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Seize The Moment!

There was never a better moment for the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement to mass-mobilise for a mega-campaign to not only impact more heavily on the lawless Israeli state but also unmask those in business and public life who shamelessly support the criminal programme that was embedded in its DNA while on the Zionists' drawing board.

Once Again, Israel is Defeated

- This is a unique significant tactical achievement that proves that the Palestinian leadership in Gaza is significantly more sophisticated than the Likuds.

Chomsky, BDS And The Jewish Left Paradigm

Jewish Left a la Chomsky is a grave problem. At the very least it has been an obstacle that prevented the Palestinians from grasping the real context of their struggle.

UK Methodists Still Half-Hearted About BDS

The UK Methodist conference has ducked the opportunity to extend BDS to the whole of Israel. They are content to limit it to firms that operate in the illegally-occupied Palestinian territories for the timebeing.

Timid US Presbyterians punish American companies, shun BDS and let Israel...

Pro-Palestinian campaigners are cock-a-hoop over the Presbyterian Church USA's vote to divest from Caterpillar Inc, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola Solutions.

“BDS is Irrelevant.” Oh, Really?

What maddens Zionists most is that they cannot control civil society like they can pull the strings of the spineless political élite.

Time To Target The Worst Villains of All

Last week David Cameron, addressing Israel's Knesset, pledged to defeat any boycotting of Israel.

Full boycott pressure is needed on Israel now!

- Militant Zionism is a national security threat to all of the rest of us...the Hebrew Klansmen are on the attack everywhere. We must respond accordingly.

BDS, this is your big chance….

- In the coming elections, Boycott would-be MPs who are Friends of Israel

Ten reasons why I Support Alan Dershowitz, Not

Earlier today Haaretz published Dershowitz’ diatribe on the BDS. For the first time, I have to admit, I agree with the elder Zionist mouthpiece.

Israel Espionage Machine’s War on Free Speech

- The real story is how not a single Western country will take any criminal action over a conspiracy to subvert the rights of its respective citizens

Academic Zionist agents in US go public

- " It seems that the American Studies Association’s (ASA) boycott resolution vote has rattled the Zionist cages."

The Palestine Terminological Spin

Atzmon and O'keefe look into the terminology that diverts the attention from the crimes committed in Palestine: BDS, infiltration, George Soros, Liberal Zionism, NGO, Civil Society and the transformation of nations into a bunch of beggars.

BDS Won’t Work, Zio Leaders Tell Methodists…

Of course, it wasn't going to be long before the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BoD) stuck their oar into the Methodists' big debate on BDS (Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel http://www.methodist.org.uk/bdsbriefing, which included a public consultation questionnaire.

BDS Won't Work, Zio Leaders Tell Methodists…

Of course, it wasn't going to be long before the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BoD) stuck their oar into the Methodists' big debate on BDS (Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel http://www.methodist.org.uk/bdsbriefing, which included a public consultation questionnaire.

Will Western Churches Unite and Fight?

The Methodist Church in Britain has invited individuals, NGOs, faith groups and government organisations in the UK, Israel/Palestine and beyond to take part in a consultation exercise and answer questions on what it calls “the wider context around BDS“.

Israel/Palestine and the Queer International – A Book Review by Gilad...

A story of transformation from a “Jewish, lesbian New Yorker” into a “Cosmopolitan queer and avid BDS advocate" reveals some shocking intimate details...

Stephen Hawking Boycotts Israel

Three of my favorite musicians - Elvis Costello, Roger Waters, and Brian Eno - are boycotting Israel. And now one of my favorite scientists, Stephen Hawking, is joining them.

Controlled Opposition – From Goldstein to Soros and Beyond

Jewish power is the unique capacity to stop us from discussing or even contemplating Jewish power

Jane’s Addiction Frontman Farrell confronted on Bin Laden, 9/11 by pro-Palestinian...

Was rock star "Perry Farrell," née Peretz Bernstein, grinning a "we got away with it" grin when he posed with that guy in the "9/11 was an inside job" T-shirt? Or was he just too stoned to read?

