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Google, Beyond the CIA: Insurgency and Espionage Factory

Intercepted emails expose Google as an intelligence contractor openly involved in aiding terror organizations throughout Africa, Asia and the world, working well outside any official oversight and authority, far beyond even the CIA’s wildest abuses.

Nigeria: Government Accused of Terror Bombings

A former Nigerian State Governor has accused government agents of being behind some of the bombings in Northern Nigeria. This, as the government has blamed the group Boko Haram for the attacks. [youtube pX4OkNRZYWs&feature=youtu.be]

Israel Gets Turkey on Board to Destroy Syria: Dr. Kevin Barrett...

The "one thousand reasons for Israel and Turkey to be friends" are the one thousand Zionist agents planted throughout the Turkish military.

US hated for kowtowing to genocidal Zionists: Kevin Barrett (Press TV...

From my Press TV debate with Lee Kaplan: "I’m not accusing you of dual loyalties. You only have one loyalty and it’s to Israel. It’s not to the United States...you should be in jail right now, sharing a cell with Jonathon Pollard."

Zionists Drown In Their Own Hatred: The Photos

Zionist hatred is a plague on the planet - but America's biggest "anti-hate-groups" love it.

Drone Nightmare, the Unseen Threat

- Drones of unimagined capability are being readied for deployment with even more frightening technical advances on the drawing boards.

Warmongers colluding to launch illegal war on Iran: Gordon Duff

The “tail kicking” that America has suffered in Afghanistan would be a “walk in the park” compared to a war on Iran, says Gordon Duff. Above, Iranian soldiers march during an annual military parade in the capital Tehran, September 21, 2012.

Worst nightmare looming for Netanyahu

he president’s decision, after consultation with Democratic leaders in congress, including the Jewish caucus and Secretaries Kerry and Hagel, representing Departments of State and Defense, is primary driven by economic issues.

The "Holocaust Bomb," a Re-Revisionist Myth

Two new studies, both out of Israel, have the world spinning. One, released by the Holocaust Memorial Museum, places Europe’s Jewish population in 1939 at between 40 and 50 million, with up to 20 million holocaust dead.

The “Holocaust Bomb,” a Re-Revisionist Myth

Two new studies, both out of Israel, have the world spinning. One, released by the Holocaust Memorial Museum, places Europe’s Jewish population in 1939 at between 40 and 50 million, with up to 20 million holocaust dead.

My Latest Press TV Slug-Fest with a Zionist Idiot

"This is about the lamest excuse for an attempt to debunk a conspiracy story that I’ve ever heard and I’ve heard a lot of them."

EutelSat Censors Iranian TV

The Arab satellite provider Gulfsat has banned Iranian channels iFilm and Al-Kawthar under direct pressure from the European satellite company, Eutelsat.

Foreign powers must stop meddling in Syrian politics

Foreign powers should stop seeking financial and political gains through fueling the fire in the ongoing crisis in Syria, an analyst tells Press TV.

I’m not an Israeli journalist. I’m an American journalist.

On Friday, forty allegedly American Senators blocked Chuck Hagel and sent a message: “We are not United States Senators. We are Israeli Senators.”

US, Israel wage war against Press TV

The American military has been praying for a DOD Secretary like Hagel for many years, almost too many to count.

GOP’s Hatred of Foreigners in US

The Republican Party is extremely vulnerable to a rational proposal for immigration reform.

PressTV: GAO Study – Euro-Missile Defense Not Effective

- GAO-Pentagon study questions whether the 'shield' will ever even work...another white elephant scandal.

Press TV: Gordon Duff on Veterans Suicides

The candid interview below runs a full five minutes and deserves to be sent around for distribution.

Intel Drop: Israel’s plan for World War enters high gear

Israel’s plan for World War enters high gear --- By Gordon Duff and Press TV Share | Email | Print "The 'final straw,' as it were, has been...

Enemies Scamming America on Gun Confiscation

The screw are being turned, every shill, every phony journalist, every corrupt blogger is tasked, bought and paid for, to shut down the truth about Sandy Hook.

