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Syrian Army Official: ISIS Terrorists Suffered Huge Losses, Fleeing to Turkey

Syrian Army Official: ISIS Terrorists Suffered Huge Losses, Fleeing to Turkey A Syrian army general says government forces have dealt heavy blows to members of...

US seeks talks with Russia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey on Syria...

US Secretary of State John Kerry has announced possible multi-party negotiations with Russia and Middle East states to find a “tangible’ political solution for...

A Conversation with a “Turkish Poet”

Some people simply do not want to see things the way they really are.

The Debate with Mike Harris – Turkey Troubles

Jim W. Dean - On the Debate Show with VT's Mike Harris. Turkish leaders were warned by many in the region that the country should not support terrorists or they would come back to haunt them; and on Saturday, in Ankara, twin bombs exploded.

Turkey Issues Ultimatum to US and Russia: “Stop Helping Kurds...

Jim W. Dean - It seems Turkey wants to remain a NATO member while supporting terrorists in Syria, and then complain about others doing that same thing when it suits them. You just can't make this stuff up!

Confirmed: F16s Flying from US Base in Turkey Attack Aleppo

Their bomb loads were dropped on power plants east of Aleppo with collateral damage in a nearby neighborhoods killing up to 5 and injuring as many as a dozen more.

NATO ready to defend Turkey as Russia strikes Syria

Moscow’s growing military involvement in the Syrian conflict – which on Wednesday involved its jets backing an offensive by ground troops loyal to the president, Bashar al-Assad – is expected to be high on the agenda of a meeting of the alliance’s defence ministers.

Why would the US pick Turkey over the Kurds?

There is an increasing distance between US interest and that of Turkey as well as between the EU and Turkey.

VT’s Secret Mission to Syria

Gordon Duff - There is full confirmation that the US knew of the use of Sarin gas inside Syria by a coalition that includes Israel, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine and possibly Germany, yet did nothing about it.

Turkey Invades Iraq to Aid Beleaguered ISIS Forces

After months of bombing and endless promises, Turkey has yet to fly a single sortie against ISIS forces. Read why.

NEO: Turkey joins War but on which side?

The kidnapping of a group of US-trained moderate Syrians moments after they entered Syria last month to confront the Islamic State was orchestrated by Turkish intelligence.

Lebanon in danger, Turkey risking a civil war, Syria already in...

Bou Said - Those who do not want to realize the seriousness of the Russian and US debate on overall political settlement and countering terrorism , they will be out of the equation.

NEO, The ABCs Of The Current Political Situation In Turkey–A Primer

Gwenyth Todd - President Erdogan stands ready to change the constitution and establish a Turkey very different from anything we have seen in our lifetimes.

Turkey Pays Porter Goss and Friends to Shill for ISIS

Today's worst person in the world, Porter Goss

Israeli bombing of Syrian Sites was in coordination with the militants...

Communications between the militants and the Israeli military Staff have been intercepted

Turkey Ordered to Stop War on Syrian Kurds

He said the US has made its position about the YPG clear to Ankara, calling the force a “credible reliable partner on the ground in the fight against ISIL in northern Syria.”

NEO: US, Turkey Ignore Russian Warning, Move into Syria

Turkey and the United States have jointly decided to move into Syria, daring Russia to respond.

Tehran Warning with Iron Fist to Terrorists Inside Turkey

After the attack, an explosion hit the Iran-Turkey natural gas pipeline in the Eastern Turkish province of Agrı. Iran stopped gas flow to that country immediately after being informed of the incident.

Hoaxed, Germany Withdraws Patriot Missiles From Turkey

There to protect ISIS from Syria

ISIS Posts Images of Christian Women for Sale in Turkey

ISIS posts pictures of 'Christian women kidnapped in Syria threatening that they will become sex slaves if ransom is not paid'.

Turkey Bombs US Training Base in Iraq

Turkey intimidating Americans who get "too close"

Turkey’s aim with ‘safe zone’ in Syria is to keep Kurds...

Yerevan Saeed, After two years of negotiations, Turkey and the United States reached a tentative agreement to deepen efforts and coordination in the fight against ISIS.

Kurdish MPs from Turkey visiting sites of Turkish airstrikes in Iraq

A delegation of Turkish MPs from the pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party (HDP) is visiting Iraq’s Kurdistan region to inspect the aftermath of Turkish airstrikes against Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) fighters in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

US launches first drone strikes in Syria from Turkey base

Jim W. Dean, The planned training and deployment schedule of the US' new moderate cannon fodder will be at the rate they are getting killed off. So what's the big deal?

Erdogan’s Cynical Game: Is Turkey Creeping Toward Civil War?

Turkey appears to be using the Suruc suicide bombing as nothing but a cynical excuse to wage war, not against IS, but against the terror organization's victims.

US Backed Syrian Kurds Accuse Turkey Of Attacks, Ask U.S. For...

US backed Kurds under attack by Turkey

Turkey Bluffing, AIPAC Pushing to Abort Iran Agreement

Dr. Bou Said, It is time for the UN to demand from other countries to put the (Dimona ) reactor, which has 300 nuclear warheads and 35 hydrogen bombs, under international supervision.

The hidden roots of modern day Turkey

Ian Greenhalgh, A fascinating article laying bare the hidden Masonic and Zionist forces that shaped the modern state of Turkey while murdering millions. History again appears to be repeating, as control of oil fields and pipelines is fought over with genocidal results.

Turkey Thinks PKK Are Terrorists: What About ISIL “Tourists”?

We are talking about a country that until yesterday was one of the staunch supporters of the terrorist group of ISIL

Turkey Using Poison Gas to Clear US Partnered “No Fly Zone”...

Gordon Duff, It is not possible that the Turks would be facilitating the use of chemical weapons in Northern Syrian towns without full complicity with the US government, a war crime.

Turkey attacks on anti-ISIL Kurds strategic mistake: Iran cmdr.

Jim W. Dean, If Iranian advisers with the Syrian military are killed in bombing strikes by Turkey, we could see ground to air missiles flowing to the front lines quickly, and Turkish planes falling out of the sky

NATO Conned by Erdogan, A compelling analysis of what is ...

Only after losing his party’s parliamentary majority, President Erdogan realized that there are dangerous terrorists in neighboring Syria who are a threat to Turkey’s security.

Turkey on path of war – with Islamic State or Kurds?

Ankara believes that the Islamic State will be its enemy tomorrow, while the enemy of today are the Kurds. This explains why Turkey retaliated IS terrorist attacks with attacks against the Kurds

Turkey Asks For NATO Aid in War on Kurds

Turkey has announced that it is calling a NATO meeting next week to discuss regional security concerns.

The Turkey ISIS Coalition Today

"Instead of targeting ISIL terrorist occupied positions, Turkish forces attack our defenders' positions," the statement said.

Censored, Assad Tells It as War With Turkey Looms

Gordon Duff, America, Israel, Turkey, Saudi and the Gulf States are waging a war of genocide against Syria and Iraq

Turkey Begins War on ISIS By Bombing the Kurds

Turkish warplanes launched blistering attacks on Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) camps in the Kurdistan region of Iraq late Friday.

NEO – The Armenian protests have nothing to do with the...

Jim W. Dean, I know Armenia is not going to be a topic of interest to most people, but neither was Syria, Ukraine, Crimea or Yemen