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Chuck Hagel is Right Person at Right Time

Chuck Hagel's time has come and he is the right person at the right time for an over-extended American empire that is financially, morally and spiritually bankrupt.

On Obama I and II

With his tarnished Nobel Peace Prize the hypocritical symbol of the broken promises of his first term ~ Emperor Obama will firmly establish the Empire in his second term while setting the stage for the New World Order.

Obama’s War On Terror is Orwell’s Never Ending War Of Terror

The Cheney/Bush/Obama War on Terror is a never ending war of terror and no one understood the implications of this perpetual war better than George Orwell

Amerika’s Last Independence Day

This Independence day we must face the fact that we are neither the land of the free nor the home of the brave ~ but instead have given away our precious birthright to the military/industrial complex and a fascist corpocracy.

Presidential Awards, Masters of War and Vanunu’s Final Message to Facebook

Today, Israeli Nuclear Whistle Blower, Mordechai Vanunu wrote, "Hi. Today they sent first notice, they will renew the restrictions. Sent to my Lawyer. Now you are free, we can close the Cause. either you do it or I will do it."

Latest Message from Israel’s Nuclear Whistle Blower TO: Obama, Peres and...

"My message to Obama, Vanunu is very supporting Obama policy, Obama Ideology of a Middle East Free from all Nuclear weapons. Vanunu is ready to help Obama in this. Diplomacy Now!!! Freedom Now!!"-Mordechai Vanunu, 24 April 2012 from east Jerusalem

The Case Against Attacking Iran

Obama now joins the leading Republican presidential candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, in demonizing Iran to the extent that war is almost inevitable ~ a war that would benefit only Israel and the military/industrial complex at the further expense of the American tax payer.

US-Israeli Spring Will Bring Deployment of Thousands of US Soldiers

This spring, Israel and US will showcase the largest ever missile defense exercise and establish US command posts in Israel and Israeli Forces will occupy EUCOM headquarters in Germany.

The Third Rail and Forcing Obama to Earn his Nobel

Today at the United Nations President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas formally requested full United Nations membership and stated, "I don’t believe anyone with a shred of conscience can reject our application for full admission in the United Nations." Citizens of conscience can help force President Obama to earn his Nobel Peace Prize...

Obama Proves Zionism Rules US and He is NOT on The...

CTJP=Compassion, Truth, Justice, Peace. President Obama's speech today at the UN drew immediate praise from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his efforts to dissuade Palestinian leaders from pushing for a United Nations vote on statehood, calling Obama’s actions a “badge of honor”.

It’s Always About The Money So On With This REVOLUTION!

As the August 2nd deadline fast approaches to raise the government-borrowing limit, President Obama called on Congress two days before this Independence Day to make a deal and announced, “Nothing can be off-limits. We've got to cut the deficit.”

Bomb’em Bolton and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Last week Chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen swooned, “I love John Bolton” after Bolton again called for military strikes against Iran.

Mayors Tell Obama Save America First

The United States Conference of Mayors, representing 1,200 cities with populations over 30,000, voted in their June 20 plenary session to call on the federal government to end America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and redirect that military spending to home land priorities.

Arab Spring Reveals America’s Moral and Economic Fall

Three ongoing military campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are costing the U.S. a fortune and give no comfort to the nearly 14 million unemployed Americans. With food stamps and a minimum wage the only hope for many, a career at McDonald's has now become very appealing.

Back to Helen Thomas, Lennon, Vanunu and Giving U.S. Some Truth

The religiously fundamentalist Zionist Rabbi David Nesenoff, who turned his camera on Ms Helen Thomas just over a year ago and she shot back with righteous truth, that lead to her “firing” NOT retiring will be speaking out for Pollard at a Zionist celebration of the 6 Day War

Obama Myth Making Designed For Sheeple

President Barack Obama’s refusal to release photos and DNA of his supposed assassination of a questionably alive Bin Laden spanks of his trademark lack of transparency except when it is politically expedient

Libya Attack Is A Show Of Farce

Let’s get something straight ~ The United State’s recent preemptive attack on Libya, while flying the flag of NATO, is all about Regime Change under the guise of a Humanitarian intervention. Certainly there was no real attempt to negotiate with Gaddafi ~ like Iraq, the decision was made to attack and events were tailored to justify this action. This is the ongoing formula for western imperialistic change you can believe in ~ particularly if the natives are getting restless.

ALLEN L ROLAND: Game Over For American Imperialism and Middle East...

The Game is so over for American imperialism and Middle East oppression and with that defeat will come the discovery of its epicenter ~...

ALLEN L ROLAND: Obama Can’t Have It Both Ways

The Egyptian uprising is not only inspiring a world wide revolt against the status quo but is starkly revealing the hypocrisy of America’s foreign...

ALLEN L ROLAND : Egypt Is Obama’s Non Shining Moment

  President Obama has been caught like a deer in the headlights by Egypt’s internal cry for freedom and justice whereas empty words and rhetoric...

ALLEN L ROLAND: Egypt Uprising is a Two Minute Warning For...

Egypt’s current uprising is a two minute warning for the old world order which controlled the populace by force and US military aid but...


        President Obama’s outrageous and blatant sellout on the Bush Tax Cuts is minor compared to his Afghan strategy of surge, bribe and fabricate the...


Six U.S.Soldiers were killed and more than a dozen American and Afghan troops were wounded last Sunday morning by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. American fatalities have risen steadily for five years, with 479 American soldiers killed so far in 2010 ~ that’s more than three times the 155 casualties in 2008. We are now paying the daily price of a hated occupying force with over 1430 Americans killed in action so far in Afghanistan.


The good ship America is leaking badly and Wikileaks has confirmed the extent of our miseries and moral bankruptcy. Does the Obama administration have the courage to look at itself and the outdated fear-based Cheney/Bush policies and diplomacy it inherited ~ and instead ride the rising tide of transparency and truth or will it continue to be bound in the shallows of moral and financial irrelevance in a rapidly uniting and interdependent world?

Gates Assails WikiLeaks Over Release of Reports, DoJ Source Says Espionage...

- Bush-Cheney-Ashcroft are back as the Obama administration threatens using the Espionage Act of 1917 against whistle-blowers reinterating that Obama like Bush is lying....

The vast majority of Americans do not have a loved one...

As you know, President Obama delivering his second State of the Union address on Wednesday, January 27 , 2010. With the vast majority of Americans (the electorate) not having a loved one in the military thus not committed to the wars, it was no surprise that Obama's message focused on domestic priorities, and he only reiterated and defended his policy decisions on Iraq and Afghanistan, including the most recent surge of 30,000 troops in November, 2009.