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Why Veterans Should Consider a Career in Teaching

If you’ve completed military service and are looking for a secure and fulfilling civilian career path, there are many reasons to get into teaching....

Why Complete a Master’s Degree Course in Education?

Deeper, Specialised Knowledge About the Advanced Principles of Education

How an MBA Can Help you Launch an Exciting New Career

For many US military veterans finding a new career can be an extremely daunting process. Having to choose an industry sector to work in, creating an appealing CV and preparing for interviews, not to mention the worry of going up against other candidates who you believe to have more experience than you.

How a College Education Can Improve Your Life and Career Prospects

Attending college might not be a path everyone wants to take. Here are some alternative education choices.

10 Reasons You Should Pursue a Computer Science Degree

A degree in computer science may sound boring, but it can be one of the most beneficial degrees for your future.

How Can US Veterans Get Education in Australia and What Are...

Applying to study in Australia as a US Veteran is not too difficult. And if you need any study help while there, such as for a class assignment you have no time for, a simple search online for ‘how to write a report type assignment Australia’ will introduce to the best help in seconds.

Five Services That Help Veterans Succeed at College

Coming back to civilian life can be a real challenge for former soldiers. Most of them are willing to go to a college, but...

Veterans gain education while serving

Serving in the United States Armed Forces offers an experience like no other.

Veterans Call to Remove Provisions of Tax Reform Bills That Will...

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), the leading Post-9/11 veterans organization representing more than 400,000 members...

5 hot jobs you can get without a college education

The mere idea of spending four or more years trudging between university lecture halls, writing papers and taking exams is more than some people can bear not to mention the cost of tuition, and the burden of student-loan debt.

Is Online Education a Jobs Engine?

I like nothing better than getting things wrong. When we are wrong, we learn something. So I interested to read a NYTimes piece on 7/10/17 on e-commerce, the tech sector, and job creation.

Labrador introduces bill to change veterans' education benefits

Rep. Raul Labrador, R- Idaho, is pushing legislation that would turn a deep, tragic loss into something positive for military families across the country.

Arciero bill gives veterans free state college education

Veterans would be able to attend state colleges for free under a bill filed by state Rep. James Arciero and supported by 59 his House and Senate colleagues.

Emergency group offers education for Capital Region veterans

One local emergency response group is making the effort to give back to veterans in the community by offering a free educational and career opportunity.

Pennsylvania expands education benefits for veterans

Military personnel can be assigned to serve around the globe, but when veterans come to Pennsylvania, out-of-state tuition and fees in higher education can be a financial burden.

Texas House opts not to cut veterans education benefits

Texas lawmakers on Sunday opted to water down a major attempt to reduce the rising costs of a program offering free college tuition to veterans’ children, relenting amid criticism that cutting the benefits too deeply wouldn’t be fair to those who sacrifice so much.

Veterans, colleges talk support for education

Representatives from nearly two dozen Arkansas colleges learned at a workshop Friday about the challenges facing student veterans and military service members and how to better help them succeed at their schools.

Raytheon Pledges $10 Million for Education of Veterans, Military Youth

Raytheon has announced a five-year, $10 million commitment to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Student Veterans of America to support education programs for veterans and the children of veterans and current service members.

Thomas Edison State College teams with Comcast to promote veteran education...

Thomas Edison State College has the largest enrollment out of any other veteran institute across the country and it's looking to expand.

Cost of Texas education program for vets could rise dramatically

A recent ruling by a federal judge could turn a state program that waives college tuition and fees for military veterans into one of the most expensive in Texas history.

Diabetes: Type 2 Information for Veterans

Knowledge of the various aspects of diabetes is the basis for decisions about exercise, diet, blood glucose monitoring, weight control, use of medications, vascular risk factors, foot and eye care.

NEO – The Intelligence Community and American Academia

- Dr. Crosston's first NEO article for VT caught our attention due to its rarely discussed theme, the dirty dance between the intelligence community and academia.

America: Time to Celebrate and Congratulate

May is the month of celebration and congratulation to the tens of thousands of college graduates. May is a time to celebrate and congratulate the tens of thousands of proud parents whose sons and daughters finished college and off the “family payroll”.

More On The Way To Meritocracy

The Daily Telegraph revealed today that one in five university graduates becomes a millionaire.

Tools You Need to Become a Lawyer

Tools you can use to help you get through law school

Universities Working to Ease U.S. Veterans Back to School

Indiana is among states creating programs to help combat-to-college students adjust

Downward mobility haunts US education

An integral part of the American Dream is under threat - as "downward mobility" seems to be threatening the education system in the United States.

Veterans' jobs program gets an overhaul

Veterans' jobs program gets an overhaul More civilian work training to be offered   WASHINGTON — U.S. combat troops patrol dusty pathways in Afghanistan, look for hidden...

We Don't Need Lying Schools When We Have Video-Internet

Old country tune: Momma don't let your son grow up to be a cowboy; Change that to: Parents, donut pay tuition when the Internet will do nicely.

A Wrong Turn to America's Destiny

The destruction of the American way of life by the destruction of it ideals

The American Dilemma

America has to choose between a fight for freedom or total surrender to a foreign materialist ideology conveyed by AIPAC, ADL and other Zionist warmongers.

Students Learn About Defense IT Job Opportunities

By Army Sgt. 1st Class Tyrone C. Marshall Jr.   American Forces Press Service: WASHINGTON, Feb. 3, 2012 - High school students got an inside look at...

Military Kids Can Apply for Scholarships

The deadline is swiftly approaching for the Fisher House Foundation’s 2012 Scholarships for Military Children Program, conducted at military commissaries worldwide.

Excelsior VFW Partnerships Expanding to California

VFW spouses and domestic partners are also eligible for Excelsior degree programs, with reduced tuition and fees under new statewide education partnership

Obligation of the Citizenry in a Democratic Republic

Government for the people and by the people...what it means

Who Is Responsible For The American Dream, You or "THEY"?

Who is responsible for the success of the American Dream?

Teacher Student Sex Puts American Culture On Trial

Americans applaud violence and love war while they chastized sex and the act of being human.

Obama Reads Book Written by Muslim Therefore…..

Yesterday, an acquaintance sent me a photo of President Obama holding a book by Fareed Zakaria titled "The Post-American World". The inference was that the book was written by a Muslim and therefore Obama is following a muslim and taking the USA into islam or whatever non-cents they want to believe.

Obama pushes jobs plan in Boehner's state

President to Congress: 'What on Earth are we waiting for?'   WASHINGTON — Imploring Congress to follow his lead, President Barack Obama on Tuesday lobbied lawmakers to adopt...

Providing Education Benefits to NCOA Members

Membership in the Non-Commissioned Officers Association now comes with a unique new benefit: accredited, nonprofit higher education at a reduced tuition rate.

Troop Transition Builds GI Thrive To Stave-Off Vet Unemployment

Troop Transition International, the country’s only active duty and veteran vocational training organization, who also provides job placement, is pleased to announce its newest course offering in the form of an online training product called, “GIThrive.com”.

Many Lawyers Lack Practical Education

(Special) ---If your lawyer has let you down, if he or she has flubbed your case, it may be because most law schools never offer the practical courses lawyers’ need to succeed.