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"The Struggle for Egypt" by Joseph Massad

Joseph Massad's balanced, detailed analysis of the Egyptian coup is right on the money.

“The Struggle for Egypt” by Joseph Massad

Joseph Massad's balanced, detailed analysis of the Egyptian coup is right on the money.

Egypt – A Pendulum of Chaos

What is happening in Egypt? Is the overthrow of the country’s Islamist president a symbol of American failure? Will the military’s rise to power, followed by a new, perhaps secular government, help to normalize the situation?

Gaza: The Red Line Israel Crassly Crossed

Reports indicate that Israel is reportedly setting the stage for a full-scale war on Gaza.

Background to Mossad Try at Egypt Civil War over “Coptic” Film...

The deadly bombing of Alexandria church has shed more light on the long congested sectarian strife in Egypt. Nobody can deny that the Egyptian society has been showing symptoms of sectarianism based on religious friction between the two main religious groups in the country.

Morsi Joining Alliance Against Zionist Terror?

Will Egypt's President Morsi join in an eventual regional alliance against Zionist-assisted false flag terror?

Intel Drop: Syria and East

Given the chance, I would take everyone writing on Syria, especially those who play at "anti-imperialism" but invariably support police states with cash back to school.

The Arabs; What Went Wrong?

I thought the original title “ The Failing Arabs” would be too offensive to a very proud people and nation.

Syria: In Support of Revolution

The United States never was on the side of the people of the Middle East and is the only party standing between the Palestinians and their freedom and liberation and always stood the side of criminal dictatorship as they imprisoned, tortured, suppressed freedom and democracy and looted the country.

Mubaraks Verdict, A Revolution Back To Square One

"Egypt under the long reign of Mubarak was nothing but a police state, meanwhile, the revolution that toppled him seems to have lost its way"

Egyptian Becomes Hero after Removing Israeli Flag from Embassy

‘Ahmad A-Shahat says he ‘insisted on climbing on the roof and take down the flag of the Zionist entity because that was one of the goals of the revolution – to depose Mubarak and all his friends, among them the Zionist entity’

Egypt: Picking Up The Remains of a Revolution

The Egyptian revolution was not followed by a revolutionary political concept nor a revolutionary command.

What Bibi Didn’t Say in Congress Speech

“I intend to speak the unvarnished truth because now more than ever what we need is peace” Netanyahu said before he twisted the truth in his speech to the American Congress.

Israel Slams Bombing of Gas Pipeline & Palestinian Reconciliation and Egypt...

“the latest Israeli threats to the Palestinian coalition government have enraged the Arab peoples and they are totally unacceptable. And he added that the Egyptian military council is to officially open Rafah, border crossing point, with Gaza on permanent basis in the coming few days to alleviate the suffering of the besieged Palestinians living in Gaza”

EVOLVING STORY: Israeli Ambassador Leaves Cairo Amid Speculations of Opening Egypt’s...

“Egypt doesn’t need investment from the enemy” says Egypt’s minister of finance. "Egypt's peace treaty with Israel should not be taken for granted" says Egypt's foreign minister.

VT Egypt: Mission Accomplished in Libya for Obama and Coalition

USA and the NATO under the cover of yet another noble and humanitarian world mission managed to not only save the day for Gaddafi in Libya, but also to hinder this fervent domino effect in the Arab world that was resketching the region’s political map and menacingly encroaching upon the rich with oil Gulf countries and the rest of Israel’s allies and this is where the red line had to be drawn.

BREAKING NEWS: Israeli Embassy in Cairo Under Siege

On this April 8th night, and on the very same day that witnessed the massacre of Bahr el-Bakar the Israeli embassy with all the Israeli diplomatic mission in Cairo seemed under siege.


GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE RADIO LIBYA - BAHRAIN By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Our very personal concern at VT is for the safety of US forces and dependents...

ARAB UPRISINGS: Time-Out For Israel Is Over

The Arabic street is the one who is calling the shots now, the coming Arab policies will try and reflect the pulse of the Arabic street. The united Arab sounds are to be heard at last where no American veto could come out to obliterate the truth and where no need to waste more than one million innocent Arabs to allegedly get rid of a dictator.

