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The Actual Victims Toll of 9/11

“Saddam never had any weapons of mass destruction but nevertheless, with the American invasion of Iraq, the Iraqis were destined to experience what it really meant to be bombarded with such weapons.”

PRESS TV Interview: Dr. Ashraf Ezzat on Targeting Iran

“The problem lies not in this chain of US-NATO-Israel command but it lies in the chain of obedience by the people”

Call-Out for Solidarity with Egypt: Defend the Revolution

A letter from Cairo to the Occupy movements & other solidarity movements. Occupy Wall Street & Occupy London respond.

Syria’s Unreported Bravery and Horror

“All hell could break loose anytime in Syria” That is one statement President Bashaar al-Assad made that I can’t undermine nor challenge.

Alaa Abdel Fattah: Portrait of an Egyptian Revolutionary

As of today we refuse to co-operate with the military prosecution of civilians and we call on all Egyptian citizens to stand with us.

Shalit: Israeli Soldier With Atypical Autism

The real tragedy actually was letting a psychologically unfit teenager like Gilad Shalit wear the military uniform in the first place.

Arab Spring Blossoms For Islamists

It is one thing to dream about revolution but it’s a totally different situation to wake up one day to find yourself living through one.

Occupy Wall Street and The Tahrir Lesson

“Every success story is also a story of great failure.”

Cairo Clashes: The Chronicles of Egypt Copts

“With Egypt military council siding with the Islamist front while dragging its feet on getting the police forces back on the street and properly functioning again, the Christian minority (10% of Egyptian population) remains in limbo.”

Nobel Peace Prize Discredited

The issue is the historical sense of the committee, or the lack of it for that matter. There could be more than, may be, 30 nominees who might as well fit the prerequisites and the qualifications for the prestigious prize … but not for this year.

More on Irvine 11: Meet the Real Michael Oren

“We all know that equality under the law has no meaning anymore, but now you have one more example, one that has serious ramifications for anyone challenging Israeli behavior.”

In Post- Mubarak Egypt, Waterboarding is Kid Stuff

There was much more to this unique Tahrir square phenomenon than just bread and butter, … there were popular demands to restore a lost dignity.

Chomsky on “Occupy Wall Street” and Israel Imminent Collapse

In an interview with RT’s Marina Portnaya, prominent scholar Professor Noam Chomsky gives his take on some of the world’s political hot topics.

Sean Penn takes part in Egypt's Tahrir demo

"Two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn makes surprise appearance at today's Tahrir Square protest"

Israelis Mock Palestinian Bid for Statehood (Video)

Nowadays, Israelis, and due to the prolonged exposure to this Holocaust industrial hazards, are exhibiting the symptoms of a mass paranoia syndrome.

Obama’s Short Cut To a Second Term

“The Zionists controlling Wall Street and the presidential elections is not a good enough reason for selling out America and its pride in that shamefull way. There is more to this than we all think, a hell of a lot more, something big is hiding under the surface like an iceberg, something as big as 9/11”

Recognition of Israel Necessitates Recognizing Palestine First

You simply can’t ask an entity, which what Palestine is regarded now at the United Nations, to recognize the state of Israel. This is legally and logically unacceptable.

London Philharmonic Suspends Musicians for anti-Israel Remarks

"According to The Guardian, musicians sanctioned after they signed a letter condemning the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra as an instrument of Israeli propaganda."

9/11 Is History Now

“Believe it or not 9/11 belongs to history now and this fact is in itself even scarier than what we know happened on that awful day, or what we did not know for that matter.”

Egyptians Break Down Wall Around Israeli Embassy

"A security wall erected around the Israeli embassy, a strong reminder of the West Bank barrier, was totally unacceptable in Cairo."

Israeli Dogs of War

In the next few weeks, the Palestinians will ask the UN to recognize the State of Palestine. After that all hell will break loose.

We Are All Neo-Cons Now

“the Bush-Obama agenda marches on.”

Glenn Beck Will Shed Real Tears Next Time He Visits Israel

“It is hard to imagine that the story of the Zionist land grab of Palestine could go down in history as the redemption of the world Jews and a courageous act that need to be restored by a hypocritical Zionist mouthpiece like Glenn Beck.”

The reason why Egyptians hate Israel

“Peace with Egypt, which is considered an asset, only when it is at risk, was a peace that Israel toyed with and breached from the beginning.”

Egyptian Becomes Hero after Removing Israeli Flag from Embassy

‘Ahmad A-Shahat says he ‘insisted on climbing on the roof and take down the flag of the Zionist entity because that was one of the goals of the revolution – to depose Mubarak and all his friends, among them the Zionist entity’

The Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty Dying Out on the Borderline

“The toppling and the trial of Mubarak has altered scenarios that were already underway and hindered plans for the Middle East that were in the making under the auspices of ardent Zionists in Washington, Cairo and Tel Aviv.”

Rebels Without a Cause in London’s Tahrir Square

Will the aftermath reveal the true reason behind these copycat lootings and arsons?

Bob Marley Video Targets Famine in Somalia

Bob Marley newly released Video Targets African Famine

Mubarak In The Cage For The Wrong Charges

“Mubarak is a sellout and he should have been charged with high treason"

The Norway Manifesto: A New Bin Laden Is Born (Video)

“The termination of Bin Laden was not the end of this madness; rather it was only the beginning.”

Israeli Commandos Raid “Freedom Theater” in West Bank

“The coming third Palestinian intifada will take the form of cultural resistance to the Israeli occupation” Juliano Mer Khamis

Israel used an imposter and a belly dancer to counteract flotilla...

Israel had to fight back the flotilla II with the same tools the activists used but the dirty way.

7 Signs and Symptoms Not to Ignore

Take note of important signs and symptoms and know when to seek medical care.

Egypt: Picking Up The Remains of a Revolution

The Egyptian revolution was not followed by a revolutionary political concept nor a revolutionary command.

Israelis Say to Obama “Yes We Ken”

“The amazing moments in the march came when protesters chanted: “Israel and Palestine, two states for two peoples”; “Yes we ‘ken’” (the Hebrew word for “yes”); and “Bibi and Barak, peace isn’t a game”

In Obama –Netanyahu Meeting, Who Is Who?

“At this point and as the ticking seconds seemed like ages for Obama, it was clear that Mr. Netanyahu was slapping Obama in the face in public and for the whole world to see.”

Finkelstein in March on Israel’s Cairo Embassy

“Norman Finkelstein joined some Egyptian youth activists in their most daring and adventurous attempt to breach the heavy security cordon around the Israeli embassy in Cairo, break into the embassy and take down the Israeli flag”

Third Intifada Launched in Tahrir Square While US Peace Envoy Quits...

May be the Arab-Israeli conflict doesn’t need any more US special envoy, may be president Obama shouldn’t bother appointing a replacement, for as far as the Palestinians are concerned, they had enough of this backstage Zionist-manipulated politics disguised as peace envoys

Third Intifada Rallies To Kick Israel’s Ambassador Out of Egypt

“Palestinians have not been excluded from the Arab awakening that was dawning on the region and Israel is not immune from its ripple effect”

DR. ASHRAF EZZAT:Bin Laden Fictional Film Comes To An End

“The war on terrorism merchandise has been too long on the market; but with more intellectuals debunking it, and as time went by, and profits went down this product of high tech-deception was approaching its shelf expiry date. In other words the Bin Laden version of fear/submission warfare had to be withdrawn from the market and declared over and done with, successfully that is” “This bad movie that we have been watching for ten years now was losing on top ranking and had to be pulled out from world political theatres”