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What The Hell is Tocotrienol?

Despite all the commercials and bullshit pitches for “Vitamins” most Americans remain as dumb as rocks about quality nutrition.

Great News for Brain-Damaged Vets

Successfully treating dead and dying brain cells, whether caused by a Stroke or by roadside bomb concussion, or any trauma has proven difficult and not very efficient.

Notes Taken From VT Reader Responses

A lazy column, but interesting to see the varied responses to serious questions: I am reminded of a handbill posted above my desk.

Part two: Why Folks Believe; Also the Most Obvious Zionist Scheme

The thing that grabs thinking people and propels them toward a belief in the Bible is Prophecy. Folks love psychic phenomena and accurate predictions are captivating. Even a skeptical, critical, cynical mind can be opened when all the factors line up.

Challenges to Faith in Age of Internet

With all the information about the Talmudic hubris tainting the Old Testament, and all the religious hypocrisy emanating from televangelism, how does a reasoning, devoted, Scripture-only Christian sustain his faith?

Divide and Conquer Using Beliefs

Reading the many responses to Gordon Duff's column about “Phony History,” posted earlier this week has inspired this piece, which I claim can help the asunder opinionists at VT understand the nature of today's national schizophrenia.

Col. Fletcher Prouty, Witness to Power, History, and Corruption

Radio Free America broadcasts were a Smorgasbord for anyone sick and tired of fascist chicanery in our government, and I was lucky to have guests with first hand experience most of the time.

Novel Approach to HIV-AIDS Scam

Investment greed and monopoly has fueled the sickest medical scam since vaccine promotion. It gives credence to the “Club of Rome conspiracy to lower world populations.”

Pounding Halls of Congress is Easy

In the mid 90s, my radio outreach was tiny in the scheme of things, and Liberty Lobby’s newspaper, The Spotlight, for whom I toiled, was reviled on Capitol Hill, but I had the time, energy and drive back then to charge into the halls of power, and Lobby for citizens at large and the Constitution, over a period of about six weeks.

American Dream Eating Itself Alive

There is an ant in Australia that digests itself into oblivion as some sort of weird natural “defense” mechanism. Why God created this, or how the hell could it have evolved.

Odious debt, Odious Debt, Odious Debt!

There is so much information on the Internet, I'm ashamed to admit I missed it back on June 30, when I posted my column about a good video documentary people should watch.

August, 2011 Marks The 1,941st Anniversary!

What took place 1,941 years ago this month (August) that profoundly changed the world, but is seldom, if ever talked about?

Insurance Scammers As Evil As Central Bankers; a History

Most of the details are on the Internet as propaganda, but one must read between the lines:

Microwave Weapon and EMP Killed Marines

This is a saga of death and deceit that was buried down Orwell's memory hole like cat shit in a litterbox—The American way.

Odious Debt Follow-up

I have been as confused as Mrs Banana when it comes to following up on the great news extracted from a long, but outstanding, video presentation put out by a citizen's commission on Debt-O-cracy ; featured by this column on June 23.

Poor Man’s Metaphysical Naturalism

Talk about taking a bite too big to chew; or overloading one's hummingbird ass with an alligator mouth.

Getting down to “Nitty Gritty”

When asked what to do in this insane society, I usually suggest "study your New Testament Bible." Of course I usually get a weird look in return.

Money, Money, Money Makes the World Go – Down

I can write about many topics with some authority, but economics aint one of them. So I bow to others.

Controversy of Zion; Tragic History

This book was finally published in 1956, and the author, Douglas Reed, closed out the detailed world history and the threat of “Destructive “Talmudism with this line:

Free Trade, Trojan Horse Stole America

When I joined the Liberty Lobby and Spotlight Newspaper in early 1980s, the major issues were confronting Zionism and Stopping NAFTAFA (the North American Free Trade and Finance agreements—note how the “finance” part is conveniently left off in most media cases).

History Always Repeats With Government Oil Banking Fascists

The following Appeared in Newsreal Magazine in summer of 1977, and was taken from an earlier article in the Christian Science Monitor.

Repudiating Criminal Debt is a Good Thing

“In any economy DEBT is poison. This is not opinion, this is fact, “past and present so-called "economists" and their moronic word-weaving notwithstanding. It is poison Period.

Cancer For Profit Part three

The story of John Beard might not make a case for institutional evil all by itself, but there are many such stories—the literature is rich in concrete examples.

Cancer for profit. Part two

The year after John Beard published his monograph (1912) the world suddenly learned about Marie Curie and her discovery of the rays emitted by radium.

The Wages of Sin Do Unto Others! Wal-Mart Fascism

The monopoly between corrupt corporations and corrupt governments is Satan’s most insidious trick.

9/11 Mythology, The “Linchpin” of Our Era

9-11 is the linchpin of our era. Here we have a 3-hour video production that provides enough direct and circumstantial evidence against the perpetrators to reproduce the bloody reaction of the French revolution.