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Vanishing Bio-Weapons Lab in Georgia Republic

- US aggression during peace time with no existent military offensive capacity from either Russia or China is most disturbing as we are hiding its true intention

VT Exclusive Busts BioWar Lab

A US-funded laboratory in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, accused by a prominent Russian official Monday of developing biological weapons, has been repeatedly touted by US officials as a key tool in guarding the region against dangerous infectious diseases.

Turkey Supplied Sarin Gas to ISIS

Gordon Duff - VT was the first to break this story in 2013 and traced the manufacture of the gas/components to an American facility in the State of Georgia, the Lugar Labs or former National Reference Laboratory.

Busted! BBC and CIA Caught Staging Phony Syrian Gas Attack in 2013, use...

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor In 2013, VT, working closely with RT in Russia and our staff in the Republic of Georgia led by Jeffrey...

French Mossadist Philosopher Deals Truth A Stunning Blow

This morning the world was hit with a bizarre propaganda piece from Bernard Henry Levy.

NEO – Georgia in the Ebola Zone

- "Henry Kamens takes us back to the front lines of the US beacon of freedom and democracy running illegal bio-weapons labs in overseas,"

Georgians as Expendable as White Rats

- There are now scattered reports of biological weapons being tested on citizens of various countries, including Georgia and some Middle Eastern countries.

US Produced Sarin Gas Used in Syria

On August 27, 2013, famous American political investigator, main editor of US State Department and intelligence’s ex-employee’s publication “VT” Gordon Duff published an article......

Western mercenaries behind killing demonstrators in Ukraine

- And Western Authorities are pretending they don't know who did it. Could that be because it was them?

Secret Bio-War Program Discovered

For years there was no programme for the vaccination of livestock in the Republic of Georgia. The Georgian government claimed that it had no money for a preventative vaccine programme. But all the while the US government was studying new strains of anthrax which were supposedly evolving in the wild here, among livestock herds.

Crisis in Western leadership – Where are the Statesmen?

- "They (the government) actually believe that...if they can keep us from knowing the truth, they think they can win” - General Wesley Clark, 2006

So Easy to Lie to Congress

US Congress deceived by sarin plot Militants in Syria (file photo) --- By Gordon Duff and Press TV --- "Israel, given AIPAC’s “warmongering,” has been seen by many as...

US Caught in Sarin Terror Plot

"Israel, given AIPAC’s “warmongering,” has been seen by many as orchestrating, not just the “civil war” in Syria, but the false-flag gas attacks as well."

CIA Bio-Chem Nightmare Exposed

I performed part of my military service at chemical weapons depot, storage site in the US Army during my college years, Bluegrass Army Depot, Richmond Kentucky, and I have some training in chemical weapons and bio warfare.

NEO – Where Will the Stinger Missiles McCain Gave al Qaeda Show Up?

Gordon Duff - Since 2001, there has been no movement, no publication, nothing left to challenge the official narrative, not unless it was pre-engineered to be self-discrediting or worse, almost nothing at least.

NEO – Georgians as Expendable as White Rats (Part 2)

Henry Kamens..."The Western human experimentation programmes going on now in the Republic of Georgia would make the notorious Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele marvel."

NEO – Global Alliance for Health… does Georgia

Jim W. Dean..."Georgia being a rough investigative arena where a bullet in the head is still considered a very affordable substitute for a criminal defense attorney."

VT Defense Studies: Kiev’s Nuclear Threat

Use of tactical nuclear weapons by the Kiev regime on multiple occasions, based on analysis of video evidence alone, is an extremely high probability.

NEO – Old Tricks from Old Dogs: Afghanistan to Abkhazia

- " Seth Ferris takes us into the Black Sea backwater of Abkhazia which sided with the Russians in the US backed Georgian’s attack on South Ossetia ..."

NEO – Georgia Rising – So watch out Turkey

- "Henry brings us another behind the curtain peek into the Byzantine geopolitics of NATO's Turkey and the wannabe member, the Republic of Georgia."

Frankenstein in Iraq and Syria

Paul Craig Roberts: “Having murdered Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and the US Constitution, Washington is now murdering Ukraine.”

