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9/11 Unveiled (part 5 of 10): 1, 2 World Trade Center

Aircraft collision, and the resulting fire, did not cause the twin towers to collapse — "NIST has stated that it did not analyze the collapse of the towers."

U.S. Department of Defense Contract Awards for Aug 31, 2011

Raytheon Co., Missile Systems, Tucson, Ariz., is being awarded a $569,021,288 firm-fixed-price contract modification for 234 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile Air Intercept Missile (AIM)-120D All-Up-Round (AUR) missiles;

9/11 Rendition Flights Revealed, Including “Tripoli”

Jets were dispatched to Islamabad; Rome; Djibouti; Frankfurt, Germany; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Shannon, Ireland; Glasgow, Scotland; Tenerife, Spain; Sharm el Sheik, Egypt; and even Tripoli. Some flights landed at airports near where CIA black sites operated — Kabul, Bangkok and Bucharest.

A Clash of Cultures: Veterans and Non-Veterans

Research into the views that there is a cultural clash between Veterans and Non-Veterans on college campuses.

How to Stay on Top of GI Bill Benefits

Even before the semester starts, I’m sure my Veterans office on campus is tired of me. I often call or email questions about my enrollment, or if VA has paid my tuition bill.

Red Cross workers could soon strike

By Autumn Perry   FLINT (WJRT) Hundreds of local Red Cross workers could soon be on the picket line. Unions representing those workers issued a strike notice. The...

Documents Tie Former Bush Envoy and Israel to Gaddafi

"Minutes of this meeting record his advice on how to undermine Libya's rebel movement, with the potential assistance of foreign intelligence agencies, including Israel."

Jobs recovery continues to sputter

By Laurie Segall and Annalyn Censky   NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Don't look to August for a robust jobs recovery. According to a report out Wednesday,...

Mind Over Matter Veterans Path to Healthy Living

Mr. Powers provides a perfect example of how to take charge of life and choose healthy living.

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News – August 31, 2011

On August 30, VA Deputy Secretary W. Scott Gould addressed the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention in San Antonio. "We are committed to staying the course for positive change at VA.”

Job Initiatives Focus on Vets, Family Members

President Barack Obama yesterday called on Congress to move quickly on an initiative to offer tax credits to employers who hire unemployed veterans, including those with disabilities.

Do Not Go Into Battle Without A Buddy

The normal anxiety any of us feel when we consult a physician is often increased when the help is sought for a mental health problem.

9/11 Unveiled (Part 4 of 10): The Hijackers

There were no Arab names on the airlines' passenger lists — several 'hijackers' are reported to be alive.

Guilty Verdict in Case of Agent Orange

The verdict..."Guilty" in the case of the government's complicity in using Agent Orange

Why CIA’s Ames And The Bureau’s Hanssen Driven To Spy For Soviets

Since America's national security apparatus silenced the Bureau's Robert Hanssen right before the 9/11 attacks for the rest of his life for spying for 15 years for the Soviets - what it accomplished seventeen years ago with the Agency's Aldrich "Rick" Ames for similar offences at the same time - the public deserves an account now since the crisis has passed of what they did, and why.

More Corroboration, Gaddafi Nanny Torture

When Shwygar Mullah, nanny to the children of Hannibal and Aline Gaddafi, was found burned over 70% of her body, bloggers claimed she was faking her injuries part of a conspiracy to discredit the Gaddafi family.

APNewsBreak: Vets Agency Gives Businesses The Boot

The Department of Veterans Affairs is booting a bus company, a car rental firm and a commercial laundry from its sprawling campus a few miles from the ocean as it tries to counter accusations that it puts commercial interests ahead of housing homeless vets.

VA Launches Open Source Custodian

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today announced it has completed an important milestone on its joint path with the Department of Defense (DoD) to create a single electronic health record system for servicemembers and Veterans.

U.S. Department of Defense Contract Awards for Aug 30, 2011

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is announcing the award of an Indefinite Delivery-Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract to Teledyne Brown Engineering, Incorporated, Huntsville, Alabama under contract HQ0147-11-D-0015.

Home Telehealth Keeps Veteran Independent

Mr. Clifford Adams is a legally blind Veteran who lives alone and has several serious medical conditions. Living in his own home is very important to him.

