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The Secret ISIS Safe Havens Nobody Wants You to Know About

Gordon Duff - More high tech weaponry paid for by the American taxpayer was flown into a US Air Force Base in Adana, Turkey. From there it was trucked to an ISIS/al-Nusra logistics facility run by the Turkish Army.

NEO – Washington has now Lost the Middle East

Jim W. Dean - Engdahl's story about the Russians helping the Zios out with their big gas field is strange because those sales to Europe would compete directly with Russian supplies.

NEO: Can Trump fever make America a Believer?

Jim W. Dean - “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.” The Donald fits that to a tee, and is easy to see.

NEO: American Risks Life, Limb and Citizenship to Fight Fascists...

Russell Bentley - We are a Special Forces unit of a real Army fighting a real war. People get killed. We are fighting a ruthless and powerful enemy. But we are winning.

NEO: OPEC, Russia and New World Order Emerging

F. William Engdahl - What is likely to emerge is a negotiated arrangement between Putin’s Russia and the Saudi-led OPEC oil producers of the Middle East, including Iran, to devise a new ordering of the world's energy supply, independent of Anglo-American domination.

NEO – Kerry’s Double Assisted Suicide: Russian Oil Gains, America Loses...

Jim W. Dean - When you look back on the last four years, one would think that the US had adopted destabilization as its new reason for existing.

NEO: ISIS, a Partner America Can Live With

Gordon Duff - Very few American attacks have been against ISIS' primary area of operations, nor against ISIS' supply lines or ISIS' transit capabilities, which allow them to move jihadists during daylight over hundreds of miles.

NEO: Time to Blame the Right People for the Refugee Debacle

Gordon Duff - There will be no fixing of anything until the lie machine is dismembered.

NEO – As Scandal Mounts, Largesse Keeps Malaysia’s PM in Power

Jim W. Dean - This is Nile Bowie's first NEO post on VT, a well researched article in a huge financial scandal in Malaysia with the PM caught with this hand in the cookie jar.

Brookings: Leading the Propaganda War for an ISIS takeover of Syria

Brookings has embarrassed itself once again. You just can't make this stuff up!

NEO – Ukraine not Russia is main threat to Poland

Jim W. Dean - The continued pushing of the US and NATO camel noses into the tents of the former Soviet Union states is creating multiple trip wires to pour more foreign troops in

NEO – US is Losing Footing in Central Asia

Jim W. Dean - One of the things we love about our partnership with NEO is we knew it would fill a big and important hole in our geopolitical coverage of the Eurasian region

NEO – VT Bureau Chief Detained by Georgian Ministry of Internal...

Jim W. Dean - Journalists being threatened, beat up and occasionally murdered is not a new story, but the ploy of shutting a journalist up by "canceling his citizenship" is.

NEO: Turkey joins War but on which side?

The kidnapping of a group of US-trained moderate Syrians moments after they entered Syria last month to confront the Islamic State was orchestrated by Turkish intelligence.

NEO – Nobody but nobody is going to destroy the...

Jim W. Dean - Like a trophy elk being brought down by a pack of wolves, America is the key target for an irrevocable, long-term financial death spiral

NEO, The ABCs Of The Current Political Situation In Turkey–A Primer

Gwenyth Todd - President Erdogan stands ready to change the constitution and establish a Turkey very different from anything we have seen in our lifetimes.

NEO – Saudi Arabia – Don’t Dig a Ditch for Another

Jim W. Dean - VT readers are already versed on the US and Saudi plan to lower oil prices as a crunch on the Russian economy, while the US attacks via its Ukraine coup government proxy.

NEO – The Worth of Gold Growing by the Day

Jim W. Dean - Those countries economically targeted by the West are circling their wagons to defend against the Western economic anaconda, and are not planning to be swallowed with smiles on their faces.

NEO – Israel Punishing Syria for Russian S300 Sale

Gordon Duff - Netanyahu has one answer to every question... bombing. His targets are wherever he can cause the most suffering.

NEO – Minsk 2 – A Rotting Corpse

jim W. Dean - As I type the Kiev forces have been clearing the defensive minefields in front of their positions on the contact line, a clear sign of an impending offensive.

