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“Game Over” for Morsi, Israel

"Morsi’s rule was a game, little more, in fact, no more than the selling of a totalitarian regime built on suppression of freedom of thought and expression and the careful grooming of extremism and slavish adherence to what had been intended to be a highly secretive plot, one so complex, so convoluted that discovery was impossible."

So Who Started the Fire?

Big news this week was the tragic fire in Arizona, but firstly I should congratulate the Egyptian Army on its well-organized coup. They really have smacked the Islamo-fascist Muslim Brotherhood about.

The West on Egypt – Hypocrisy on Steroids

Egypt's Revolution II continues to roll out as we had anticipated from reading the tea leaves...so far.

Western-Instigated Putsch in Egypt

To fill one's mouth with water"* is a Hebrew idiom meaning "refusing to comment." It successfully describes the reaction of the Israeli Administration and the Hebrew media to the ongoing putsch in Egypt.

Egypt needs real Islamic revolution

So much for the Muslim Brotherhood's "Rothschild Islamism."

Washington Islamist Strategy in Crisis as Morsi Toppled

The swift action by Egypt’s military to arrest Mohamed Morsi and key leaders of his Muslim Brotherhood organization on July 3 marks a major setback for Washington’s “Arab Spring” strategy of using political Islam to spread chaos from China through Russia across the energy-rich Middle East. Morsi rejected the Defense Minister‘s demand that he quit to avert a bloodbath.

The Arabs And Their Spring

Who are the Arabs, the Egyptians, the Syrians, the Palestinians? What do they believe in? What unites them? What separates them? What can they agree upon? What terrifies them? What makes them happy?

PressTV: Obama Cuts Morsi Loose

U.S. President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he was deeply concerned by the Egyptian military’s overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi but fell short of describing the ouster as a military coup.


All of late last night I was transfixed & watching both Al Jazeerah & CNN as the developments unfolded in Cairo & across Egypt.

Egypt Unfit to Lead

Any one who thinks Egypt is ready to lead the Arab world has to think twice.

Aleister Crowley, The Muses, and Trance in Greece and Modetern Times...

Since Jewish revolutionaries deny metaphysical logos, it was no coincidence that nearly all the major rock and rap groups had Jewish revolutionary supporters or Jewish musicians or Jewish managers and companies.

Obama, Morsi, Plunge Middle East Into Chaos

The US will now supply weapons and ammunition to Syrian rebels the Washington Post says are, not just Al Qaeda “affiliates” but working to destabilize and “Balkanize” Iraq as well:

Aborting the “Arab Spring”

One thing for sure, the “secularist/nationalists” and the “salafi/islamist” in Egypt and in Tunisia all conspired willingly or unwillingly to abort the “Arab Spring” or what is left of it. Both are unfit to lead let alone govern.

Aborting the "Arab Spring"

One thing for sure, the “secularist/nationalists” and the “salafi/islamist” in Egypt and in Tunisia all conspired willingly or unwillingly to abort the “Arab Spring” or what is left of it. Both are unfit to lead let alone govern.

83-year-old Shaykh: “Egypt needs to rock out to Jack White &...

A venerable Muslim scholar has commanded Egyptians to jump-start their hearts by rocking out to “Jack White and the Voodoo Experience – full concert.”

Harlem Shake: Freedom Dance Goes Viral Threatening Crusty Establishments Worldwide

The Harlem Shake has gone worldwide and viral going from stupid fun dance to a major protest effort by the young against the crusties who seek to oppress them and their future.

Arab Democracy; Now or Never.

It seems the tens of millions the United States injected in Egypt to promote democracy went down the drain, with most of the beneficiaries of such funding are now undermining the first free presidential election in over 7,000 years.

The Arab Spring was not about “Sharia” or “Secularism”.

Dr. Moncif Elmarzooki, President of Tunisia is correct when he stated in an interview in Asharq Al-Awsat (23/12/2013) and I rephrase, that the Arab Spring was not about Sharia or about ethnicity, sectarianism and nationalism, it has every thing to do with liberty, civil rights, freedoms, end of a police state and freedom from economic deprivations, corruption and dysfunctional state, decent life with full rights of citizenship.

