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Talking Truth About Assange and Vanunu by Noble Laureate and a...

‘Who next?’ and ‘where goes freedom, human rights and justice?’-Mairead Maguire, NOBEL PEACE LAUREATE

Presidential Awards, Masters of War and Vanunu’s Final Message to Facebook

Today, Israeli Nuclear Whistle Blower, Mordechai Vanunu wrote, "Hi. Today they sent first notice, they will renew the restrictions. Sent to my Lawyer. Now you are free, we can close the Cause. either you do it or I will do it."

To: President Obama, New York Corporate News Desks and my Cyber-Attackers

A few hours after "21 April 2012: Global Call to Free Mordechai Vanunu, Israel's Nuclear Whistle Blower and a New York Event" PRWEB Press Release went live, I received my first of the usual cyber attacks that have come at me since I went online in 2005, and I seize this opportunity to address them once again.

Money Changers, The Resurrection and Israel’s Dimona: WMD Facility

“What I did was sacrifice my life for the truth. In prison I really began to feel like Jesus and Paul. When Jesus threw the moneychangers out of the temple, it was like me in Dimona exposing the Israelis dirty secrets. I felt like Paul being thrown in prison for speaking the truth..."-Mordechai Vanunu

Cyber Drones and Vanunu Video

This article was published first at my site, which was founded in July 2005; three weeks after my first of seven trips to Israel Palestine.

Israeli Wrecking Crews VS a State of Nonviolent Solidarity

The night before President Obama’s State of our Union Address, Israeli authorities demolished the Beit Arabiya Peace Home for the fifth time. While standing astride those ruins, ICAHD Director Dr. Jeff Halper, vowed, "We shall rebuild, we must rebuild as an act of political defiance of the occupation and protracted oppression of Palestinians.”

Operation Cast Lead and a 2012 Deja Vu

Exactly three years after Operation Cast Lead, Israel is threatening another invasion on Gaza while Hamas leaders order a halt to all attacks on Israel.

The 3rd of this October and Vanunu Mordechai

Unless Israel changes the date again, Mordechai Vanunu will learn the Court's decision on October 3, 2011 if he will be allowed his inalienable right to leave the state. Here's hoping what Vanunu said in 2006 will not be a self-fulfilling prophecy.....

Obama Proves Zionism Rules US and He is NOT on The...

CTJP=Compassion, Truth, Justice, Peace. President Obama's speech today at the UN drew immediate praise from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his efforts to dissuade Palestinian leaders from pushing for a United Nations vote on statehood, calling Obama’s actions a “badge of honor”.

Fukushima Cover Up Continues Amid Looming World Health Crisis

Fukushima Radioactivity is Everywhere All Over Northern Hemisphere and Every One is Already Contaminated to Some Degree.

Fukushima: Deadly Silence

Over 60 days have passed since the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe but the main stream press continues to downplay the ramifications of this continuing radioactive disaster.

New Act of Israeli Piracy SOP, Memory of Murdered American Dims

- Israeli Piracy Continues, Terror State Issues No Apologies - As news broke that the Israeli navy engaged in yet another act of piracy of nine Jewish activists off...

Ex-CIA Officer Accused of Electric-Drill Torture Now Training CIA Operatives as...

By Adam Goldman at Huffington WASHINGTON — A former CIA officer accused of revving an electric drill near the head of an imprisoned terror suspect...

Arab Oil States AWOL on Pakistani Flood Relief

By Amb. Marc Ginsberg in Huffington Post For nearly three weeks since the monsoon rains triggered historical flooding along Pakistan's Indus River the world has...

Hiroshima: A Stunning Video Reenactment of the Atomic Bomb; A Poem...

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Reenactment Hiroshima      By Sherwood Ross    I am the Reverend Kiyoshi Tanimoto A graduate of Emory College, Atlanta, Pastor of the Methodist Church of Hiroshima I was in...

Record Heat Wave Fans Deadly Fires in Russia

By Terence Neilan (July 30) -- A record-breaking heat wave continued to send forest fires sweeping across parts of Russia today, destroying villages and leaving...

President Obama to Terror State: ‘We’re with You’

In the face of Israel's defiance of the world community, international law, refusal to negotiate, and deplorable human rights record including recently killing an unarmed American...

Turning Points: Israel Caves Under Flotilla Pressure

From the Huffington Post: By Phyllis Bennis Turning points occur in every campaign for human rights and equality. There are moments when, before victory is certain...

Turkey honors slain activists, including U.S. teen

By Selcan Hacaoglu and David Rising ISTANBUL – Mourners in Istanbul hoisted coffins Thursday to cheers of "God is great!" as they honored activists slain...

