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Military Order of the Purple Heart National Convention in Rogers, Arkansas

The Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) and the Ladies Auxiliary of the MOPH are pleased to announce that their National Convention will be hosted this year by the Department of Arkansas at the John Q. Hammond, Embassy Suites Convention Center in Rogers, Arkansas during the week of 5-10 August 2013.

People Lying About Military Service Face New Peril

Pretend military heroes could face up to a year in prison under the latest version of the Stolen Valor Act, which President Barack Obama signed into law Monday. It’s a bill nearly identical to one the Supreme Court deemed unconstitutional just last year.

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News May 11, 2012

In collaboration with VA, Blue Star Families and the Wounded Warrior Project, Facebook has announced the launch of powerful tools designed to connect military and Veteran families with mental health services like the Veterans Crisis Line.

Final Deployment – The Good…They Die Young

- His two daughters, ages 4 and 6, will lie beside him.

Former Navy Doctor spearheading “Remote Medicine Initiative” to Pakistan

Let me introduce you to Dr. Gary Levin. Dr. Levin was in the US Navy from 1969 to 1971 serving as a general medical officer. He was in an amphibious group, and served on the USS Jeneau, LPD 10.

Google+ Plus and the L-Shaped Ambush (Part two)

In my earlier writings about the Google+ platform I suggested to my readers that this Google product was perhaps the most significant leap in social media technology since the invention of the telephone.

Google+ Plus and the “L-Shaped” Ambush

I was invited to attend a symposium at the US Naval War College in Newport, RI last summer to learn something about how our Navy deals with terrorist threats to our fleets worldwide.

Military Veterans And Cancer

Men and Women in the military know that they risk their lives when they go into combat. What they have not anticipated is that they might be exposed to chemicals or toxins that could cause cancer many years later

101 Year Old Widow of a Veteran Homeless by HUD

HUD now says a 101-year-old Detroit woman it promised could move back into her foreclosed home four months ago can't return to her home because the building's unsanitary and unsafe.

Connecting the Military Dots

She walked onto the campus of the West LA Veterans Hospital in her Anne Taylor outfit and instantly could feel her throat tighten. "You OK Ma'am?" said one of the VA tour guides, a young male half her age.

Pissed off Marines

As many of you already know, I volunteer at the "National Veterans Hotline" a few nights per month. The hotline website can be found at www.Veterans911.com Last night, I was on duty for close to four hours and during that time I talked to over twenty callers.

Mitt Romney – Ted Kennedy and Veterans Milking Cows

Years later, I found out that the anonymous donor was Romney. Out of his own pocket he did this.

The Good Sheppard is Healing Our Heroes’ Homes

Seldom do we hear stories of people who give. We always hear stories about people who take. Meet the good Sheppard and learn something.

New Online Group for Out of Work Veterans

I was sent an email by a veteran who had lost his job last summer, and has been searching hard for a place to find work.

Sons of the Fallen from Iraq and Afghanistan

I seldom get moved about a movie, or a cause, beyond the confines of my own home, where I take time for my own kids every day, day after day, week after week.

Charity? You kidding me?

The season of giving has come and gone, and like a lot of you, I walked by the bell ringers of the Salvation Army every day during my shopping and the requests for my charity dollars came pouring in from the United Way, the American Red Cross and even UNICEF.

Homeless Veterans, Cable TV and the FBI

Once upon a time, I ran the largest shelter for Homeless Veterans in the USA, located in Boston Massachusetts. Here is a story that I remember with a smile:

Muslim Christian Jew, Extremism is Extremism

I recently read a story online about a little 8-year old girl from Israel and the trouble she encounters just going to her local elementary school everyday because some ultra-orthodox Jews living in a city called Beit Shemesh take offense to the way she dresses .

Homeless Veterans Bank Robbery

Every day at the homeless veterans shelter in Boston at ten in the morning there was a huge influx of vets.

Homeless Veterans need to Stand Up – Not Stand Down

Almost 20 years ago I met a combat Vietnam Veteran named Robert Van Keuren and his partner in crime Dr. Jon Nachison both advocates like me doing work for homeless veterans in San Diego.

Syrian Dissidents Reach Out. Yes, Assad is Killing Children

"Yes, Children are being Killed the dissidents say"   NOTICE:  GRAPHIC VIDEOS ARE EMBEDDED IN THIS STORY.    by Ken Smith   I admitted upfront in an earlier post that I know even less than...

Military Order of the Purple Heart Salutes Walter Reed Army Medical...

On the occasion of the closing of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the Military Order of the Purple Heart salutes the magnificent Doctors, Nurses, Corpsmen, Medics, and professional staff who have selflessly devoted their lives to treating our nation’s wounded servicemen and women, Presidents and privates alike, and active duty and retired military personnel and their families.

The Story of Major Linda Jane Dupree

The explosion took both of her legs off below the knees, and almost completely destroyed her right arm. Trauma to her pelvis had rendered Linda Jane unable to conceive a child.

Purple Heart Medal Research

A study led by Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) researchers found that aging Veterans who earned the Purple Heart show decreased mortality compared with those who had not earned the medal.

Iraq Veteran Comes Home to Warm Welcome Then Apathy!

We've done a series of stories here at VT (VT) dealing with the shocking scandals that tend to plague the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) system

Operation Purple Heart

If you answered Iraq or Afghanistan you would be wrong. More Americans died in 2010 from friendly fire wounds received during the Vietnam War (1961-75) from Operation Ranch Hand than were killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. In fact more Americans died in 2010 from wounds received during Operation Ranch Hand than were killed in all other theatres of war combined in 2010. Even more startling is the fact that more Americans have died each year, since 1980, from wounds received during Operation Ranch Hand than were killed in all other theatres of war combined.

Army Plans New Guidelines to Resolve Denials of Purple Hearts to...

Acknowledging that commanders have sometimes wrongly denied the Purple Heart to soldiers who suffered battlefield concussions, the Army plans to issue new guidance to clarify when such recognition is warranted, Army officials said Wednesday.

Belated Navy Cross Presentation to Vietnam Marine Veteran Ned Seath

The sun was shining brightly at the National Museum of the Marine Corps on February 11, 2011 as Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus presented the Navy Cross and a Bronze Star for Valor to Vietnam Veteran, Marine Lance Corporal Ned E. Seath of Reed City, Michigan.


WE THOUGHT WE HAD SEEN BUREAUCRATIC INSANITY AND THEN WE GOT THIS... By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Wounded Navy World War 2 veteran, Thomas L....

Medal of Honor recipient Col. Robert L. Howard dies at 70

By T. Rees Shapiro Washington Post Robert L. Howard, 70, one of the Vietnam War's most highly decorated servicemen who received the Medal of Honor...