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Freedom To Live Ordinary Lives…

I have just received a very disappointing reply from my true-blue Tory MP to pleas for real government action over the slaughter in Gaza.

Militarized police occupy USA

Is the U.S. "homeland" just another military occupation zone?

Eyeless in Gaza

- Uri Avnery - There must be Palestinian elections, with a new government accepted by all Palestinian factions and recognized by the world community.

NEO – Blinded by the Gaza Spotlight

- Jim W. Dean..."Gwenyth reminds us once again that only those who have subsidized Israel's existence can force it to make a just peace, or not."

Zionist Neo-Bolshevik Holocaust Has Already Begun

Paul Craig Roberts: “Dear readers, ask yourselves, when has Washington told you anything that was not a lie?”

Controlled demolition of Sean Hannity

If you can't beat up Hannity at Press TV, where CAN you beat him up?

Gaza: “Raw Power Is Killing Those Who Struggle For Justice”

Whatever happened to the US-Quartet Agreement , signed by Israel, 'to give the Palestinian people freedom to move, to trade, to live ordinary lives'?

Israel Unleashes Death Ray on Gaza

Reports, including photographic evidence reveal that Israel is using an energy weapon to attack targets in Gaza. The destructive beam, thought to be a high energy laser, is emitted from a plane identified as a Boeing KC707 “Re’em,” originally configured for Electronic Warfare.

Israel PM fears war crime charges: Analyst

- “What he [Netanyahu ] is asking the Congress to do is to aid and abet Israel getting away with these war crimes that they have been committing,"...

How Canada’s NDP enables and seeks to participate in the Israel...

It is no longer a question of serious debate whether Israel's intentions and actions constitute genocide, versus less serious crimes against humanity, or simple war crimes [1].

Bloodlust in Gaza, PressTV/VT Partnered Coverage

Veterans Today has been regularly partnering with Press TV to do "rolling coverage" of the attacks on Gaza. A number of VT editors and columnists participate, this time Senior Editor Gordon Duff and Financial Editor Mike Harris.

Starbucks Attempts Deflection from Association with Zionist War Crimes Against Humanity

Starbucks is under attack for its owner Howard Schultz and his direct involvement in the media attack on the USA by his Zionists gang. And the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) is getting major traction around the world threatening the very existence of Starbucks as a company for the global people.

Israel-US has interupted its slaughter in Gaza only to press forward...

Israel's long-term goal is to cleanse all of the territory that it militarily controls, by whatever most-efficient means it can get away with, which is facilitated and funded by the USA.

Dumb and Dumber: The Inner Logic of the Zionist Mafia

Israeli historian Benny Morris: “A Jewish state would not have come into being without the uprooting of 700,000 Palestinians.”

Toleration of Israel’s Inhumanity Condemns UK’s Leaders

- What's the latest score in this shoot-fish-in-a-barrel spectacle enjoyed by beer-swilling Israelis in deckchairs from the hills overlooking Gaza?

Ode to a Dead Palestinian Child

Ode to a dead Palestinian child Yesterday you were playing with your cousins on this sandy Gaza beach. You were playing soccer and you had just scored a goal with your makeshift cloth beach ball. You knew there was danger on the beach but you could not resist the beach and the cool ocean breeze.....

Are the Zionists done mowing the lawn in Gaza?

- Gaza Ceasefire begins at 0500 GMT - Talks to begin in Cairo

Israel: A Cornered Rat

Israel's leaders know that time, history, and demographics are working against them.

America: Who Is The Boss?

When 65,915,795 Americans and I voted for Barack Obama for a second term we did not know we were elected a second banana and we thought we were voting for the President of the United State, the most powerful man in America if not the world.

Clash Of Civilizations

Humanity is faced with a savage tribe that shows a complete absence of empathy yet for some peculiar reason believes itself to be chosen.

The Politics of Water: "Gaza" Toledo

A million people are without water another day, many without food, businesses closed, an entire section of the United States shut down largely because of illegal pollution and a governor owed by organized crime who is punishing his political enemies. People are dying.

