Military Terror Hits US Cities As Veterans Banned From Owning Guns?

VA asked disabled veteran if he owned any guns during a medical appointment.

Camp Lejeune Disability Claims Denied

VA denies most of the Camp Lejeune water contamination disability claims, citing lack of a creditable medical opinion and medical evidence.


Amazon book by Robert O’Dowd and Tim King, two Marine veterans, reports on narcotrafficking, toxic exposure and murder in the Marine Corps. Kindle version FREE from 9/24 to 9/28.

Volunteers to Fight McCain's Al Qaeda Army in Syria

For a similar offer, veterans from other nations might be willing to join such an effort, much as volunteers went to Spain during their civil war to fight the fascists.

“Disarmed Marines” at Inauguration Debunked

Someone is trying to buy a war and look who is helping. Google "Marines, Rifles, Inauguration" and get the list of dupes, idiots and traitors.

"Disarmed Marines" at Inauguration Debunked

Someone is trying to buy a war and look who is helping. Google "Marines, Rifles, Inauguration" and get the list of dupes, idiots and traitors.

Young Marine of the Year Winner Announced

The Young Marines youth organization has named six division winners in the “Young Marine of the Year” award. They are....

CIA’s brand of Taliban now come with tattoos

Muslim men, especially those who claim to be doing jihad, are not supposed to have such paintings on them since they cause problems for offering regular prayers.

Passion to Serve Links Veterans, Service Members

Military veterans and service members discussed their drive to serve the nation and support their comrades during today’s Urge to Serve panel at the Hero Summit held here.


Louisville VA denies most Camp Lejeune compensation claims from toxic water wells. Reasons for high denial rate (84%) not available. Marine veterans left to their own resources.

The American Battle Monument at Belleau Wood

" The Battle of Belleau Wood was for the U.S. the biggest battle since Appomattox and the most considerable engagment U.S. troops have every had with a foreign enemy." General Pershing

Why An Ex-Marine Turns Pacifist

It’s been a long journey for Russell Brown, 65, from the days when he fought with the Fourth Marines in Viet Nam, to becoming one of the “Hancock 33” protesters against drone warfare.

A Hero’s Welcome…Garrett Carnes

A hero's welcome and return to small town America.

Vietnam Veteran Needs Your Help and Your Support. Can you...

“Veteran Service Organizations like NCOA and others are donating resources to erect a new memorial headstone for this Combat Marine hero, can you help too?”

Slaughter in Afghanistan, Duff on Press TV

The U.S. army is telling "lies" about a recent shooting in Afghanistan which left 17 civilians -- mostly children and women -- dead, says Gordon Duff, senior editor of VT.

The Revolution We Will Never See

Around me, 50 million Americans are homeless, living in travel trailers, in tents. 500,000 young veterans, too many with families, have applied for 100% disability compensation. All have supportable medical diagnoses of total disability. Their "paperwork" will remain in limbo for years, until they kill themselves, perhaps their families too. For the best of them, luck, as it has for me, will intercede.

Buchanan Get’s It Wrong (Video)

First of all, I am a fan of Pat Buchanan. I respect his view, see him as the last of the real conservatives and also know he is one of my readers.

Vulgarity to Blame for Marines Urinating on Dead

Two US Marines in abuse video identified. No Heroes Here! Just Shameless and Pathetic Vulgarity

Afghanistan: The Urination Video, Time for a Blanket Party

We have receiving a youtube video of people dressed as Marines, the new version, tons of expensive protective gear, urinating on enemy dead. As one who did this work under unimaginably worse circumstnaces, starving, no body armour and outnumbered, against an enemy our new boys might find a bit daunting, I will give the talk that every real Marine gives young Marines.

Hot Shower Led to Marine’s Fatal Overdose at Hospital, Navy Says

The day before a young Marine died of a prescription drug overdose at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center last year, his breathing slowed and nurses grew concerned about giving him additional powerful pain relievers, a Navy investigation found.

A Marine Discusses the Wall Street Protest and NYPD

Now we have NYPD, a police force I have always admired, where I have more than a few friends, playing the "petty thug" for Wall Street. I am ashamed

DOD Identifies Marine Casualties

The Department of Defense announced today the deaths of two Marines who were supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

Microwave Weapon and EMP Killed Marines

This is a saga of death and deceit that was buried down Orwell's memory hole like cat shit in a litterbox—The American way.

Letter From a Marine

I’ve known this Marine since he was in grade school. He’s married now, father of a young boy, deployed with the Marines in Afghanistan, his unit or the place of deployment in-country are not disclosed for obvious reasons.

Face of Defense: Scientist Serves in Afghanistan

Every Marine has a story. For one reservist serving in Afghanistan's Helmand province, the story is of a rocket scientist who answered the call to serve his country as a third-generation Marine.

OH LOVELY: Residents Near Fukushima Are Pissing Radioactive Urine

"... Whatever, praying to the goddess Morphine and adult diapers are your destiny now. "“Newsflash: The radioactive crisis near Fukushima isn’t getting any better.