BDS Against George Galloway

BDSit will be remembered as possibly the most repugnantly treacherous chapter in the history of the Palestinian struggle. And this is indeed painful and tragic.

Patrick Henningsen catches up with Gilad Atzmon

We spoke about Jewish Power and Jewish progressive spin in particular. We elaborated on the role of beauty and art and politicians impotence in that regard.

EXCLUSIVE TO VT: Message To The Churches From: USS LIBERTY Survivor,...

“Does this pain ever go away? Not when it remains unresolved does it ever really go away, and of course the Liberty matter still remains unresolved."

Dear Presbyterians: Why it is Apartheid

No investment in Israel Palestine will make any difference if we fail to dismantle the apparatus of the occupation and the occupation is: a form of apartheid.

Power of and To: Nonviolent Political Prisoners and People of Conscience

Out of the 2,000 Palestinian political prisoners on the hunger strike, two have not eaten for 78 days and have said they will not start eating again until their administrative detentions are lifted.

Christ at the Checkpoint and Up Against The Apartheid Wall

This week in Bethlehem, the second international Christ at the Checkpoint Conference concluded with a “major breakthrough in the evangelical world” and was attended by over 600 Evangelical Palestinian Christians, Christian Zionists and Messianic Christians.

Bibi, Obama, Nobel, Peres, Manning, Mordechai and George

This Monday's talks between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu maybe the most consequential encounter yet between the U.S. and Israel and the focus is all on Iran.

Finkelstein Slams BDS: a Paradigm Shift or a Guilty Conscience?

Has Prof. Finkelstein finally flinched? Has he capitulated to the global Zionist machine?

The Global March to Jerusalem, the 36th Land Day and IMAGINE...

March 30, 2012 is The Global March to Jerusalem and the 36th anniversary of LAND DAY. As “reality leaves much to the imagination” [John Lennon] I imagine the third intifada could finally erupt...

Yet Another War for Israel

Voltaire’s wit often illuminates truth. Consider this revealing “thought” as expressed recently in Alert, the voice of AIPAC to its membership.

Point Counterpoint: Aim to Promote Human Rights of the Palestinians

No real change can occur in the undeniable reality of the ruthless oppression practiced on all Palestinians by Zionist Israel without US support.

Israeli Wrecking Crews VS a State of Nonviolent Solidarity

The night before President Obama’s State of our Union Address, Israeli authorities demolished the Beit Arabiya Peace Home for the fifth time. While standing astride those ruins, ICAHD Director Dr. Jeff Halper, vowed, "We shall rebuild, we must rebuild as an act of political defiance of the occupation and protracted oppression of Palestinians.”

How Civil Society Pushed Turkey to Ditch Israel’s War Industry

The world’s eyes are still fixed on the Middle East, and the first half of September has delivered two profound events in Egypt and Turkey that have sent shockwaves through the Israeli establishment.

Challenging AIPAC’s Abuse of Taxpayers Money

AIPAC is the main culprit in the process of defrauding the American people. The fact is, U.S. citizens have been bankrolling Israel’s system of occupation, racial discrimination and denial of basic human rights to the tune of billions of dollars annually without knowing what they were funding and why. by Omar Barghouti

New Moves to Curb Criticism of Israel In US and Canada

New legislation in the US threatens to conflate campus criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism.

To Renee Fleming from a Flaming Fleming

Renee Fleming is scheduled to perform Jerusalem on 28 July to sing a concert of ‘duets and arias’ accompanied by ‘Israel’s flagship’ the Israel Philharmonic, which is to be broadcast to 480 cinemas across America under the title ‘Live from Jerusalem’.

Facebookers Call for Bob Dylan to Boycott Israeli Concert

Human rights "Blowin’ in the Wind" while Bob Dylan ignores to play on in Tel-Aviv June 20


By Aditi Bhaduri  — Palestine Monitor “We want social justice for all” Mustafa Barghouti, MD: He is articulate, courteous, handsome and suave. A medical doctor...