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Hillary Clinton Promotes Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians

Hillary Clinton inadvertently demonstrates how her attitude towards the Israeli/Palestinian conflict encourages more religious violence on the part of Israel against the Palestinian people.

Biden smells Hillary blood in the water

Jim W. Dean - We have some Joe Biden cards in play here, with some carefully placed media on having his team get prepared for joining the race if Hillary's email problem brings her down.

Hillary Clinton emails reveal how French destroyed Libya

Hillary "we came, we saw, he died" Clinton got her Libya intel from French Zios - who destroyed that nation according to plan

What Bill Clinton and Paula Jones Affair Means

If Paula Jones was really against what happened to her, why did she agree to prostrate before pornographic magazines such as Penthouse after the Clinton debacle?

Goodnight America: Hillary Clinton Linked to Billionaire Sex Criminal

US Wants to Fight ISIS with Cooler Memes, Aid to Kamala Harris Arrested for Impersonating a Police Officer as he Claims to be a Masonic Knights Templar, Bill Clinton Has to Pay His Bills & Will Try to Not Knowingly Break the Law, Hillary Clinton Linked to Convicted Billionaire Sex Criminal Jeffrey Epstein, A&E Cancels Sex Worker Show "8 Minutes", Morgan Freeman Defends Marijuana, Pentagon Spends Over 1 Million Dollars at Casinos and Adult Entertainment Establishments

Goodnight America: May Day Riots in Seattle

* WARNING:  Explicit and Strong Language News Topics: May Day Seattle Riots, Hillary Clinton Polls as Dishonest, Michael Moore Wants to Take Guns from Police,...

Bombshell proof! Hillary paid Amnesty International to prepare coup d’état

Amnesty International is a NWO criminal organization posing as "defenders of human rights"

Hillary Clinton – The Israeli Candidate for US Presidency

If Israel is the center of the universe for American politicians then Washington is the center of the universe for AIPAC and Israel”.

Uri Avnery – Chickenshit

- "Uri has written another skillfully-nuanced piece designed to poke the eagle, but Americans want to serve Israel divorce papers."

NEO – Putin puts Ukraine gas payments on Europe’s back

- The Geo-political war going on over Ukraine has been short on bullets and bombs, and long with lies and disinformation.

Historical Causes of Nazi Germany and Implications in Ukraine (Part III)

Zionism and Nazism had a kindred spirit in the past. The neocons do not have a problem with Nazism. They did have a problem when Nazism stepped on their toes.

Putin puts fear of God in New World Order

Putin resists NWO aggression, so they call him names.

Iran: When drones backfire on Washington

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has recently described Iran as the hardest issue she has been dealing with as secretary of state.

VT mole slips Netanyahu truth serum

The VT-led psy-op campaign against Israeli PM Netanyahu is starting to draw blood.

CHINA: New Sheriff In Town

Let’s Bottom Line this world changing event. China said "Jump" the US said "How high?"

White House Sends Slew of High-Level Visitors to Israel

William Burns came last week • Hillary Clinton and nuclear negotiator Wendy Sherman arrived Sunday • National Security Adviser Tom Donilon has just left • Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to come late July • GOP candidate Mitt Romney to make his own visit.

Breaking/Confirmed: Sec Clinton Assassination Attempt in Israel (Updated)

Israeli radio broke the story Sunday night, midnight, but never mentioned it again. This has been confirmed by sources inside Israel.

Secretary Clinton: Sleepless in Cairo With Zero Influence

“There was something huge brewing up, which Mrs. Clinton was not informed with, awaiting her arrival”

Ten Years After This Wall

In Hebrew The Wall is called "Michshol Hafrada" which translates to "The Separation Wall" in English and "Apartheid Wall" in Afrikaans.

Black Bush Barack: False Flag Frankenstein

In light of the current and well-founded anxiety that the Obama administration will conduct a false flag operation during the May 20-21 Chicago NATO summit, this article, although written in 2008, is crucial reading now.

Thanking 60 MINUTES and Begging for More

"When Hillary Clinton visited Jerusalem and said the wall was not against the Palestinian people, she killed us too! Christians who do not care kill us too!"

Talking Torture: Mordechai to Manning

“If you had free reign over classified network...and you saw incredible things, awful things…things that belonged in the public domain...what would you do?”

It’s ALL a God Thing

People ask me all the time why I went to occupied Palestine [7 times since 2005] and why do I care so much about such a small plot of real estate. I reply, that I went the first time to meet a little boy of Beit Jala, which is a suburb of Bethlehem for he irrevocably changed my life.