NEO – The Skinny on Ambassadors and American Values

- Seth Ferris - 'When your doctor tells you “this isn’t going to hurt”, he really means “I know very well this is going to hurt”.'

Bio-weapons could lead to ‘apocalypse’

Why are we giving criminals and lunatics access to apocalyptic bio-weapons?

Getting to the Bottom of Rebels’ Chemical Weapons Use in Syria

- The director of the Richard G. Lugar Center for Public Health Research outside of Tbilisi is one of the top female Intel people on the world

Pakistan No More Taken for Granted by USA

There is no denying the fact that Pakistan suffered from leadership crisis after the untimely death of Quaid-e-Azam in September 1948.

US Will Again Ditch Pakistan

Eleven-year war has not only given tremendous experience of fighting guerrilla war to both Army and militants but also has removed inhibitions and fears of each other.

Gladio: How We Terrorized Ourselves (Archival)

The original article was written several years ago. Since that time, Gladio units have reappeared in Norway with the Anders Breivik/Norwegian Police slaying of 77 and have become active across Europe under the guise of the anti-Islamic and ultra-nationalist banners.

Memo and NRO Cases Gone in Hibernation

The dawn of 2012 heralded political fireworks and clash of institutions. Clashes were a carry forward of 2011 in which Abbottabad Commission investigating the US helicopters assault on 2 May, memo scandal and NRO review case kept the nation busy.

Pakistan: The Real Victim of the War on Terror

Both Gen Musharraf and President Zardari went out of the way to accommodate US legal and illegal wishes.

Pakistan "Do More or Else!"

The statement of the Secretary of State for US has become a joke in Pakistani drawing rooms. “Pakistan must Do more”.
We The People Flag Constitution

Operation Gladio: How We Terrorize Ourselves

(EDITOR'S NOTE:  Wikipedia's report on Operation Gladio is reproduced below.  This is a threatened document, an important part of our history.  Help preserve it.) How...

Senate confirms Kagan as 112th justice

- 87 percent of GOP Senators Vote 'No' on moderate nominee - By Julie Hirschfeld Davis WASHINGTON – The Senate confirmed Elena Kagan Thursday as the...

Obama and the West Consider Terrorism a Cancer

Feeling pleasure in killing Muslims in millions ... By Asif Haroon Raja Obama has several times referred to extremism in Pakistan as cancer, but fails to...

Pandora’s Box

Walmart is a microcosm of the revised American business strategy under the new world order. One can look at Walmart's business model, and the socioeconomic profile of its employees, and see exactly what direction American business, and our society, is headed as a whole.

Upcoming Pakistan-US strategic dialogue in Washington

the US should reconcile with the hard reality that it messed up in starting a senseless war on terror to make the world safe. In case the US is seriously interested in peace in the region and safe and honourable exit from Afghanistan, it should get out of the spell of deadly Indo-Israeli nexus and stop listening to self serving advises given by the duo. It should listen to Pakistan rather than dictating terms. Pak Army and ISI should be given a free hand to plan and execute the final phase. The US will stand to gain by relying on Pakistan since unlike India it is not a fair weather friend


HOW AMERICA CAN SEE THE DESTRUCTION OF IT'S MOST TRUSTED ALLY?By Sohail ParwazDuring last year for quite some time the talk was in the...

A Letter to US Military on Way to Afghanistan, the 'New Game'

by Nick Mottern - When you lace up your boots and head for the plane that will carry you to Afghanistan, you will be...

Fighting the Taliban, What, Exactly, is Being Fought in Afghanistan?

by M. Reza Pirbhai in CounterPunch - With US and NATO commanders on the battlefield of Afghanistan calling for more troops, how best to...

Congressional Insiders Poll

by Richard E. Cohen and Peter BellEver wonder what the insiders really think? Here's the inside scoop..... ssssshhhhhhhhhQ: What is your top concern about...

Senate warns of threats to free press around the world

By Mike Sheehan Burma, Iran top group’s list of worst countries in which to be a blogger Freedom of the press is one of...

Hey Obama, Don't Let Afghanistan Be Your Quagmire

Assertions by the Obama team that we can both "surge" and negotiate overlook a harsh reality. If Obama's not careful, he could make the...