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Pakistan: The Real Victim of the War on Terror

Both Gen Musharraf and President Zardari went out of the way to accommodate US legal and illegal wishes.

Pakistan is Fast Slipping Out of Hands of USA

The US having failed to achieve any of the stated political and military objectives in Afghanistan is now desperate to pullout safely but cannot do so due to number of reasons.

Pakistan: De-Radicalization of Society

A three day seminar conducted by Pakistan Army at Swat. "The fundamental responsibility of a Muslim ruler is to create conditions conducive enough whereby the people can lead their lives according to 'Sirate Mustaqeem' (straight path)."

Orchestrated Media Campaign to Mortify Army and ISI

November 2000 elections in USA were gerrymandered by Zionists to get George W Bush elected. 9/11 was masterminded by Jews, Bush and Dick Cheney to achieve strategic and economic objectives by making Afghanistan and later Iraq as bases of operations. 19 fanatical Arab hijackers were allowed to crash two of the four hijacked planes into WTC so as to pass Patriot Act, build up military and invade Afghanistan.

Drawdown of American Troops Has Finally Arrived

Proxy war fought by Pakistan at the behest of USA in 1980s in return for $3.5 billion assistance proved too costly for Pakistan.

‘US needs A Declaration of Independence – from Israel’

“In light of this long — but still very partial — list of abuses and usurpations committed by Israel, it is past time for the US to end its ‘special relationship’ with Israel and declare its independence from that country,” — by Henry Nor

Pakistan's Army Dissent

The BBC report of this morning, June 23, 2011, Brigadier Ali Khan: Pakistan's dissenting army officer, on first glance is very interesting. Finally a patriot military man in the Pakistani praetorian guard.

Changing cultures

It’s a smaller world with people further apart than ever. We travel to different cultures; we fight other cultures. We want to control cultures we don't understand.

Obama’s Troops Withdrawing: Replaced by Allies

President Obama alleges “the tide of war is receding” in Pakistan, thus allowing him to reduce U.S. forces there by 10,000 this year, but the fact is overall Allied strength has been rising, not falling.

The Pakistan Decapitation Papers

Pakistan was, first and foremost, destroyed by the active connivance of its own military, its own politicians, its own literati, its own press, its own fifth columnists, and by the silent apathy of its 180 million spectating public who are still to become the greatest victims of “imperial mobilization”.

Need to Re-Align Pakistan-America Relations

Pakistan and USA are old allies but their relations have never remained steady and lasting. Their relations were at its best in the 1950s during Eisenhower era when Pakistan became part of the defensive arc against communist expansionism.

People are Vying for Another Quaid-e-Azam

Till 9/11, Pakistan was a fairly stable and prosperous country but its complexion changed once Gen Musharraf opted to align Pakistan with USA and become its coalition partner.

Pakistan "Do More or Else!"

The statement of the Secretary of State for US has become a joke in Pakistani drawing rooms. “Pakistan must Do more”.

Osama bin Laden: Closing the Case on an Innocent Man

This system is totally controlled by American Zionists whose first priority is Israel, not the USA. Zionist Slaves, the American people are forced to live according to principles and laws laid by them.

Twin Bombing Kills 39 in Pakistan

Pakistan's Taliban on Sunday denied responsibility for twin bomb blasts that ripped through a crowded market in the northwestern city of Peshawar, killing 39 people and injuring dozens.

America’s War on Pakistan in High Gear

Right from onset, this war had some deep hidden motives to encircle and destroy the Muslim world. After 9/11, George Bush in his State of the Union Address declared that it’s a crusade.

Afghan Terror Squads Hit Pakistan

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates and some high officials have indicated that Pakistan’s “failure to stop insurgents from Pakistani side of the border” have resulted in a 40% rise in the militant attacks in east Afghanistan

WMD Scientist, Dr. David Kelly, Suicide Coverup

Dr Kelly's body was found in woods near his home in Oxfordshire, after he was exposed as the source of a controversial BBC report casting doubt on the government's claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction

Caution Pakistani Black Hole Ahead

Thanks to operation ‘Geronimo’, Pakistani leadership no longer enjoys blanket trust of the public in the context of handling this war. Mullen’s utterances triggered a nation-wide protest against any (mis)adventure in North Waziristan.

America’s Twisted Policy in Pakistan

The US in pursuit of its strategic and economic objectives in this part of the world arm twisted Gen Musharraf in September 2001 soon after 9/11 and made him do its bidding.

Pakistan Next Worldwide Threat to Humanity?

When you consider that al Qaeda was at the time of its inception an Osama bin Laden led asset of the CIA, created under the auspices of George H. W. Bush, then Director of the CIA, whose family had been long-time intimate business and social associates of the bin Laden family, and that although Osama bin Laden is probably dead by one means or another by now, there is little evidence that the situation between the CIA and "al Qaeda" has changed, it is not too difficult to figure out who the writers are referring to whom they describe as "foreign authority and intelligence network".

Clinton, Mullen Meet With Pakistani Leaders

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Navy Adm. Mike Mullen met with Pakistani leaders today in an effort to shore up relations between the United States and Pakistan.

The Patriot Act: When Truth Becomes Treason

Ever wonder why the truth about 9/11 never got exposed? Why Americans don't have a clue about leadership fraud surrounding the War on Terror? Why Americans don't know if the 9/11 investigation was really successful? Why the Iraqi Peace Option draws a blank? Somebody has known the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden--- or his grave—for the past 10 years. But nobody's talking to the people.