20th Century Dictators Miss Historic Opportunities to Become Respected Fathers of...

Today, Dictator Muamar Gadhafi gave a vicious defiant yelling speech calling protestors "drug addicts" and saying foreigners are influencing them with money. This sounded a bit like former Dictator Hosni Mubaraek who last week gave a similar speech just before he was unceremoniously booted out from his glass palace.

From Tunisia to Egypt to Wisconsin: The New Superpower of Global...

In responding to the worldwide protests aimed at stopping the US-led invasion of Iraq, The New York Times referred in 2003 to the existence of a new global superpower, that of world public opinion. Back then, however, the full potential of this force of change remained unrealized and underdeveloped as demonstrated by the outcome of the events of February 15. On that historic day eight years ago, tens of millions of anti-war protestors came flooding into the streets simultaneously in literally hundreds of large and small cities all over the planet.

Israel Rushing To Aid Mubarek

Rights NGO claims that Israeli planes carrying crowd dispersal weapons have arrived in Egypt

Egyptian Blockade of Gaza: The March for Liberation Coming February 26

Is there any sane, right-minded person who supports the blatant and brutal collective punishment of the people of Gaza? So why would it carry on? There is only one reason, because we allow it. I say we carry on with what the people of Egypt started, they got rid of the dictator, let us, people of conscience, once and for all smash to pieces the abominable Egyptian blockade of Gaza.


Will democracy in Egypt benefit the Palestinians? By Alan Hart STAFF WRITER For decades, and despite much rhetoric to the contrary, American-led Western policy...


CAIRO AND JERUSALEM... By Gilad Atzmon STAFF WRITER It was the moral force of non-violence” stated President Obama in his first comment on the revolution...

Everything You Need To Know About The $2 Billion That Americans...

The protests in Egypt have prompted renewed questions about the U.S.’s aid to the country—an issue that the U.S. government has also pledged to reconsider [1]. We’ve taken a step back and tried to answer some basic questions, such as how as much the U.S. has given, who has benefitted, and who gets to decide how its all spent. How much does the U.S. spend on Egypt?

DR. ASHRAF EZZAT: Power to The People of Historic Egypt

Egypt goes back in history thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians didn’t only build enduring wonders like the obelisks and temples but they also established a lingering centralized government with the king dominating and ruling like God over a highly organized society.

In President Obama’s Own Words, the U.S. Postal Service is Guilty...

So, Mr. President, we need to start practicing the virtue of defending human rights here at home before we start lecturing others abroad, because the only thing that rivals the horror of what this United States Government agency is doing to its employees is what it's doing to your stature and credibility in the eyes of people who want very much to respect you.

Egypt’s Revolution-Creative Destruction For A ‘Greater Middle East’?

The G8 Map of Washington's Greater Middle East extends right to the borders of China and Russia and West to Morocco By F. William Engdahl ©...

US FOREIGN POLICY CRISIS: Gordon Duff speaks with Jonathan Azaziah on...

Senior VT Editor Gordon Duff interviews staff writer Jonathan Azaziah on the greater geopolitical issues facing the USA and its role in the Middle East theatre.


Netanyahu & Co. must be proud of Mubarak and his thugs By Alan Hart STAFF WRITER For many years I believed that Israel’s leaders have...

INSIDE EGYPT: Gordon Duff Interviews Dr. Ezzat in Egypt

VT in the Middle of the Protest in Egypt VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff interviews Staff Writer Dr. Ashraf Ezzat who's on the ground in...


“The only people in Egypt who are committed to peace are the people in Mubarak’s inner circle, and if the next president is not...

GORDON DUFF: America is Egypt

"FACE VALUE," THEY ARE IN THE STREETS FOR ALL OF US By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Egypt is a lesson for America, teaching us to...

Updated: Ken O’Keefe: Rise People Rise – The Global Revolution...

".....once in a generation...we get a chance for freedom...this is our chance.." "I have for many years lived with the knowledge that we, the masses,...

ALAN HART: Obama Has Signalled His Coming Complete Surrender to Zionism...

Obama has signalled his coming complete surrender to Zionism and its lobby By Alan Hart for VT He did it with seven words. “Ultimately...