Summary Executions? – Welcome to Africa

- Algerian Hostage slaughter gets pushed off the news by Malian Army reprisal kllings. It's a nasty world.

Press TV: Figures Describing Veterans Suicides Beyond Misleading: Duff

The three minute video below will be shorter, by far, than the average commercial break. Rather than going out to get a beer, listen to the video, think about what is being said, perhaps look at how it has effected you and your family and decide to do something.

Leader’s fatwa on nuclear weapons binding for Iran: Foreign Ministry

Leader’s fatwa on nuclear weapons binding for Iran: Foreign Ministry Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast "There is nothing more important in defining the framework for...

JPost: IDF shoots, kills Palestinian youth in West Bank

The IDF opened fire on a Palestinian youth who it said attempted to cross into Israel from the West Bank on Tuesday morning. The youth later died at a Ramallah hospital.

Times of Israel: Hagel’s ‘refreshing candor’ greatest liability

The nomination fight over former Nebraska senator Chuck Hagel has split the Washington establishment into shrill camps.

Scapegoating Iran

Likudnik Israelis, as well as some Arabs, are making Iran the scapegoat for their own societies' troubles.

NeoCon Zionism – America’s 5th Column

- Israeli militants, American gangsters shaking pillars of United States

Daniel Pipes gets an earful of truth

Witch-hunter Daniel Pipes chased me out of the University of Wisconsin in 2006. Now it's payback time.

Press TV: The Truth About Americans and Guns

With the discussions of gun seizures in the US, discussions primarily tied to stock manipulation scams within the sporting goods/arms industry and National Rifle Association, it is, perhaps, time we took a look at American gun owners.

Will War on Islam End in 2013?

Let's call the "war on terror" by its real name - and end it.

Iran’s media wages truth jihad

Since all forms of tyranny and oppression are ultimately based on lies, "the best (defensive) jihad is a word of truth flung in the face of a tyrant."

Egyptians on the Brink of a New Revolution?

- Egyptians have always carried moderate Islamist views and have never confronted each other in battle. This is the red line we will not cross.

Press TV: Kidnapping and Torture, EU Court finds CIA Guilty as...

Thursday, the European Court of Human Rights in Salzburg found the CIA fully complicit in the kidnapping and torture of Khaled el-Masri, a German citizen now proven to have never had any ties whatsoever with a terror organization.

Press TV: Iran threatened by possible US Air Force mutiny

Recent intelligence sources have revealed that at least one and perhaps as many as three KC 135 Stratotankers have left the United States, traversing the Pacific Ocean, for use in refueling Israeli attack aircraft on missions against Iran.

Press TV: Christmas of murder, an American story

Christmas of murder, an American story ---  --- By Gordon Duff and Press TV  --- "The real voices of reason are invariably those of the “terrorist.” Speak the truth...

Zionist fingerprints all over U.S. led Iran sanctions

- It is time for Americans to use the sanctions weapon on the real enemy of America, the militant Zionists of Israel and their supporters

Press TV: West making big money from war threats: Intelligence expert

West making big money from war threats: Intelligence expert ---  --- "Last week, a media outlet owned by Rupert Murdoch (shown), a “stealth” Israeli citizen and powerful...

Press TV: Hogwash, Syria won’t use chemical WMDs against its...

"Oh, really? Well then Mr. President, you and NATO should start by arresting those US, British, and Israeli officials who okayed and used WMDs against civilians in Iraq, Lebanon, and Gaza. Remember the white phosphorous in Fallujah?

Press TV: Secret Intel Move Replaces CIA – “Lie Machine”

There has been a war inside the American intelligence community between two factions. On one side, a war between the “technogeeks,” those who spy from afar, who plot, who fabricate, who imagine, who create intelligence, not based on the reality of the world but on the needs of the powerful, the need to “certify lies” and those who would restore a human equation.

Press TV: US Police Officers Fire 137 Shots to Kill 2...

Tensions are on the rise in the major US city of Cleveland after 13 predominantly white police officers fired 137 shots to kill two unarmed African Americans following a 25-minute car chase.