Peace Talks and the Pieces of the Holy Land

On Tuesday Israel announced plans for 1,100 new Jewish only housing units in the south Jerusalem settlement of Gilo, which is outside of the 1967 boundaries.

Weiner and the Washington Cesspool

Washington exists to prove that religion, family values and even patriotism corrupt as well. Add a dash of "conservatism" and no toddler is safe without a titanium chastity belt. Sex scandals in Washington are old news and Weinergate seems to be way below par.

Osama bin Laden – The Fight over Pulling the Trigger

When the first White House press briefings by phone took place after his Sunday night talk, the first thing that rocked the retired Intel community back on its heels is their finding this house in August of 2010

MUST SEE! Vicious Crucifiction Video From Israeli Television

AN EASTER "WAKE UP CALL" TO CHRISTIANS "Few know that the worst of it, the most hateful slurs, the bigotry and spiteful obscenities are saved...

BREAKING NEWS: UN Vote on Full Libya Intervention – VT...

Dear Folks, This additional 'we told you so' piece is not about stroking our egos, but about saving the Libyan revolution and the momentum of ridding Libya of its Neanderthal dictator and his corrupt regime. This be no means guarantees that democratic reform will keep them free, as elite corruption has rendered that institution a sock puppet for international mobsters, loyal to no country, or people...only to themselves.

ALAN HART : Where might the “wrong track” lead?

In the early days of the demonstrations of people power on Arab streets it could have been said (some did say) that they were a huge setback for all the various forces of violent Islamic extremism. This because the demonstrations, in Egypt especially, seemed to be sending a clear signal - that change could be brought about by peaceful means on a non-sectarian basis. But...

ARAB UPRISINGS: Time to Quit Playing al Qaeda’s Card

The Arab uprisings have opened all the hidden doors and secret chambers in the Middle East only to find inside not Osama Bin Laden nor WMD but decades of frustrations and broken dreams, looted Arab fortunes, terrorizing police states, Ghettos and ethnic cleansing in Gaza, governments with terrorist strategies mistaken for moderate regimes and traitorous west backed-dictators in power who won’t allow a chance for a democratic civil society in the Arab world nor stand up against Israel in its aggression and humiliation to the Palestinians Arabs and its daily grab of the Arabic land

Hillary Clinton: Beware of the Mini Pharaoh in our own backyard

Political donation laundering-rechanneling (PDLR) is a business in its own right, whether it is for pre-election donations or post-election maintenance contributions. In most cases, PDLR requires savvy strategists and planners, quick-witted implementers, friends and enablers in high-places, and a high degree of creativity, almost to the point of being artistic.


VTTV February 20, 2011 with Gordon Duff and Raja Mujtaba The diplomatic standoff between the United States and Pakistan over the arrest of State Department...

When Will We See the Next Mass Murder?

The legitimacy of Israel is no longer threatened. It’s already lost. Long gone. Kaput. Founded by extremists and terrorists, it’s been downhill ever since.

The “Times Square Bomb”

Times Square Bomb - a possible set-up to attack Pakistan?

Dual Loyalty Revisited

The U.S.-Israeli relationship has proven itself a consistent threat to our national security. That peril has only worsened with time. The facts confirm a common pro-Israeli source of the phony intelligence that took our military to war in Iraq. Is that why the Israel lobby pressed the Congress for a pledge of allegiance to Israel?

Obama Administration Cautions Against An Overly Ambitious Outlook for Afghanistan

According to reports from Politico, Defense Secretary Robert Gates expressed “guarded optimism” yesterday, 26 March, about U.S. progress in Afghanistan but predicted “many tough...

Ms. Clinton Says Iran Headed For Military Dictatorship

Well may Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warn students in Qatar that “Iran is moving toward a military dictatorship.” She is, after all, an authority on the subject, representing a country where the Pentagon has long been ascendant. Her comment was followed up by Robert Gibbs, President Obama’s press secretary, who, at a February 16th news conference refused to deny the possibility of the U.S. taking military action against Iran, stating, “I wouldn’t rule out anything.”

Hillary Clinton Is Kidding about “military dictatorships”

Does anyone believe that Hillary Clinton has any more commitment to democracy than Condoleezza Rice and Dick Cheney? And why doesn't corporate news preface every...

Talking Ourselves Out of Afghanistan

It’s becoming apparent to the foreign policy wonks in the Obama administration that the goose in Afghanistan is cooked. Now it’s only a matter of talking themselves into sticking a fork in it. The “great dilemma of this war,” as the New York Times calls it, is “whether to reconcile with the men who sheltered Osama bin Laden and who still have close ties to al-Qaeda.” That option is considered to be “rife with political risk at home” which means the neocons and their pals in the right-wing hate chorus will flay Obama alive if he takes it.