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NEO: Story behind Jade Helm Hoax, Understanding Manufactured Dissent in America

Gordon Duff, America is a nation built on mistrust of government, which is a two edged sword

NEO, al-Baghdadi Seeks Empire on Russia’s Border

Jim W. Dean, Henry Kamens has been doing the most danergous front line reporting on the terrorist underground railroad in the Republic of Georgia.

NEO, Mackinder Reincarnates, Hungary Joins New Silk Road

Jim W. Dean, Mr. Engdahl has been visiting the New Silk Road story from time to time to keep us abreast of this new economic form of warfare we see emerging.

NEO: Charleston Shootings Trigger Confederate Lynching Jihad

Jim W. Dean Who can exploit a mass killing the best and the quickest?

NEO, Saakashvili and the Chechens in Ukraine

Jim W. Dean, Despite all the imperfections of our past American mass media, it looks like Mother Theresa compared to what we have now.

NEO: What Should Russia do to Escape Kiev Faster?

Jim W. Dean Seth Ferris gives us a refresher on Ukraine and Donbass, a story that has fallen off the radar of many with never ending ceasefire violations

NEO: Will the Gay Mafia Take Over America Again?

Gordon Duff The FBI and CIA did little but pay off or silence those accusing government officials, almost all Republicans, of sexual misconduct and worse

NEO: Western coup in Ukraine may self destruct yet

Jim W. Dean Ukraine is just another example of the massive destruction being ravaged upon millions of innocent civilian victims so Western sociopaths of all sizes and shapes can amuse themselves

NEO – East must provide alternative to, not replace Western hegemony

Jim W. Dean - Our do or die challenge is to focus all of our resources to fighting this real and present threat whose fingers are already around our throats

NEO – America’s Missed Opportunity In Syria

Gordon Duff - Syria would have been a natural partner were it not for some greater and unseen regional agenda involving destabilization and manipulated oil markets

NEO – Turkeys Surprise Elections – What Next?

Jim W. Dean - When Gwenyth Todd was on the National Security Council, Turkey was part of her beat - and yes, she speaks the language fluently, among several others

NEO: Building Nuclear Case Against Saudis

Gordon Duff - Reliable sources within the international NPP (Nuclear Non-Proliferation) community have confirmed the use of tactical nuclear weapons in first Eastern Ukraine and now Yemen

NEO – Obama and G7 ship of fools sail on

Jim W Dean - The G7s dying gasp will be a Neo-Colonial Cold War which it cannot win and we will all pay dearly because our own leadership became a security threat

NEO – Is Israel Beyond Saving or Worth it?

Jim W. Dean - Uri Avnery the long time critic of militant Zionism gives us his Israeli Leftist insiders analysis of the Likud parties complete take over of Israel - its campaign to eliminate any effective opposition, forever.

NEO: Russia Gets Very Serious on De-Dollarizing

The West is now seeing the strategic folly of using banking sanctions as the weapon of choice in its New Cold War quiver of arrows.

NEO: A Look at Current Strategic Analysis for Middle East

Gordon Duff - You can kiss global nuclear non-proliferation goodbye because of the nuclear attack on Yemen. The IAEA will go the way of the League of Nations

NEO – ISIL: Ugly Washington’s Child

Jim W. Dean...None of this will change until we do, and accept the domestic war with our shadow government that is on our doorstep, and we are losing.

NEO: Obama Plays Foreign Policy Roulette

Eurasia is building another Great Wall against financial sanctions as fast as they can

NEO – US has Launched a New Assault Against Russia

Jim W. Dean..."Putin is getting a bad grade as a dependable ally for Syria. Arms are going to Iran, who is not under attack, but not to Syria who is. What's up with that?"

NEO – Alexei Mozgovoi: Casualty of War or Contract Hit?

Jim W. Dean..."We are accepting our assigned role of pawns on the big chess board, and there seems to be an unlimited supply of us."

NEO – Georgians as Expendable as White Rats (Part 2)

Henry Kamens..."The Western human experimentation programmes going on now in the Republic of Georgia would make the notorious Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele marvel."

NEO – What if Putin is Telling the Truth?

Jim W. Dean..."Brother Engdahl takes us down his Yellow Brick Road today, the American -Bush-Saudi-sponsored Islamic terror operations throughout the world."

NEO – Nazi Kamikazes Trained by NATO in Ukraine

Jim W. Dean..."Maybe it takes an extra 25 million dead, as a Russian can explain, to drive home the message that fascist aggression is cheaper when nipped in the bud."

Why I Wept at the Russian Parade

F. William Engdahl -- They won the great war, our "good" war and now are FORGOTTEN

NEO – May 9th: Russian Victory, NATO Defeat

Jim W. Dean..."This is NEO's Christopher Black's first cross posting on VT, a good piece on the childish Western countries shunning of the Russian WWII ending celebrations."

NEO – Saudi Regime is Getting Patched Up in a Hurry

Jim W. Dean..."Writing about internal Saudi politics in the land of ten thousand princes is a challenging task...Viktor Mikhin takes us into the maze."

NEO – Jade Helm- An Admission of American Failure

Gordon Duff..."A bifurcated command structure with rogue elements running private “ops” has left America defenseless."

NEO – China: Where Do We Go From Here?

jim W. Dean..."China has had to increase its military spending in response to an open assault by the West to foment a New Cold War."

NEO – So Much More Than Nukes

Gordon Duff - Is evil for evil’s sake alone so farfetched?

NEO – European Youth is Joining ISIL En Masse

Vladimir Odintsov - Citizens from at least 11 EU countries have departed to Iraq & Syria to become jihadis

NEO – Burying The Greatest Victory for Spite

Ulson Gunnar - The monumental sacrifices of the Russian people during World War II are being marginalized

NEO – US Strategic Impotence Driving Iran Détente

Nile Bowie - It is unlikely that Washington's offers will deter Iran from accepting Russian trade & defense technology.

NEO – The Next Financial Tsunami Just Began in Texas

Jim W. Dean..."Engdahl poses that it is way past time to nationalize the banks in the next crash, to break up of that huge concentration of debt leverage which puts the entire economy at risk."

NEO – Israel’s Attack on Syria Aimed at Moscow

Gordon Duff..."The timing of the attacks is critical, a clear response to Russia’s announced delivery of a long promised S300 air defense system to Iran."

NEO – American Elections: A Global Death Threat

Gordon Duff ..."Recent moves in the State of Ohio are setting the stage for a potential third world war."

NEO – Global Alliance for Health… does Georgia

Jim W. Dean..."Georgia being a rough investigative arena where a bullet in the head is still considered a very affordable substitute for a criminal defense attorney."

Agribusiness Neo-colonialism preparing for food wars

Jim W. Dean..."We are now watching what the old Soviets described as greedy Western capitalism, while Putin and Lavrov are standing firm to protect Russia from being colonized from within."

NEO – Rouhani Checkmates Senate Sanctions Blackmailers

Jim W. Dean..."The recent P5+1 nuclear agreement officially confirmed that all previous claims by Israel and the US about an Iranian nuclear weapons program were false."

NEO – Iran and a Possible New Energy Geopolitics

Jim W. Dean..."For a change of pace we have an interview with brother Engdahl and Iran’s major news organization Tasnin, on the state of the energy world."

NEO – Saudi Arabia’s Aggression in Yemen has Backfired

Jim W. Dean..."It is too early to get the pundit crystal balls out on this one. I fear are watching a “mini-Syria” developing with continuing death & destruction"