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Zionists vs. Veterans: An American tragedy

Obama and Dempsey should have traded McCain for Sgt. Bergdahl. And they should have thrown in Hannity and a few dozen more chicken-hawks from Fox News.

Secret Space War XVI: The Draco’s Secret War Against American Goyim

World Zionists have labeled Khazarian Imposters as the real "Descendents of Abraham" in order to form a tyrannical Racial Delusion....

Secret Space War XV: Epic Fail, NeoCons Go For Broke

This article is written as interesting fiction for entertainment purposes only...

ELECTION 2016: Should Israeli Run for U.S. President?

Time to elect an Israeli as U.S. President so that we can officially declare the U.S.A. a territory of the global banksters

Obama’s Kennedy moment

Is Obama trying to prevent the planned "big Mideast war" - while avoiding JFK's fate?

Obama's Kennedy moment

Is Obama trying to prevent the planned "big Mideast war" - while avoiding JFK's fate?

Obama postpones World War III Till Next Week

Obama’s decision to procrastinate, and preserve the world as we know it for one more week, may be braver than it appears.

Christian Brotherhood of America

Not withstanding the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the US Constitution which declares that Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion and prohibits the establishment of a national religion, the Christian Brotherhood of America is in every establishment: the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice, the Department of Health and Human Services, Home Land Security, CIA, among many of the different departments of the US government.

Why Alex Jones Bashes Nazis

Anyone paying attention knows that Alex Jones has an obsession with attacking Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. He does so for one reason and...

Save the Hollow Points for the Snitches

We have fallen into the police state trap, the killer of civilization, down the slippery slope we go into a surveillance state, a climate of fear is developing, no one knows who's on which side, every one is suspicious of one another.

DHS Secret Assassination Squads ?

Has the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) assembled "Top Secret" Assassination Squads in every major American city?

Jeffrey Goldberg Confesses: The real “Terror Threat” is From Neocons Like...

Leading neocon pundit confesses: The "war on terror" is a hoax!

Jeffrey Goldberg Confesses: The real "Terror Threat" is From Neocons Like...

Leading neocon pundit confesses: The "war on terror" is a hoax!

PressTV: Mass Graves From Holocaust Found in Tel Aviv

The remains of hundreds of Palestinians killed in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War have been discovered in six mass grave sites in a Muslim cemetery in Tel Aviv’s Jaffa district.

Chemical Duel

Israel is not yet Bhopal. Israel attacks Syria. Israel becomes Bhopal?

"Al-CIA-duh" in Clash of Civilizations

The correct translation of "al-Qaeda" is "The CIA Database."

“Al-CIA-duh” in Clash of Civilizations

The correct translation of "al-Qaeda" is "The CIA Database."

Israel, US Arm Al-Qaeda to Break Syria Into Pieces

Why is the US government arming and training al-Qaeda?

Who is Allen Ruff and why does he oppose Chuck Hagel?

Why is self-styled "peacenik" Allen Ruff working so hard to offer clandestine support to wars that have killed millions and displaced more than ten million people?

NeoCon Zionism – America’s 5th Column

- Israeli militants, American gangsters shaking pillars of United States

Altruistic Idealism of Military People vs. Greedy Politicians

The above quote I found in the publication Veterans Post at the local VA hospital. It's powerful.

Iran: Zionists have reached end of line: Ahmadinejad

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the “uncultured” Zionists have reached the end of the line and are thus grasping at straws to trigger a sectarian war among the followers of different religions. “I am confident that Zionists are goners and the world will be freed from their existence and justice will be established,” Ahmadinejad said on Friday.

Pat Buchanan: “Why This Obsession With Iran?”

Pat Buchanan wonders why the neocons are obsessed with Iran. I can answer that...but it isn't going to be pretty.

Paradigm Shift Alert! They CAN keep a secret

The first step towards ending the pathocracy is recognizing its existence.

Lee Whitnum’s “whore for AIPAC” comment draws protests – from whores!

Calling Congress-critters rolling in Zionist dough "whores" is an insult to prostitutes everywhere.

Ali Abunimah and Gilad Atzmon at the OK Corral

Not only have the Zionists colonized Palestine and subjected them to a permanent campaign of genocide, but as anyone who has been paying attention knows, they have colonized the Western democracies, turning them into obedient puppets. Now it appears that they have also colonized the Palestine solidarity movement.

Will the Media Report If Obama is Assassinated by Mossad?

The Atlanta Jewish Times publisher Andrew Adler, in an editorial on Jan. 13, committed treason when he suggested that Israel’s Mossad should consider assassinating President Barack Obama.

Occupy Wall Street Must Liberate America

The occupy movement needs to take a cue from Egypt, where the main protest is held in Tahrir [“Liberate”] Square and where the real enemy is openly identified. In short, “Occupy Wall Street” needs to evolve into “Liberate America.”

Right on! Dylan Ratigan, Get The Money Out Of Politics

Jimmy Williams says "Money is the root of all political evil, and until we get it out of the game..." and he is right.

Are They Really ‘The People Of The Book’?

VT’s senior Editor Gordon Duff commented yesterday that just a ‘few books have been opposed as this one has’. He may as well be right.

Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury Reprimanded

Archbishop Williams’s comments about Bethlehem were “particularly faulty and offensive”, according to Rifat Kassis, especially his claim that Muslims coming into the Bethlehem area, where space is limited, was forcing Christians to leave.

Tunisia first victim of Israeli Public Relation Wikileaks?

Tunisia may be the first nation to be overthrown with Wikileaks playing an active part, this time in support of Israel, the CIA and a group claiming to be Al Qaeda.


We can only hope that Obama is now playing his own intelligence game against the American/Israeli war party. A game in which the President of...


Well before the birth of the first Zionists, Jewish bankers and capitalists had established themselves in Europe and the United States ...

Do Majority of Americans Blame Bush for 9/11?

AMERICA'S WORST KEPT SECRET   By Gordon Duff , Senior Editor   I learned about 9/11 from the news.  Before the second plane had crashed, people in the crowd...

B-52 Test Flights Debunk 9/11 Once and For All

Editor's note:  The B-52 Stratofortress, one of the most robust aircraft ever built disintegrated, killing her crew, when tested at the same speed and...


FOR OUR FRIENDS WHO STILL DON'T GET IT  By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor How can a nation like the United States be duped into two...


Afghanistan: $4.2 billion in mysterious cash flown out of Kabul since 2007 By Jerome Starkey for The Scotsman THE "blizzard of...


Faked Israeli Flotilla videos provide opening to expose Israeli Espionage here By Jim W. Dean for VT Dear Friends, The Zionists shot themselves in both feet...

HOLOCAUST: Germany 1940 vs. Israel 2009

Normally pictures speak a thousand words but in this case, especially with a guy like me who loves to talk, these pictures leave me...