President Morsi should apologize – to apes, pigs, and vampires

The New York Times is right. Egypt's President Morsi should apologize for comparing apes, pigs, and vampires to Zionists.

Washington Supporting Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (Video)

Geopolitical analyst F. William Engdahl says Washington is secretly supporting Muslim Brotherhood to turn Egypt into an Islamic dictatorship.

Israel-Gaza Latest Escalation: Testing the Waters of Post-Arab Spring

"The diminishment of the national pride/consciousness is a very grave sign/sin of an evolving and looming (religious) extremism in the Arab-Israeli conflict"

Bravo! President Morsi

In his interview to New York Times, the Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi did some plain talking. He identified three major points for the United States to consider for improving its relations with the Arab world. Other than its political import, the language he used and the manner he spoke is what generation after generation of Muslims has been aching to hear but didn’t get it from the American stooges ruling the Arab world.

Guardian: Anti-Islam Film Never Existed

The anti-Islamic video that inflamed mayhem in Egypt and Libya and triggered a diplomatic crisis is at the centre of a growing mystery over whether it is a real film – or was ever intended to be.

Background to Mossad Try at Egypt Civil War over “Coptic” Film...

The deadly bombing of Alexandria church has shed more light on the long congested sectarian strife in Egypt. Nobody can deny that the Egyptian society has been showing symptoms of sectarianism based on religious friction between the two main religious groups in the country.

Morsi Joining Alliance Against Zionist Terror?

Will Egypt's President Morsi join in an eventual regional alliance against Zionist-assisted false flag terror?

Tuesday, 12:22AM, August 14, 2012 Intel and Analysis

President Mohamed Morsy "unwrote" the bastardized constitution and fired Field Marshall Hussain Tantawi, plus the commanders of the Navy, Air Force and Air Defense services.

Egypt’s Border Attack: It Couldn’t Get Any Better for Israel

Every time I step into an elevator, I keep my fingers crossed till I reach my floor safely. I am not claustrophobic.

Intel Drop: Syria and East

Given the chance, I would take everyone writing on Syria, especially those who play at "anti-imperialism" but invariably support police states with cash back to school.

New President of Egypt Ridiculed in Israeli Video

A lot of Egyptians found a recent Israeli TV ad promoting “rebuilding of the Temple Mount” offensive and insulting to their new president

The “Brothers” Are Coming, The “Brothers” Are Coming!

- The US, the West, and Israel and for decades supported “secular” and dictatorial regimes in the Arab world

The Arabs; What Went Wrong?

I thought the original title “ The Failing Arabs” would be too offensive to a very proud people and nation.

Syria: In Support of Revolution

The United States never was on the side of the people of the Middle East and is the only party standing between the Palestinians and their freedom and liberation and always stood the side of criminal dictatorship as they imprisoned, tortured, suppressed freedom and democracy and looted the country.

JetBlue 191 Jumble: False Flag Flight?

911 made wars against Afghanistan and Iraq possible. Might the downing of Flight 191 have been intended as the necessary provocation for a war against Iran? In light of modern American history, it's insane to not consider that possibility.

Cyber Drones and Vanunu Video

This article was published first at my site, which was founded in July 2005; three weeks after my first of seven trips to Israel Palestine.

In Ancient Egypt, Canaan Revisited Without Israel

“Take Egypt out and the whole structure of the Israelites' tale would instantly fall.”

White Paper: Iran Speaks

Iranians know quite well that a country engaged in perpetual war...where innocent citizens are arrested on trumped-up charges...has little right to speak about Iran, Seyed Marandi

CIA – DOD – Panetta and the Hidden Truth

Former CIA Director Panetta condemns Marines peeing on dead Taliban with "utterly deplorable" comment. Ain't that the pot calling the kettle black? .

Homeless Veterans, Cable TV and the FBI

Once upon a time, I ran the largest shelter for Homeless Veterans in the USA, located in Boston Massachusetts. Here is a story that I remember with a smile:

Prosthetic’s for Peace. The costs of Land Mines and War.

A friend of mine called and said: We should try to find ways to advance ourselves with our allies and even our perceived enemies by sharing our knowledge of prosthetics.

America and Pakistan – Questions and Answers

Two VT columnists, one from America and one from Pakistan exchanged ideas, concepts and concerns. This posting reflects questions and answers that are important to both of our countries.