lungs out for their hit piece on Syrian Christians...that by supporting Assad they brought doom on themselves.

Kerry Rebuked EU for Inciting Ukraine Tug of War

- Lavrov...“Kerry has many times mentioned that Ukrainian intelligence captured Russian agents..., show them to the people, have them on TV."

Operation Vulcan Prosecution

- In other words the DVD did indeed smuggle a nuclear warhead stolen from the sunken Russian submarine Kursk into East London

NEO – Ukrainian Underbelly, the Hidden Combatant

- The powerful Israel lobby in the US is spending millions attacking President Obama for his unwillingness to commit US forces to the Ukraine

Ukraine Charade on Parade and Psyops, too

- Expectations were not high for last Thursday's four-party Ukraine talks, and we were not denied.

Press TV – Who Wins the Battle over Ukraine ?

- “The US wanted its missile shield moved closer to Russia, an obvious aggressive move which Russia had done nothing to encourage,”

Veterans Today was Right – Ukraine Jewish Registration Flyer was Fake

- Gordon Duff's Press TV Viewpoints column quickly put together by a VT emergency team was their top read story on Sunday

Ukraine Jew Registration Hoax Traced

Email intercepts of original copies of anti-Semitic leaflets distributed in Eastern Ukraine...an elaborate false flag hoax to sabotage US-Russian talks.

NEO – Does the CIA plan a Syrian style terror war...

- Someone decided to pull the plug on the four-way Ukraine talks on planned for this week. Kiev decided to invade its own country.

CIA has blood on hands in Ukraine: Analyst

- Both the Kiev coup-meisters and the US State Department are joined at the hip on who has made the biggest fools of themselves