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Uri Avnery, The Iran Treaty

Jim W. Dean, We run Uri weekly here despite our issues with his being an unrepentent Zionist because he is such a virulent critic of the militant Zionists, especially the Likuds and the settlers.

Saudis Threaten Ground Ops in Yemen, Syria as Iran Recovers From...

"If the coalition is successful in Yemen, we will very likely see it entering Syria," Alani said.

Iran Nuke Talks, The good, the bad, and the ugly

Jim W. Dean, The bottom line here is that Israel is gambling in its keeping the Iran nuke fear porn going as a diversion for public attention shifting over to the Israeli nuclear threat

Benjamin Netanyahu and Mariah Carey: Strange Bedfellows

Jewish Daily Forward: “Bibi and Mariah Carey belong together (at dinner)."

Lavrov Reminds US: European Missile Defense Needless as Iran Deal Reached

Russia is expecting a reaction from the United States on comments that the agreement with Iran should resolve concerns about the European missile defense system, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday.

President Rouhani of Iran: All Our Goals Materialized under Final Agreement

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said his country has achieved all its four goals in the agreement that his foreign minister Zarif signed...

The Iran Deal Explained with Complete Text

The entire document, fully downloadable

Boycotting Israel Continues to Rise Regime Panics!

New York Times: "Israel seems as terrified by the ‘exponential’ growth of the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (or B.D.S.) movement as it is by Iran’s rising clout in the region."

Iran deal deadlines: Hidden messages to neocon 9/11 perps?

If Iran deal is submitted to Congress Monday, the 60 day deadline to vote it down will be... September 11.

Araqchi, Understanding reached on Iran financial, economic sanctions

Jim W. Dean, The Iran nuclear talks are proceeding as I had hoped as we neared the deadline. Some important issues are being resolved to clear the way for dealing with the last few hurdles.

Kurdish MP: Iran, Iraq, Syria to Study Strategic Plan for War...

Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian ministers are due to review ways and strategic plans for all-out war against the ISIL terrorist group.

New York Times Caught Scamming Iran Interview

Times caught again, warmongering for Israel

Israel Freezes Defense Aid Talks with US Pending Iran Deal

Israel threatens US with cut off of aid to itself.

Israel Lobby Pushing US To War With Iran

The most powerful part of the overly powerful Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is increasing its warmongering efforts as it attempts to push the US into a war against Iran for Israel's benefit.

Is BDS replacing Iran as Israel’s blackmail card?

Netanyahu saw with growing anxiety that the Iranian threat was losing its edge

Russia Could Offer Iran Antey-2500 Instead of S-300

Rumor has it that Russia and Iran will sign a deal for the delivery of the brand new Antey-2500 anti-ballistic missile systems

US accuses Iran of terrorism…for fighting terrorism!

“It’s ironic that Iran has been bashed primarily for fighting against the people that this very report says are the world’s biggest terrorist threat."

Western Terror on Iran – 17,000 ignored victims

Jim W. Dean - The world human rights organizations and media have censored the story of Iran's 17000 terror victims

Truth Jihad: Adrian Salbuchi on Zion wages war on Argentina

Did Zionists kill prosecutor Alberto Nisman to cover their guilt for the 1992 and 1994 false flags?

Russia’s S-300 Missiles in Iran May Alter Power Balance in Middle...

Jim W. Dean...It appears that our Eastern neighbors have decided to change their defensive strategy to include some cutting edge forward missile deployment.

CIA Front “Al Jazeera” in Epic “Iran Fail”

TEHRAN (FNA)- Al-Jazeera America in a Wednesday article launched a misinformation campaign to misrepresent the atmosphere prevailing over the public opinion in Iran towards...

VT Exclusive: Iran Raises the Stakes on ISIS in Syria

At end of decade, it is likely Syria, Iraq and Iran will survive, economically aligned to EU, China and Russia while others, Saudi Arabia in particular, are not going to be with us.

President Rouhani: Iran Not to Leave Syria Alone

Syrian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham...We are sure that the enemy states will fail to impose their conditions on the Syrian nation.

Two Iranian VT Readers Get Center Stage

Anti-Iranian propaganda that Americans have been fed for decades is just plain incorrect; an interview with Alexander Azadgan and Hamed Ghashghavi

NEO: Obama Plays Foreign Policy Roulette

Eurasia is building another Great Wall against financial sanctions as fast as they can

Iran Talks Game Changer: An Israeli-Hezbollah War?

'Clearly, if Israel and Hezbollah do go to war, killing the Iran agreement would not be the only motivation

NEO – US has Launched a New Assault Against Russia

Jim W. Dean..."Putin is getting a bad grade as a dependable ally for Syria. Arms are going to Iran, who is not under attack, but not to Syria who is. What's up with that?"

Qalamoun; the Battle Assad can’t afford to lose

“What will take place in Qalamoun in the coming days will pretty much dictate how the Syrian war will end”

India to develop Iran port despite US pressure

Jim W. Dean..."India is exhibiting some national pride to the American Sanctionistas, that it also has some interests that it would like to protect."

NEO – US Strategic Impotence Driving Iran Détente

Nile Bowie - It is unlikely that Washington's offers will deter Iran from accepting Russian trade & defense technology.

Strategic Briefing: Syrian and Iranian War Fronts

Official communiqué – A session of official talks between Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces, Defense Minister Fahd Jassem al-Freij and his Iranian...

S-300 deliveries cannot be topic for discussion between Iran and six...

VIENNA, April 24 /TASS/. The S-300 deliveries to Iran cannot be a topic for discussion at negotiations with a group of six powers known as "P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany), Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said after the Vienna round of talks on Friday.

NEO – American Elections: A Global Death Threat

Gordon Duff ..."Recent moves in the State of Ohio are setting the stage for a potential third world war."

Beavis & Butt-head ‘Do’ Iran – and World War 3

In or about 2006, U.S. President George W. Bush shut down considerations of regime change in Iran. “They’ve decided to ramp up the Mideast conflict into a big war,” a Bush advisor on Iran told me.

Iran: US Aircraft supplied money and arms to the Islamic State

According to Iranian general, the aircraft delivered weapons to terrorists, money and food © Tass / Mikhail Palinchak TEHRAN, April 18. /...

NEO – Iran and a Possible New Energy Geopolitics

Jim W. Dean..."For a change of pace we have an interview with brother Engdahl and Iran’s major news organization Tasnin, on the state of the energy world."

Obama says he is surprised Russia did not resume S-300 supplies...

Obama..."I’m frankly surprised that it [the S-300 ban] held this long...they [the Russians] were not prohibited by UNSC sanctions from selling these defensive weapons."

False flag fails: A new paradigm shift?

Will Bibi order a hit on Obama? Blow up the Sears Tower? Or have his hands been tied by the spread of false flag awareness?