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Detroit’s Bankruptcy: Death of the American dream

The banksters killed Detroit. Henry Ford saw it coming.

Smart Phones Set To Attack Antiquated U.S. System of Government

Get ready for Smart Phone Democracy! The current 18th century system of government used by the USA is about to get its ass kicked by the Smart Phone kids.

New World Order kills Democracy in Egypt

The NWO orders Pinochet-style atrocities in Egypt.

Egypt’s deniable coup: Another anti-Islam psy-op

Like 9/11, the overthrow of President Morsi was simultaneously a coup d’état and an anti-Islam psy-op.

PRISM – NSA’s Privatized Retrieval and Information Spectrum Manipulation

To fully understand PRISM, you must first think global for we are talking here about a growing global security state which will be an integral part of the fast approaching New World Order.

PRISM – NSA's Privatized Retrieval and Information Spectrum Manipulation

To fully understand PRISM, you must first think global for we are talking here about a growing global security state which will be an integral part of the fast approaching New World Order.

NSA Spying Signals Zero Hour for Global New World Order

Complete Control! We've Been Farmed! Game Over Folks! You are allowed to live but now its in the new world order! Enjoy the Ride!

Raw Milk Acquittal: A Victory for Freedom

Raise your glass of raw milk in a toast to Vernon Hershberger, who was just acquitted of "foodcrime"!

Bishop Richard Williamson: Boston Bombing Was Another False Flag

Bishop Richard Williamson says the American people need to wake up to false-flag terrorism - before it's too late.

Meet Your Corporate-Tock-Crazy

Council on Foreign Relations is more than a think tank. It is indeed a major policy making venue where politicians, major policy advisers and business tycoons meet to shape and form policy.

Five Good Reasons Not to Nuke Washington, DC

Kim Jong-un for President!

Did James Holmes have help? Compelling Evidence, Eyewitness Testimony Linger as...

Why the unprecedented ultra-secrecy surrounding the James Holmes "Batman shooting" case? Now even the mainstream media smells a rat.

The Real “Pope Crisis”: Sexual Freemasonry and the New World Order

Is the Vatican "gay mafia," a.k.a. the "sexual freemasons," part of a New World Order satanic conspiracy?

The Great Imposition

Like a covert inquisition without the obvious torture and murder of the Spanish Inquisition, an evil plague has descended on America that is transforming it from a representative Republic based on Freedom and Liberty to an open air Prison Camp.

The Abuse, Abandonement and Planned Replacement of the American Soldier


On Obama I and II

With his tarnished Nobel Peace Prize the hypocritical symbol of the broken promises of his first term ~ Emperor Obama will firmly establish the Empire in his second term while setting the stage for the New World Order.

ALEX JONES: Gaza Descends into Absolute Bedlam

New World Order Using Palestinians As Pawns for Global Game. Get the inside story!

Why Didn’t the Republicans Steal The Election?

Take the survey, win valuable prizes.

Bill “Kill ’em All” Maher: Smirky Avatar of West’s DeathCult

Bill Maher wants more and more abortions, suicides, executions...hangings, gassings, shootings, electrocutions...maybe even dismemberments, disembowelments, defenestrations, beheadings, and crucifixions.

Assange “Witch Hunt” Dupes Activists, US Extradition Claims Bogus

Assange, for those, many my own friends, who are too dumb to find their cars in their own driveway, is wanted for sex crimes in Sweden, not even a NATO country. After all these years, there has been no legal action against Assange in the US, none threatened, none planned, all just made up.

Fear of ridicule leads to damaging partition of 9/11 Truth movement

Enough navel gazing. Let’s go after the real enemy.

Media and The 9/11 Cover-Up: BBC Accused of Breaking Its Own...

The media have been utterly complicit in the deception since the first moments after the North Tower was hit. Take BBC - please!

Mass MindKontrol—Final NWO Assault

Some experts believe that massive covert MINDWAR is now being waged against the American People by the US Shadow Government, serving as a proxy war for offshore foreign NWO globalist power

The New World Order: Ben Gurion’s “One True Zion” ?

