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Obama’s secret letter to Iran revealed!

Edward Snowden has hacked into White House computers and acquired a copy of Obama's most recent letter to Tehran.

Oy vey! Top ten reasons why Israel shouldn’t be training American...

Do we really need Israeli-militarized American cops driving star-of-David-decorated tanks down our streets, setting up ethnic-ID checkpoints and dropping white phosphorus and cluster bombs on our neighborhoods?

Be thankful it hasn’t happened yet

It's Thanksgiving…and it could be worse.

Celebrity tweets rip Israel to shreds

Celebrities are posting anti-Israel tweets - and then issuing obligatory "apologies."

One-gun salute to Washington, DC?

Will Americans build giant middle finger statues to protest the post-9/11 police state?

USA Seeks to Join Russian Federation

We're a failed state ruled by criminal oligarchs. Putin for President!

Aardvarks make atrocious pets

- Editorial War Breaks out at Veterans Today - Casualty report to follow soon

Syrian rebellion devours itself – literally!

Takfiri gourmets have been roaming the rebel-held areas seeking exotic bits of human flesh for their culinary orgies.

Hezbollah gets “terrorist” label for fighting al-Qaeda

Could Western hypocrisy on terrorism could sink any lower?

Five Good Reasons Not to Nuke Washington, DC

Kim Jong-un for President!

President Morsi should apologize – to apes, pigs, and vampires

The New York Times is right. Egypt's President Morsi should apologize for comparing apes, pigs, and vampires to Zionists.

VT mole slips Netanyahu truth serum

The Veterans Today-led psy-op campaign against Israeli PM Netanyahu is starting to draw blood.

Bibi angling for fall-back career on Broadway

After his debacle at the UN, and his coming debacle in Gaza, Netanyahu is going to need a fall-back career: Lead role in the Broadway musical comedy "Springtime for Bibi."

Colbert Claims Obama Teleported to Mars for Gay Trysts (with Jerome...

Colbert picks up my "Obama on Mars" story and runs with it...except he left out the carniverous plesiosaurs.

America’s Charlie Chaplin / Woody Allen

Humor and laughter are the most undervalued and underrated stress relievers in our convoluted times and in the tradition of Charlie Chaplin ~ Woody Allen has become a master practitioner of that art .

Top Ten Reasons Obama Will Appear on Letterman instead of Meeting...

Here's what Obama will tell Letterman next Tuesday night. You saw it here first!

A Love Song For My Spooky VT Friends

Maybe spooks are just like ordinary people, only more so.

NY Times Blasts French “Truth Terrorist” Dieudonné

Those of us committed to telling the most inconvenient truths are terrorists - truth terrorists.

Newt for Caliph!

Newt, the time has come for you to do your last, best political flip-flop: Stop being a Constitution-shredding Islamophobe, and recognize that there's a freedom-loving Muslim inside you that's just waiting to come out.

2012 Is Here, Moral Pole Shift Underway

Americans have obviously lost their moral compass. The poles of morality - good and evil - are switching places.