NEO – Washington Is Concerned over the State of Press Freedom

Jim W. Dean - The average American is clueless about the tax dollars spent on subverting foreign governments that question anything about the Western, and especially US, hegemony.

NEO: US, Turkey Ignore Russian Warning, Move into Syria

Turkey and the United States have jointly decided to move into Syria, daring Russia to respond.

NEO – Obama launches frontal assault on Iran deal killers

Jim W. Dean - Obama made a major address at American University in Washington, where he tore down his opponents’ unsupported claims against the nuclear deal one by one.

NEO – Arms dealer Viktor Bout may be Vindicated

Jim W. Dean - Henry Kamens gives us one of his investigative journalism gems, having picked up part of the story on some of Viktor Bout's operations in his backyard, the Republic of Georgia.

NEO – Hollande Shot Himself in the Foot by Canceling the...

Valery Kulikov: The Mid East is entering a new phase of geopolitics, with the US as a balancer between Sunni and Shia blocks.

NEO – Not a new Mid East, but a new Arms...

Jim W. Dean - It did not take long to see the defense contractors and banksters hedging their bets on the removal of Iran's bogus nuclear threat by having another lined up to replace it

NEO – Russia discourages trojan NGOs by banning the National Endowment...

Jim W. Dean - Brother Engdahl gives us a timely report on the long-awaited crack down on the current US overt political espionage activities from the Cold War being used as prestaging for more conflict

NEO – Israel and Congress go to war on the Iran...

Jim W. Dean, It is time for us to declare war politically against Israel and its subversive lobbies, and yes, begin prosecuting those involved in espionage

NEO – Greek Rescue is Worse than WWI Reparations

Jim W. Dean, In this current Greek debt fight, the banksters have so far protected their loan portfolios at 100%. And those who had nothing to do with the loan acquisitions are taking the hit.

NEO – The Hydra of the Caspian Sea, Iran’s Naval Strategy

Jim W. Dean, We read almost nothing about the Caspian Sea competition despites its location in such a crucial area and known oil and gas reserves.

NEO – Report From Moscow: Urgent Issues of International Law

Jim W. Dean, All social change has sprung from a seed that was not only planted but nurtured, so that those in the future would have something to harvest

NEO: Malaysia plays UN court jester in MH17 vote

Jim W. Dean, In intelligence analysis you always follow a dual track, looking carefully at all the clues you have in front of you, but more importantly, at things that should be present, but aren’t

NEO: Gordon Duff, The Deadly Turkish Deception

Gordon Duff, This week, by all accounts, Turkey attacked itself, wiping out 32 Kurds, opponents of Erdogan’s continued dictatorial rule despite his election loss

NEO – United States is Destroying Saudi Arabia

Jim W. Dean, What the Saudis are thought of, they have worked hard for that image. So they have no one to blame but themselves for it.

NEO: NATO and the West Just Became Irrelevant

Jim W. Dean, It does not take a pile of Phds. to see the long record of the divide and conquer game in play here. But the people never see it coming because they never have. It's not their line of work.

NEO – The Armenian protests have nothing to do with the...

Jim W. Dean, I know Armenia is not going to be a topic of interest to most people, but neither was Syria, Ukraine, Crimea or Yemen

NEO: Iran Nuclear Deal – The Good, Bad, and the...

Jim W. Dean, Nuclear terrorism is already here, so convenient scapegoats have to be found to blame it on if it ever becomes public.

NEO, Iran is Heading West Now

Jim W. Dean, There is a world of difference between opening to the West and "heading West" as Petr Lvov says. China opened to the West and so did Russia, but they did not want to become the West.

NEO – G4: An Asian and European Peace with Enemy States?

Jim W. Dean, Christof Lehman is posing that it is past time to conclude these WWII peace treaties by forcing a discussion on them, something VT loves to do

NEO, Fall of Traditional Values in Modern America

Jim W. Dean, It is nice to see the foreign folks have uncovered for us that we have an imperfect system, like everyone else, but this American exceptionalism silliness makes it even more embarrassing