America’s FBI Goes Rogue

If one thinks this through, it becomes clear that the FBI policy makers have confused thought and action. In such a way is the road to hell paved with (alleged) good intentions.by Dr. Lawrence Davidson

The Spark Of Life Is Love Not The Higgs Boson

What if infinite love and not the speed of light was the absolute constant of the Universe? My own personal experience and work as a psychotherapist, particularly in my work with veterans with PTSD, has demonstrated this great truth a truth that all human beings sense and respond to at their deepest level of consciousness.

Gaddafi’s Israeli Intel Mercenaries Uncovered

incontrovertible proof that Israelis, working in Tripoli, actively managed Gaddafi's intelligence services.

Vietnam Vet Regains Long Lost Bronze Star

More than 40 years ago, Army 1st Lt. Robert C. Berkshire earned a Bronze Star Medal for valor during his service in Vietnam.

American Dream Eating Itself Alive

There is an ant in Australia that digests itself into oblivion as some sort of weird natural “defense” mechanism. Why God created this, or how the hell could it have evolved.

Telephone Lifestyle Coaching

VA Butler Healthcare's MOVE! Program now has another program option: Telephone Lifestyle Coaching, or MOVE! TLC. TLC is a weekly/bi-weekly program of learning through a guided workbook and scheduled phone calls by a Veteran’s healthy lifestyle coach.

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News – August 29, 2011

Did you know that VA’s Health Services Research & Development Service (VA HSR&D) is working to support Secretary Shinseki’s pledge to end Veteran homelessness by 2014?

Is The Talmud Defensible As A Holy Text?

Question: Has the time come for people of conscience to acquaint themselves with the Jewish Talmud? by Cassandra for VT

9/11 Unveiled (Part 3 of 10): Bin Laden

Bin Laden denied that he was "involved in the 11 September attacks" — the FBI never claimed that he was.

9/11: Video of Missile Hitting Pentagon Leaked

The suppressed video has been finally released. 10 years later, it clearly shows the Pentagon attack was a cruise-type missile; either a Tomahawk or Russian/Soviet Granit as described by Dimitri Khalezov.

UK Spy Chief: Iraq Attacks Unneeded, Gaddafi “a horror”

The former boss of MI5 has said Iraq was a "distraction" that posed no threat to the UK when Tony Blair took the country to war.

Ron Paul, the Forgotten Candidate: Fox Interview

If the only man saying the right things to the American people can't be heard, we can do something about that:

Dick Cheney Follows The Yellowcake Fantasy Road “In My Time”

Former Vice-President of the United States Dick Cheney attempts to sell his new book "In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir" as he tries to revise history just one more time before he goes into the long dark night of history.

U.S. Department of Defense Contract Awards for Aug 29, 2011

General Dynamics C4 Systems Inc., was awarded a $3,700,000,000 firm-fixed-price, cost-plus-fixed-fee, level-of-effort, indefinite-delivery / indefinite-quantity contract. The award will provide for the procurement of the Command Hardware Systems-4.

Tavis/West: We Know We’re Hurting, Now Tell Us the Truth About Why

This is a reprise of and article that I did back in December of 2005. At the time, I pretty much predicted what we’re going through today.

The reason why Egyptians hate Israel

“Peace with Egypt, which is considered an asset, only when it is at risk, was a peace that Israel toyed with and breached from the beginning.”

Palestinian Statehood: The Ayes And The Nays (Updated)

John Pilger details the war in Palestine through interviews of Palestinian and Israelis. It details the progress of peace and the strategies and policies at work on both sides of the issue.

Foreign Powers Aiding Rebels in Balochistan

Shamsi airbase near Kharan in turbulent Balochistan was in news for sometime but Karachi situation deflected the attention.

Obama Widening War in Somalia

Led by the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) the U.S. is stepping up its war in Somalia, The Nation magazine reports.

Secure Messaging Now Available for Patients

Seven care teams at the Sioux Falls VA Health Care System are using Secure Messaging (SM)! More than 700 veterans have opted in. Your clinic might be next!

Vaccine Basics

The immune system is our body’s internal defense complex. It includes several types of white blood cells (WBCs). Our white blood cells fight germs.

Women’s Gateway to Sobriety

They were prepared for war. They were prepared to die for their country. But female Veterans agree they weren't prepared to come home and fight a different battle -- addiction to illegal drugs and alcohol.