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Pat Benatar, 9/11 and American Rock History

Johnny Punish reviews Pat Benatars' new book "Between A Heart And A Rock Place; A Memoir". Benatar takes you back to help us remember why we all fight everyday for freedom, liberty, and justice not only here in America but around the world for every human being! Pat reminds us that being an American is a very special honor; that we ought to always stay with each other,. love one another, and do the right thing.

THE JEFFERSON BIBLE: A Rational Christianity and Earth Day 2012

From 1904 until 1950, facsimile copies of “THE JEFFERSON BIBLE: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth Extracted Textually from the Gospels in Greek, Latin, French and English” were distributed to every newly elected member of the Senate on the very day they swore their oath of office.

The Golem, by Michael Collins Piper; Read Before Bombing

Piper is truly amazing. Those of us who know him and have worked with him know the secret of his insightful writings.

Made in USA Christian Anarchist and a Review of ALL IS...

It takes a deep faith in Jesus to speak the truth about Jesus, and only one with the deepest of faith will dare to speak the truth that Jesus spoke.

Working It: A Review of Back to Work

Bill Clinton’s latest book illuminates the Tea Party’s anti-government agenda and offers common-sense arguments for why America needs a strong national government. As a candidate of conscience for US House of Representatives I offer more.

A Christian Palestinian Gandhi Responds to GOP

“Israel will not survive unless it does justice! The situation is deteriorating and we must frustrate Israel’s plans and actions because they are not built on justice.

Zion’s Zealots: A Book Review and Nailing of Christian Fundamentalism

"It is irresponsible to suggest that God will bless us materially if we support the largely secular State of Israel, especially when this invariably means ignoring the plight of the indigenous Christian population of Palestine."

Judaism’s Strange Gods; A Review

If someone other than a committed Christian had written this book, it would have been another Christian rant against Jews for their historic hatred of Christ, but Hoffman shows that he is not hateful, nor spiteful as he exposes the ingrained racism and exclusionist foundation set up by the Pharisees.

Remembering LIBERTY for Veterans Day: A Book Review and a Candidates...

The attack on the USS Liberty remains "the only incident of damage to a major US ship since the sinking of the USS MAINE in Havana Harbour in 1898, prior to the Spanish-American War, that has not been investigated by the US Congress."

Jesus in the Talmud, What is this?

It is more than a ‘scholarly’ book, published in 1943 by Princeton University press; It is notable for finding factual references to the life of Jesus in caustic Rabbinic texts, and for being a counterbalance to the infamous Talmudic tradition that it's okay to lie and deceive us ‘goy.’

Gilad Atzmon’s The Wandering Who – A Joyous Affirmation of The...

As a recovering angry Muslim, I cannot help loving fully-recovered ex-Zionist Jew Gilad Atzmon's The Wandering Who: A Study of Jewish Identity of Politics...and the firestorm it has sparked.

Book Review: The Invention of the Jewish People by Shlomo Sand

Justification for the Zionist venture that has displaced Palestinians and resulted in the nation of Israel hinges on the story of a Semitic ethnic group exiled from its homeland in 70 CE, thereafter to wander during a two-millennium "Diaspora".

Novel Approach to HIV-AIDS Scam

Investment greed and monopoly has fueled the sickest medical scam since vaccine promotion. It gives credence to the “Club of Rome conspiracy to lower world populations.”

Book review: The Wandering WHO?

Gilad Atzmon, scholar, prolific writer and leading jazz saxophonist has authored the book The Wandering WHO? In it he astutely explores the identity crisis he himself experienced and one faced by many Jews.

In My Time Lies And Quotes From Cheney And Neocon Pundits

In light of the release next week of Dick Cheney’s memoir, In My Time, we must never forget that Cheney tried to justify illegally attacking Iraq on March 20, 2003 by using intelligence that the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee later labeled "unsubstantiated, contradicted, or even non-existent."

The Wandering Who? Is Out Soon

My new book, “The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics”, is scheduled for release in six weeks time and it seems that the usual suspects -- Zionists and their collaborators within the marginal 'left'

The Great Games-book review by Gilad Atzmon

For the West, America and Americans, this may be a final wake-up call. For Israel, Israelis and their supporters around the world, this text is a red alert. Israel urgently needs to find the way to restrain its 'global expansionist enthusiasm' before it is too late. In fact, it may be too late already.

A Great Book About the Great Games

Eric Walberg's Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games is the best introduction to geopolitics that I have seen. Walberg begins by citing such classic theoreticians as Mackinder, Haushofer and Ratzel in his description of how the imperial center drains the resources of its periphery

Book Review: “Among the Truthers”

Those such as Kay who seek to delegitimize the 9/11 Truth Movement infer that one should accept official explanations however ludicrous, and that to go off as individuals searching for veracity indicates defective cognition.

A Lifelong Pastor Sees Where He Was Wrong

There is a book, available at Amazon.com, written by Glenn L. Hill, a Pastor for most of his active life; this is a book dripping with sincerity, that is truly a vital read in America today.