Some Not Amused by Palestinian Flag Projected Onto Parliament Building

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign has projected an image of the Palestinian flag onto the Houses of Parliament in London. The image includes calls for sanctions against Israel and an end to the massacre in Gaza.

Child-killing sociopaths of Israel

Killing children is the de facto official policy of the Israeli military.

Palestinians Claim UN Protection and Prepare Lawsuits

As Gaza and its lovely people were being blown to smithereens by Israel's state-of-the-art weaponry, paid for by the grotesquely unlovely US administration, I put what I thought was a simple enough question to Dr Hanan Ashrawi on Palestine's accession to the Rome Statute and the International Criminal Court (ICC) after her remarks in this TV interview

EU campaigners call for lasting Gaza ceasefire

- "Another clue yesterday was a report on movement to outlaw the French Jewish Defense League (JDL), for it's attacks on the pro-Gazan marchers."

Anti-Israel protesters storm Rep. Crowley’s office in Queens

- "I salute these fine people for setting the example for the rest of us. It is time for us to thank them by following suit, and set the example of our own children."

Any West moral claim shattered in war on Gaza: HD video

- "Press TV had Gordon and I on together for rolling coverage on Gaza. We got some good licks in not just on Israel but the pitiful weakness of the UN response."

Israel’s attempted genocide must fail — Lessons from Canada’s genocide

The Zionist Project is to eradicate all Palestinians who make claim to a home in Palestine. The Zionist Project is exactly what Israel has...

What More Horrors Are In Store for Gaza?

I wonder what Hamas and Israeli leaders are thinking as they survey the devastation in Gaza and review the death-toll and casualty figures?

Gaza Attack: Team People Winning Battle for Humanity

Humanity is Rejecting Mass Murder as a Tool for National Ambition while Social Networking and Alternative Media Continue to Lead in Exposing War Crimes. Follow Johnny Punish as he outlines the reality that Israel is facing in promoting mass murder as a means to justify its security.

Gaza – A Living Hell With No Escape

It is apparent that this in your face illegal Israeli land grab must be turned from a stumbling block into a stepping stone toward world peace before the Palestinians are completely eradicated ~ which appears to be the long term goal of the Israeli Zionists.

Uri Avnery – God Forbid Israel Talk to Gaza

- Uri..."Neither the Israelis nor the Palestiaians have a strategy other than terrorizing the civilian population of the other side."

Britain Dies of Shame

Today in London crowds are gathering to vent their anger in a mass demonstration and march to Parliament to “stop the massacre in Gaza” and call for an arms embargo against Israel.

A Six-Step Program to Prosecute the Zionists Who Support Genocide and...

Neta Golan: “We, as concerned Israeli citizens, need to tell the world that military cooperation and diplomatic and trade ties with Israel must stop immediately until they [Israel] respect international law”

Damn You. It Is the Occupation. Stupid.

With exceptions of the leadership in Washington, London, Berlin, Paris and Moscow, any stupid idiot imbecile with an IQ of minus 1 can tell you it is the Israeli Occupation that is the main reason for the Arab Israeli conflict.

AIPAC deploys its Senate 5th column for Israel

- Jim W. Dean..."AIPAC delpoys Ted Cruz as an Israeli Intel asset in an attempt to subvert stopping the Gazan massacre, so the war crime can continue."

Gaza – Who Will Speak for the Dead?

- "The West is standing by Israel on this for the usual reasons. They don't want to deal with Jewish Lobby political terror until the pile of bodies is big enough."


- The letter below, written by a Norwegian physician volunteer working in Gaza, needs no introduction – the heading I gave it says it all!

A Black Nazi?

Winston Churchill: “There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews.”

Dawn of the Planet of the Palestinian Apes

Gaza Maximum Security Prison riots expose US Foreign Policy failures putting U.S. on wrong side of history.