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Real Terror in America – Political Corruption and Incompetence

- Homeland Security Fusion Centers - Just Another Budget Scam

Revisiting Yom Kippur – The Grand Default with Uri Avnery

- Uri Avnery - In those days I called our government the ship of fools. Our current government is worse, much worse.

Netanyahu Caught Ignoring Top IAEA ‘No Iran Bomb’ Report

- World Renown Nuke Expert Nails Bibi to the Wall on Iran Bomb Threat

Netanyahu Can’t Stop Playing the Victim Card

- When Will the World Stop Playing the 'We Owe Israel' Game?

Uri Avnery on Romnyahu

- Uri Avnery - I would hate for an ignoramus to be given the opportunity to learn world affairs on our backs

Back When America Stopped a Mideast War

- Will Obama be the Only President to do This Since Eisenhower

Taylor Swift – Ronan’s Song, a Magic Carpet to Fly Away

- Our quest is to keep people from dying or getting early expiration dates tattooed in a file somewhere.

How Poor Leadership Threatens Israel

- Is Netanyahu's Iran War Hype a National Security Threat to America

Citizen Shooter Saves Officer with Amazing Shooting

- A 66 Year Old Texan Vic Stacey Puts Four .357 Magnum Pistol Rounds into a Killer Rifleman at 165 Yards

VT Weekend Entertainment – Films and Music

- Enjoy a VT weekend break with a Rolling Stone cut and a Vimeo gem.

Israel – Temple Mount War Moves Begin as Iran Back Up

- Israel is cranking up the next religious war...the big one

Uri Avnery on Shamir’s Death – What Every Jew Must Know

- Former Israeli Prime Ministers who had been Zionist Terrorist org members should have been hanged after Nuremberg type trials for crimes against humanity.

Born and Died – In the USA

Bruce Springsteen is a cultural icon, a one of a kind who has not, and never will be copied. Those of us who were blessed to take the whole ride with him know how lucky we were.

Voices of the Dead – Wisdom and Warnings

- Super Black Projects...Not long ago we published the first forensic proof of a confirmed UFO over South Korea

Jerry Sandusky, Kyrie Irving and Uncle Drew

This is a virtual on the road this weekend as I have been catching up on piles of things waiting for me after being away for five weeks.

Out of Israel – into Africa…on the ZioExpress

- We shall not be a normal people, until we have Jewish whores and Jewish thieves in the Land of Israel...Israeli poet, Haim Nahman Bialik,

VeteransToday Visits Beautiful Berkshires in Western Massachusetts

One lesson I learned was the legacy of wealthy Americans who have donated their fortunes back to the American people in so many ways.

Memorial Day with my KIA Marines

- Ten KIA Marines and105 NVA troops...one Medal of Honor, three Navy Crosses, and eight Silver Stars. "Move to the enemies guns" became deeds, not words.

Leadership – Keeping Hope Alive When Others Despair

- Uri Avnery...I am an Optimist. Period. No ifs...No buts...No perhapses

VT Film Festival – I Killed Myself When I Was Young

- Early race car drivers did not wear seat belts so if they got killed they could fly directly to heaven in the express lane.

It’s Anzac Day 2012 – A VT Salute to the...

We salute all the poor souls who charged into nothingness, for nothingness.

Mach 20 Hypersonic Strike Plane – One Hour to Anywhere Target

DARPA Test Plane Flies at 13,000 mph for Three Minutes.

One Torpedo – 580 men – 7000 tons of Explosives

- A WWII Fifty Year Secrecy Classification Buries 580 Families at Sea

Uri Avnery – Israel Defeats Flytilla Invasion but Loses PR War

- Uri Avnery,...brutality is the only one of the three traits that is prominent in our life today, especially in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Final Deployment – The Good…They Die Young

- His two daughters, ages 4 and 6, will lie beside him.

VT Film Festival – Carnival in Rio in HD

- A Visual Arts Carnival Extravaganza This Weekend

Veterans Today Nuclear Weapons Expert – No Iran Nukes

- High explosive tests being conducted at a military base in Iran are not needed for a gun-type weapon...says Clinton Bastin

Girls Who Love Guns

Many of us might tend to think the girls are just living mannequins when it comes to things like gun shows where they very effective traffic stoppers. But they are also serious gunslingers that the market is chasing after. So why the change?

Battle of Shiloh Births a Great American

- When the war ended, he probably was the only individual who served in the Confederate Army, Union Army, and Union Navy.

Two Medals of Honor – One Federal, One Confederate, both American

- MoH recipient Col Van Barfoot presented the Confederate Medal of Honor in a ceremony to posthumously recognize the extraordinary valor of Private James Pleasants

Breaking – Toulouse Shooter was on Radar

- we see a public relations 'barbarism' in play by many trying to exploit these crimes to their own benefit

Children Here Eat Sand – Slavery in Mauritania

- Without Awareness You Can Do Nothing – We Have to Find the Ones Who Have Opened Their Eyes

No Charges, No Trial, No Lawyer, No Jury

- The rights our solders, sailors, airman and marines have sacrificed so much to defend are being stolen from us by thieves in Congress and the White House.

Obama, AIPAC and the Rest of US

Yesterday at AIPAC annual conference, the American president had to go out of his way to appease his Jewish crowd.

Sunday Notes – Nuttyahoo Invades Washington, Man Eats Own Head

Netanyahu will be heading to Washington with the backing of wealthy American supporters, some quite respectable but most 2nd generation members of organized crime families involved in heroin, human trafficking, murder and extortion.

VT Veterans – John Roderick, an Intimate Film Portrait

A Tribute to a Fellow Journalist, His Son, and Their Minka Farmhouse

Gilad Atzmon – American Grass Roots Tour

The Man and his Saxophone take on Whoish Lobby Identity Politics

Iceland – No More Bankster Lap Dances

- Special prosecutor may indict as many as 90 people, while more than 200, including the former chief executives at the three biggest banks, face criminal charges.

Personality Disorder-Trashing Our Army for Profit

In a report today, the New York Times acknowledged the Army's practice of diagnosing troops with Post Traumatic Stress as having "personality disorders." This makes them ineligible for benefits. The number diagnosed as such is unknown, 26,000 at one point years ago, much higher now.

Uri Avnery – On Israeli National Suicide

- "since the Orthodox do not work and cannot pay municipal taxes, they cannot sustain a town of their own. They need the secular to work and pay".