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Off the Record and Closed to the Press: AIPAC Community Briefing...

"Penetrating the security barrier" surrounding a supposedly top-secret AIPAC meeting is all in a day's work.

More than Nuclear

What you were never meant to know...

Your Radiation This Week No 15

Take all appropriate precautions and actions. It is dangerous out there.

Your Radiation This Week No 14

173.8 Times Normal Radiation at a city in the US...

Striking the Root of Israel’s Warmongering

...the warmongers are working overtime to torpedo the agreement and to bring about another US war for Israel's benefit, just as was done when the US launched the religious war for the benefit of the Jewish state of Israel against Iraq. This time the target is Iran.

Main Points of Iran-Six Powers Nuclear Deal Disclosed

A source privy to the talks between Iran and the six world powers said in case Iran and the six world powers agree on a final deal, the text of the agreement will include the following points, FNA reports.

US Military Successfully Test Nuclear Gravity Bomb

A safe version of the B61-12 nuclear gravity bomb, one with no warhead, was tested on July 1 at a test range in the Nevada desert

The Secret Nazi Role in Building Atomic Bomb

German scientists had developed a chemical enrichment process many times more efficient than the process used by the Manhattan Project

VT Nuclear Education: Critical Mass

For entertainment purposes only. Don't try this at home.

VT Nuclear Education: Laser and Nuke Weapon Calculator

Nuclear Weapon Calculator Enter the appropriate Weapon yield and shape for your weapon, fill in the Armor parameters, then simulate the explosion. Note: You can...

Your Radiation This Week No 13

Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and don’t forget to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!

VT Nuclear Education: Germany

The truth about Germany's nuclear program...

Your Radiation This Week No 12

Welcome Pittsburgh to America's Most Radioactive Cities List

Saudis to Buy Russia’s Nuclear Capable Iskander Missile

TEHRAN (FNA)- Saudi Arabia’s Defense Minister Mohammad bin Salman is likely to meet President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International...

VT Nuclear Education: The Secrets of EMP Weapons

A public service from your friends at VT.

VT Nuclear Education: Explosive Properties of Reactor Grade Plutonium

VT has again come upon a recently declassified trove of nuclear weapons documents.

Your Radiation This Week No. 11

What is the normal Level of Radiation

Ulyanov: Russia has right to place nuclear arms on its soil,...

Jim W. Dean - Dear Mr. Obama and General Casey, We don't buy your spin that when Russia has to respond to our aggression, that that is Russian aggression. We are not that stupid.

Nukes on Yemen, Confirming Proofs: Introduction to Nuclear Operations

Introduction to Nuclear Operations Under the threat of or in actual nuclear warfare, units in the field must continually evaluate the impact that enemy use...

Nukes on Yemen-Confirming Proofs: Calculating Nuclear Blast Yield from the...

By Jeff Smith, Editor Editor's note:  Flash and fireball are not the same.  The still below is of the May 5, 2013 Damascus attack.  A...

New Eastern Outlook: Yemen, Practical Nuclear Survival

Gordon Duff...With proof of a nuclear attack on Yemen saturating the Arab news, a new reality of war, the covert use of WMD’s by governments needs to be addressed.

Your Radiation This Week No. 10

Radioactive water, or Tritium, is a condition of their existence. It's Nasty Stuff.

Your Radiation This Week No. 9

... This is what everybody says, they are wrong of course, Nuclear Armageddon has already happened, probably sometime in the 1980’s.

Pravda: Saudi-Israeli Nuclear Strike Hits Yemen

Saudis have begun to wipe Yemen off the map.

Nuclear War has Begun in Yemen

Denial becomes impossible without insanity

Israeli F16’s Falling from the Skies over Yemen

This week two F16s were shot down over Yemen. When the wreckage was examined, both were found to be of types never supplied to an Arab nation, not Saudi Arabia, not anyone.

Your Radiation This Week #8

... the EPA acted decisively by shutting down the reporting functions of hundreds of radiation monitoring stations...

‘Nuclear disaster waiting to happen’: Royal Navy probes Trident whistleblower’s claims

Possible attackers have “the perfect opportunity to send nuclear warheads crashing down on the UK,”

Your Radiation This Week #7

Last week a reader asked a question about Cesium137 in the atmosphere and air travel.

Strange Bedfellows: The Nazi – Israel Nuclear Partnership

How a Nazi secret society, working with Israel has created a worldwide nuclear weapons supermarket...

How Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor was concealed from the U.S. –...

Jim W. Dean... "We see no acknowledgement of yesterday's German-Israel nuke article in corporate media. In two more days we will conclude a stand down on the story."

Obama: GOP trying to ‘short-circuit’ Iran nuclear talks

Jim W. Dean..."Obama finally takes the gloves off, sort of...on Israel’s Congressional espionage wing trying to take over the P5+1 talks."

Israel’s addiction to Nuclear Blackmail and Terror

Right now America is being victimized by Israeli Nuclear Blackmail and deep penetrations by Israeli espionage fronts.

Iran checkmates nuclear deal sanctions blackmail

Jim W. Dean..."Rouhani has upped the game. Sanctions must be removed BEFORE Iran will sign a final deal, showdown time once again at the Iran Nuclear Corral."

Top Scientists Warn Nuclear Bombs Deadlier Than Ever

What would happen if just one 800-kiloton nuclear warhead was detonated above midtown Manhattan?

Iran nuke talks try to bridge final political-technical hurdles

Jim W. Dean..."The Iran and P5+1 negotiators are trying to delicately slide the unresolved political issues into the July 1 deadline period as the technical issues are critical to solving the political Gordian Knot."

US-Israel “alliance” imploding?

Bibi "won" the rigged election but he's losing American support…without which Israel will dry up and blow away.