Lejeune Health Survey Flawed

ATSDR’s health survey will compare two groups from Lejeune and Pendleton, two Superfund sites with expected higher incidences of cancer and other diseases.

Sons and Daughters

Sons are treasured. Moms and Dads heap love, affection, money, devotion, property, the perfect girl for them, new cars, education and any conceivable advantage they can provide their sons with. Mom and Dad do not want their sons at war. Most American Moms and Dads however understand the world is not a nice place, that real peace is not attainable and that men must be prepared to defend their loved ones and country. Many Moms have a special mother – son relationship, time honored and very special. I know tough Soldiers - real men that proudly proclaim “Yeah, I’m a moma’s boy, I love my moma!”

DR. ASHRAF EZZAT: Will America Make The Right Choice In Libya?

Most People are aware that politics is more about oil and dollars – the US sixth fleet doesn’t get repositioned for free or fun- but ignoring the aspirations of the Libyan protesters and turning this noble struggle for freedom into another American Marines operation is going to be another historical blunder foolishly committed by the United States.

Marines Return to Tripoli?

Four hundred (400) United States Marines are with a carrier battle group and are immediately available to invade Libya, defeat conventional and irregular Libyan forces, install and interim government, ensure that essential services to the Libyan civilian infrastructure is repaired and reopened, provide assistance to thousands of refugees, reopen diplomatic missions and embassies, restore petroleum production and satisfy the wants, demands, desires, criticism(s) and ranting of local, national and international media. Note a bad days work huh. Jarheads are good – knew all along they were as good as the country expects of them.

Marine’s dying wish was to save his dog

Marine Lance Cpl. William H. Crouse IV had one of the most dangerous jobs in Afghanistan but he did it anyway. Searching for...

More bad numbers hidden in spin: 2010 is highest of U.S....

This sounded too good to be true because it is. The Marines have been changing their attitude on PTSD and depression so deeply felt...

‘Manila John’ Basilone

William Douglas Lansford’s account of Basilone’s life is written by another Iwo Jima Marine who served with  Basilone and survived the war to write...

Marine Holds His Ground

This is sort of a “dog bites man” story; but Joseph Diliberti, the Marine in question, is holding off a very large and dangerous...

PTSD, infertility and other consequences of war

There is a Middle Eastern country that requires all 18-year-olds to join national service for several years. This country even has a roughly comparable health care system to America for a population of 7,233,701, according to the CIA World Factbook. The country is Israel.

Exhibit reflects Camp Pendleton’s role as refuge for Vietnamese

The largest U.S. camp to temporarily house Southeast Asian refugees was at Camp Pendleton, which 50,000 refugees, mostly Vietnamese, passed through. The camp would eventually reshape Southern California. Many refugees stayed for the warm weather they were accustomed to in Vietnam. In central Orange County, refugees found cheap housing and plentiful jobs in Westminster, where they erected Vietnamese businesses along the strawberry and bean fields, drawing Vietnamese scattered in other states.

A Marine Home From War And Battling Boredom

The Marines known as "America's Battalion" were sent to Afghanistan last year as part of a contingent of 21,000 additional forces President Obama deployed in the administration's strategy to counter the Taliban insurgency. NPR followed the 2nd Battalion, 8th Regiment over the months of their deployment. They have since returned home and are settling into post-combat life.

Support Marine Dad’s Legal Fund in Fight Against ‘Thank God For...

VT says support the Marine Dad, Al Snyder Legal Fund against idiots who disrupt Marine and U.S. troop funerals in an outrageous show of disrespect for killed-in-action servicemen and women.

Local veterans remember hell in the Pacific during WWII 

What happened there — and on Guadalcanal and Peleliu and Okinawa — is the subject of The Pacific, a 10-part miniseries that begins on March 14 at 9 on HBO. Produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, who also collaborated on the WWII epics Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers, the miniseries dramatizes the Pacific campaign through the real-life stories of three Marines.

Mitt Insults Marines, Outlines Foreign Policy for Fantasy World

Update: See the Chickenhawk Hall of Shame:  “Let you and him go fight; I’ll hold your coat.” - Motto of the Chickenhawk From Joe Lieberman to...


"CONSPIRACY THEORY" BECOMES REALITY IN THE NEW CIA/BLACKWATER PARTNERSHIP By Ahmed Quereshi "When these CIA agents killed a couple of Chinese engineers back in 2004,...

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web 2/28/10

Juan Cole at Informed Comment offers some excellent advice for climate scientists under attack from corrupt corporate and media sources. Al Gore writes that ignoring climate change won't make it go away nor will continuing to dump 90 million tons of pollutants into the atmosphere daily at the New York Times. A 110-year-old Chicago woman reflects on Jim Crow and the civil rights movemnt in the Chicago Sun Times. Those stories and more in today's picks.