Did Joe Vialls explain - back in 2003 - why DHS needs 450 million hollow-point bullets?

Immortal Technique Speaks Truth to Power with VT

VT interviews the amazing street political activist and rapper Immortal Technique. On the table are the issues of the day including the upcoming election and the new world order.

The Reality Show Election of 2012

As we enter the 2012 Presidential elections, does it really matter who's President of the U.S.A.?

Will Global Financial Demolition Lead To New World Order?

The next step in the Occupy Wall Street movement, after establishing its presence and credibility, is to fully expose the enemy, the global financial elite, as well as their ongoing global financial demolition plans which will eventually lead to a New World Order ~ unless the people reclaim their power as they did in Iceland.

The Bilderberg Elites vs. the Jacque Fresco Humans, a 21st Century...

The Bilderberg Group aims to soft kill us off while the Jacque Fresco led Venus Project aims to end their reign of human terror. Who will win this economic system deathmatch and take the 21st century prize?

Civilization: The West and the Rest

From one of our most renowned historians, Civilization is the definitive history of Western civilization's rise to global dominance-and the "killer applications" that made this improbable ascent possible.

New World Order Leader Appointed Prime Minister of Italy

Folks, if you don't know by, it's time to read the writing on the wall. We are in the middle of the creation of the new One World Government.

Cops on Wrong Side Brings Memories

Police brutality/stupidity is no accident. It has been carefully cultivated, and we were warned well in advance.

Naked, Bloody Imperialism or “We Came, We Saw, He Died”

Among the many comments we have read and received on the alleged death of Gaddafi, the one most often repeated goes something like this: 'Gaddafi was a brutal dictator who deserved what he got'. The widely-held belief (at least in Western nations) that Gaddafi was a 'brutal dictator' is the result of over 30 years of (primarily) US, British and French propaganda against the former Libyan leader. The reasons for this long-running propaganda campaign are many, but chief among them is the fact that Gaddafi was not only fiercely independent as regards his native land, but he persistently sought to bring financial independence to other African nations.

Reign of The Flesh-eating ZoMBies! A Real-Life Hallowe’en Story

The ZoMBies - Zionists, Militarists, and Bankers - run amok devouring human flesh.

Global 99 Percenters Attacked By Out of the Closet Global Government

Over the last 100 years, the shadow global government has been building up and operating in secret behind closed doors at places like Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove. But now, it's out in the open and their contempt is as blatant as the pepper spray their soldiers use against the non-violent Occupy Wall Street protestors.

The Secret War Against the American People

America is at war. But this is not a conventional war waged with tanks, battleships and planes in conventional battlefields --at least, not yet. It is a secret, insidious type of war whose battleground is the people's minds. Its main weapons are mind viruses disseminating mass brain-washing through propaganda disinformation, cunning, deception and lies in a large scale not used against any people since Nazi Germany.

How Media Covers Bilderberg Meetings

As the government education experiment achieved undisputed success in destroying independent and coherent thought, the Bilderberg overlords felt confident that there would be little blowback to their totalitarian collectivism.

Confederation Not Empire!

America has been a tyranny since the charter granted by Congress to the First Bank of the United States in 1791, following the adoption of the US Constitution in 1789. This central bank was privately owned by the owners of the Bank of England, the Rothschilds and their European associates.

Libya Military Escalation / Obama’s And McCain’s Folly

Now we know why Congress has done NOTHING to hold the President accountable for plunging the U.S. into a war of uncertain aims and goals ~ the plutocracy is fully in favor of eliminating Qaddafi who won’t play be the rules and control of the new world order. Don’t forget, Obama answers to the Global financial elite and not to the American people.

ONE LOVE: We are ALL Egyptians Now!

As the dawn breaks over a new Egypt, the former protesters, now proud citizens of a burgeoning democratic Egypt are collectively cleaning up Tahrir Square and getting ready to begin the amazing and determined task to build a government for the people and by the people.


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