The urgency of this moment

An American college student gets her eye shot out by the Israeli Army in the West Bank. Israel kills nine, including one American in the...

U.S. Citizen Is Among Those Murdered at Sea in Israeli Massacre

By SABRINA TAVERNISE and MICHAEL SLACKMAN in the NYT ISTANBUL — One of the nine people killed in an Israeli commando raid on a flotilla...

Israel Deliberately Murdered Civilians Aboard Freedom Flotilla

The assault on the Freedom Flotilla was not a mistake or a "completely mishandled" situation (NYT). Nor was it "folly" or "bad mistakes." (Ameircan...

Video: Israelis Cheer the Massacre at Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv

Update: Israel deports human rights activists, Batch of Freedom Flotilla passengers reach Jordan as Israel drops plan to prosecute activists. This comes via Steve Clemons...

Updated-Israel Sails Into Insanity

Update: Coverage of Israeli state terrorism: - Gaza Inquiry Pushed - Gaza Flotilla Attack: Guns and Blood - Gaza aid flotilla: Israeli sabotage suspected - Irish aid boat,...

Financial Times Says Massacre Damages Israel’s Legitimacy; White House: U.N. Position...

Update: Israel deports human rights activists, Batch of Freedom Flotilla passengers reach Jordan as Israel drops plan to prosecute activists. --- A political meme—a set of...

Bennis and the Progress Report on Israel’s Massacre

Israel may believe she can do whatever she wants, wherever she wants. But this latest outrage will come at a political cost. Phyllis Bennis and...

World Condemns Israel’s Massacre; U.S. Reaction Muted; Activists Send New Ship...

News is activists are sending a new ship to challenge the Gaza blockade by Israel as the U.N. Security Council calls for a probe amid global...

Gaza Freedom flotilla carried world-renowned names and veteran activists

- Gaza Freedom flotilla carried world-renowned names and veteran activists - Inclusion of human beings on relief missions is  not necessarily a deterrent to state murder....

Glenn Greenwald on “Heinous and Repugnant Crime” of Israel

As we remember the fallen today, one thing is clear: Our troops and Marines did not die for the vicious, hateful state of Israel. President...

Updated – Israel Kills Nine Human Rights Activists on Route to...

- Massacre at Sea -  ABC News Report: White House 'Working to Understand' Israeli Attack; scheduled meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled. For...

Desmond Tutu: Students Fighting Israeli Oppression Lead on the Moral Path

By Desmond Tutu, 1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner writing in the Huffington Post: It was with great joy that I learned of the recent 16-4...

New Evidence Emerges: Pope Benedict Shielded Pedophiles Before Becoming Pope

Update: Vatican Chooses to Prey on Rather Than Pray for Children he Catholic News Service reports that increased media coverage of the Pope shielding pedophiles is "prompted by...

Afghan Offensive ‘Aimed to Shape U.S. Opinion on War’

No doubt after chewing our troops up, the DVA will rush in to facilitate expedited delivery of benefits. Right. For those stuck on history...

Foreign Policy Briefing 2/11/10

Pakistan has told the US it wants a central role in resolving the Afghan war and has offered to mediate with Taliban factions, the New York Times reports. So far, the US has been more eager to push Pakistan to fight Taliban than to negotiate with them, and has not endorsed Pakistan's new approach. One strand of thinking within the Obama administration calls for allowing the Pakistanis to keep the Haqqanis as part of Pakistan's sphere of influence in southern Afghanistan, but only if Pakistan forces the Haqqanis to break with Al Qaeda and to push militants out of its areas, a US official said.

Foreign Policy Briefing 2/9/10

Relief efforts in Haiti are still falling short, the Washington Post reports. A fledgling food distribution network so far has largely managed to deliver only rice. Every day, tens of thousands of Haitians face a grueling quest to find any food. Overwhelmed doctors and nurses are facing converging streams of need, including untended wounds and illnesses born of poor sanitation. There are not enough crutches for amputees or people to teach them how to adjust. A U.S. physician described shortages of power, blood-pressure sleeves, and medicine.

Foreign Policy Briefing

A proposal to swap the bulk of Iran's enriched uranium for fuel for a medical reactor appeared to be revived as President Ahmadinejad said Iran had "no problem" with a deal brokered by the IAEA, the Washington Post reports. U.S. officials reacted cautiously to Ahmadinejad's remarks. "If Mr. Ahmadinejad's comments reflect an updated Iranian position, we look forward to Iran informing the IAEA," said a White House spokesman.