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People Respond to Conn. Tragedy With Calls for More Gun Control...

It Is Time to Stop Talking At Each Other and Work Together On A Solution.

Romney’s Cuban “Bond Girl”

Document Below Promises Lifting Sanctions if Elected

1992 Breaking News – Netanyahu Says Iran Close to Nuclear Weapon

What many of us may not recall is that this drumbeat about Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program began many years ago. Netanyahu is on record as early as 1992 claiming that Iran was “close” to having a nuke.

The Sociopath in Chief

Webster’s Dictionary defines a sociopath as: “someone who behaves in a dangerous or violent way towards other people and does not feel guilty about such behavior.”

Aurora Shooting Brings Out the Usual Cast of Crazies

- Could It Have Been Prevented?

Marijuana – Its History – First in a Series

Prior to the Great Depression, the US policy on drugs was that there was no policy.

Updated – Judge Dismisses Conspiracy Case Against Hutaree Militia

- Many things the defendants said are quite offensive, but so what Judge Roberts said.

Deception By Prosecutors May Lead to Mistrial in Hutaree Militia Case

In the latest twist in the Hutaree Militia trial in Detroit’s Federal Court, on Wednesday, defense attorneys made a motion for a mistrial based on the prosecution failing to turn over information concerning the undercover FBI agent who infiltrated the group.

Americans Changing Attitude Toward Guns

While gun ownership continues to be a political hot button issue, one trend is clear. The number of Americans who own guns has continued to rise.

Militia Group Finally Going to Trial

After two years of being held in Federal prison without bail or trial, 7 members of the Militia group known as The Hutaree are finally getting their day in court.

The GOP Frontrunner Nobody Likes

I think a lot of voters are holding their noses and voting for the least objectionable and perhaps the most electable candidate in the general election.

Voluntary Ignorance

An old cliché states that ignorance is bliss. If this were really true, the US would be a very happy country.

Why Can’t I Own a Canadian?

People come up with all sorts of rationalizations for their bigotry and hatred of those different than themselves.

Russia Threatens Use of Nuclear Weapons

According to Russian news agencies, Makarov stated that "under certain conditions local and regional conflicts may develop into a full-scale war involving nuclear weapons."

Police Conspire to Shut Down OWS Nationwide

This coordinated effort leads many to suspect the dark presence of the Federal government in what should be a local event.

The Flat Tax Myth

With the actual Presidential election more than a year away, it is now the trial, error and silly season for the candidates. This is the time when candidates try floating new ideas and recycling old ones to see the reaction of the potential voters.

Politics and Barbecue

No, what he did was far worse, he disrespected North Carolina barbecue. For this, he cannot be forgiven.

Wall Street Protest Grows

The concept that government could not do anything right and if it would only get out of the way, business would boom and everyone would be rich became a religion among the faithful.

The Negro-in-Chief

Many of us patted ourselves on the back for putting qualifications ahead of race and some even went as far as to say that race no longer mattered. If only that were true.

Cooking Barbecue at Home

you don’t need fancy, expensive equipment to cook barbecue.

Revising History

Fairly recently a new group of historians are giving a positive meaning to revising history. Their goal is to go back and do new research to correct the historical errors.

Barbecue For The People

Until relatively recently, real barbecue was strictly a southern phenomenon, with several distinct styles being developed.

War for Fun and Profit

This time the powerful chose a much safer and more effective method of carrying out their coup. Instead of conquering the government militarily, they simply bought it.

War, From the Outside Looking In

No one knows exactly what combined to create these problems, but it is believed to be a combination of experimental vaccines they took “voluntarily” (Yeah sure) to resist chemical weapons, but which actually made them more sensitive to them, exposure to these chemicals when the weapons were blown up (What did they expect would happen to the chemicals when then were blown up) desert parasites, and diseases that Americans are not normally exposed to and have no natural defense against.