Bin Laden Death Script

It has been over two weeks since the orchestrated ever-changing Bin Laden Death. The question of what happened remains the same except it doesn’t seem to matter any longer.

“Bin Laden and Raymond Davis” – Gordon Duff on Press TV...

Duff further added that the real bin Laden died years go after having spent years in American hospitals receiving treatments for various ailments. He also dismissed as false the claims that bin Laden was responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. "The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the U.S. department of justice has never been able to come up with a single shred of evidence that Osama bin Laden had any involvement in 9/11," he noted. "

Another White Lie of India Exposed

Anti-India feeling in Pakistan and anti-Pakistan feeling in India have always been rampant in both countries. Unabated revulsion for each other since the inception of two countries as independent countries has earned them the title of arch rivals.

Paradigm Shift on Chessboard of Afghan “Great-Game”

It seems, by all appearances, that this quartet is attempting to make strides towards an effort to introduce a model initiative initially engineered by Pakistan’s craving for a prime leadership status in Afghanistan’s forth coming endgame.

Pakistan and Nuclear Blackmail

India had waged a war in 1947 to annex princely state of Kashmir and prevent it from acceding to Pakistan. But for valiant response action of Pak Army and Azad forces, India would have gobbled up whole of it.

Unconfirmed: Bin Laden Mission Aborted, American Deaths from Helicopter Crash

A Pakistan news agency reports that the bin Laden raid on Abbottabad was aborted because of a helicopter crash which killed several passengers, believed to be Pashtu speaking Americans.

Pakistan Stabbed In Back

The US media is on record having killed Osama bin Laden (OBL) so many times since 1990 onwards. His death was first announced in 1996; an abortive attempt was made on him in Khost in August 1998 using cruise missiles and it was believed that he was hit.

CLASSIFIED: Why we’ll never see dead Osama bin Laden

We need to look at the facts, use common sense and everything becomes crystal clear. For example, to prove that Osama bin Laden was killed at the compound in Abbottabad,the easiest way is to take the DNA test of the blood on the floor of the compound.

VT Exclusive: Troubling Questions about Bin Laden’s Reported death

Hardly a week has lapsed since the shattering news of helicopter assault by US SEALs leading to Osama bin Laden’s death and already several branches have sprouted from the trunk of the original story. Too many doubts are being expressed about the authenticity of the claims made by rejoicing US leaders. As the clouds of skepticism are getting thicker, euphoria of US leadership is correspondingly getting deflated.

Abbottabad Pakistan Affair Exposed

On May 1, President Obama reported that Osama Bin Laden had been killed by U.S. Navy SEALS in a house in Abbottabad, Pakistan. In the following we present what we know, and do not know, about the killing of the alleged mastermind of 9/11. In the interest of brevity, the presentation is in outline form.

Is Pakistan Being Cast as Next Plausible Evil Doer?

Conspiracy theorists assure us that Osama bin Laden was killed in December 2001 and his body put on ice in—of course—an undisclosed location. If the recent killing of bin Laden was a lie, who were the liars? All 79 members of SEAL Team 6, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the U.S. State Department, the White House and 16 U.S. intelligence agencies. All conspired to have us believe that he was killed in Pakistan.

Was Raymond Davis CIA’s Bin Laden Handler?

Sources tell us that the "lifelines" that kept what has been identified as Osama bin Laden safe inside Pakistan were operated under the supervision of CIA operative Raymond Davis. There were two safehouses in Abbottabad, one for "bin Laden," the other for the CIA. We are told that this explains why there was no Al Qaeda security detail. The CIA was in charge of that.

Is Obama a POW “Prisoner of Washington”

This is the hypothesis: President Obama, taking office while America is drowning in debt, politically polarized and increasingly seen as a pariah nation, publicly dictated to and humiliated by the tiny state of Israel, at every turn, found himself imprisoned by the monstrosity he inherited.

The Re-Death of Bin Laden’s Frozen Corpse

The incident this week in Abbottabad, Pakistan was always intended to be "self-discrediting." In a time of rigged voting machines and rule by decree, a time of military tribunals and tortured defendants, the concept of evidence and accountability is a joke. Consider the current bin Laden farce what it was intended to be, the American government reminding its people and the people of the world how little respect it has for them.

BIN LADEN: Another “Official Version”

Pakistani Urdu TV channel Geo News quoted Pakistani intelligence officials as saying that the world's most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden was killed in a search operation launched by the Pakistani forces after a Pakistani army helicopter was shot down in the wee hours of Monday in Abbotabad

OBL IS DEAD and the Terror ConMen Rejoice in Chorus of...

My professional con-man sociopathetic dad always said, "Son, the bigger the lie the more people will believe it" as if he were preparing me for life as a witness to a George W. Obama Bush CIA Crime.

Mr. President, Osama’s Death Can Breathe New Life into Your Presidency

First, Mr. President, allow me to congratulate you on bringing Osama Bin Laden to justice. That one act alone separates you from the disingenuous chest-beaters who have been manipulating American misery to gain political traction. No longer can they wrap themselves in the flag and strut around in their ineffectual, faux patriotism while they accuse the President of the United States of “palling around with terrorists.” The quiet and effective way in which you’ve gone about carrying out America’s business clearly distinguishes who’s the adult in the room, and who's the true American.

American Error: Afghanistan Suffers from Misguided American Terror Policy

 “Bin Laden, with his wives and followers, flew to Jalalabad on an  official plane provided by the then Afghan president, Burhanuddin Rabbani, who remains...

President Obama Announces Bin Laden Still Dead (updated continually, videos-photos)