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Jesse Ventura Calls for Revolution in USA

A man of many titles, Jesse Ventura is a politician, actor, author, US navy veteran and a former professional wrestler....

Sarah Palin for President, 'Cause We Ain't Dead Yet!

She's back, the god fearing Israeli firster masquerading as a conservative. Sarah Palin is back in the news looking for a seat in Congress or maybe as Jeb Bush's running mate.

Are Americans Asleep?

2012 is almost ready for the scrap heap of history. 2013 is just around the corner. Will America wake up or will it continue down the road to LaLa land?

A loss of innocence and a betrayal by the government

The Vietnam War for all the good intentions we were told, left a trail of broken lives, a dispirited military that lasted until the...

Becoming an educated voter… www.yourmilitaryvoter.us

Last week I announced we had finally completed http://www.yourmilitaryvoter.us website. This was a year-long undertaking to get to know the candidates running for national office and the governors who run the individual states.

Oh What a Mess It Is!

Am I the only one who looks at the mess in Washington, and shake my head at the absolute chaos in all quarters of government?

Newt for Caliph!

Newt, the time has come for you to do your last, best political flip-flop: Stop being a Constitution-shredding Islamophobe, and recognize that there's a freedom-loving Muslim inside you that's just waiting to come out.

Zionist Bullets Shot Across Obama’s Bow?

Is the state of Israel threatening the life of the President of the United States?

Mainstream Media, the Anti-War Hypocrites

Some question the lack of leftist anti-war activism seeking to end America's perpetual wars. They are right to ask why those activists are MIA now that Obama is leading the war charge. It's simple, really. They are mostly partisan hypocrites.

The KGB (Kickbacks, Gratuity, Bribes) – alive and well in Washington...

Vacation in America…It is a time to be with family for rest and reflection. Late last week my wife, son, and I headed off from our home in North Carolina, to spend a few days at the beach in Destin, Florida, a place I use to live back when I wore a younger man’s shoes.

The budget deficit debate by the “Gang of Twelve” should be...

The budget deficit debate by the “Gang of Twelve” should be comical at best

Common Sense Solutions to Budget Cut and Deficit Problem

Common sense and solving the deficit problem...will it work?

To borrow an old quote we must say to Washington, “There...

A simple plan to the budget cuts - Follow what the private sector has had to do

Obama and Congress Fiddle While America Burns

Obama fiddles while Washington DC burns

Part II Letter to the President

American budget problems carry over to Europe

The American Misreading of Iran

It is clear that the United States and its Western European allies were caught completely unprepared for the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Bahrain, as well as the upheavals throughout the Arab world.

A Warning From The Past

The answer to AIPAC is not another J-Street lobby attempting to buy the very few remaining unaffiliated American politicians.

The ‘hands off international politics’ should be immediate Jewish call to their relentless lobbies but that's not going to happen.

Could Obama Fall Victim to a Lack of Change We Can...

I wonder if the president has considered the fact that Cheney just might be trying to get him to make the same kind of mistake in Afghanistan that the Bush Administration made in Iraq in order to take the Iraq issue off the table for the 2012 election? If during the 2012 campaign America is bogged down in Afghanistan with the useless death of thousands of U.S. troops, all of a sudden, Bush, Cheney, and the GOP won't look all that bad. The president should think about that possibility, since the mechinations of Dick Cheney makes Machiavelli look like a trainee.

Christmas Wish List For Gulf War Veterans

That is the Christmas Gift of Caring enought to give your time weekly in an effort to educate and make it better. Letters and emails with introductory comments with an article that is educational. We provide the article and you play it forward and help us be heard!


AIR FORCE ACADEMY "BRAINWASHING CADETS" By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Mickey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation have been fighting the Air Force Academy...