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Is Israel Marketing Human Organs to Fund ISIS?

A new report claims the group are openly discussing slavery on social media.It says that the terrorists are discussing prices for the women – even those who are yet to reach their teens.

Can Donald Trump trump the GOP’s ideology?

Why would Donald Trump even consider Sarah Palin for a cabinet position? Doesn’t he know that this woman serves her masters only?

Iran nuclear agreement biggest defeat for Israel lobby – Jim W....

Jim W. Dean - The Iran nuclear agreement is the biggest defeat that the Israel lobby in the United States has really ever had, and it is about time, thank God.

Zionists finally admitting Wave of hatred consuming Israel

Jim W. Dean - This is either the greatest show on earth Rivlin is putting on, or the rapture is almost upon us

Albert Einstein Versus Senator Schumer

United States Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer is violating the principle of separation of religion and government by being so delusional he actually believes and said that God appointed him to be the protector in the US Senate of the Jewish state of Israel.

Uri Avnery – Divide and Rule

Jim W. Dean, The Israelis live in fear of reaping what they have sown, and this is what gives the militarists power over them... so far.

Burning Churches Is Legitimate Under Jewish Law

Commentators on modern Jewish history are often puzzled by the animosity of secular Jews toward gentiles. But what about orthodox Jews?

NEO – Israel and Congress go to war on the Iran...

Jim W. Dean, It is time for us to declare war politically against Israel and its subversive lobbies, and yes, begin prosecuting those involved in espionage

Israel might be hit by rockets if US attacks Iran: Obama

Jim W. Dean, It is an irony that there is more loyalty to America in the Jewish community than in the Republican Congress, which is solidly with Netanyahu for pushing a military confrontation with Iran.

The Iran Deal’s Bad for Israel? Netanyahu’s to Blame

Among other concerns, Israeli officials knew that questions would arise about their own country's unacknowledged nuclear arsenal.

Israel – They Burn Babies, Don’t They ?

Sami Jamil Jadallah, Terrorists torch and set fire to Palestinian people, homes, farms, Christian churches and mosques under the watchful eye of the IDF.

Uri Avnery – A Task in Search of a Hero

Jim W. Dean, The lesson for us Americans today is we have a similar problem of not being able to unite forces to take on our real enemy who also looks upon us as plantation animals

Revealed Religions Are Pushing US Into War

Another dangerous religious based war party is the Israel lobby. They work tirelessly to buy US politicians from both parties who will vote as the lobby dictates on US foreign policy for the Middle East.

Huckabee heats up race for most unqualified Republican

Jim W. Dean, Mike Huckabee, drowning in is 1% poll ratings, threw a Hail Mary pass with his "playing the gas oven card" to generate some attention to get into the Republican debate

No U.S. President Can Stomach Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu’s world is Satanic precisely because it is against metaphysical reason, political order, and harmony.

NEO: Iran Nuclear Deal – The Good, Bad, and the...

Jim W. Dean, Nuclear terrorism is already here, so convenient scapegoats have to be found to blame it on if it ever becomes public.

Light at End of Pro-Israel Tunnel?

Britain suffered another disappointment last week when Tim Farron, a lightweight with the gift of the gab, landed the job of leader of the UK's Liberal Democrats.

End The Jewish Occupation Of The Solidarity Movement

These people should be encouraged to form their political groups and cherish their cultural heritage but cannot anymore be dominating any universal call or campaign.

Iran Nuke Talks, The good, the bad, and the ugly

Jim W. Dean, The bottom line here is that Israel is gambling in its keeping the Iran nuke fear porn going as a diversion for public attention shifting over to the Israeli nuclear threat

Striking the Root of Israel’s Warmongering

...the warmongers are working overtime to torpedo the agreement and to bring about another US war for Israel's benefit, just as was done when the US launched the religious war for the benefit of the Jewish state of Israel against Iraq. This time the target is Iran.

Israeli commandos ‘assassinated Syrian general in 2008’ – NSA leaks

An act that opens the door to "Israeli legalized" political murder around the world.

Pope Francis, Alison Weir and the Sanhedrin

With all these Sanhedrin courts pouring their wrath on the Goyim, the time to form a Goyim Defense League (GDL) is overdue.

Iran Deal Fallout Tilting US away from Israel?

"This extremist paranoid unreasonable expansionist Zionist regime in Tel Aviv is threatening the region with destabilization."

Benjamin Netanyahu and Mariah Carey: Strange Bedfellows

Jewish Daily Forward: “Bibi and Mariah Carey belong together (at dinner)."

George W. Bush Proves War is a Racket

George W. Bush recently proved United States Marine General Smedley Butler correct. Butler wrote a landmark book, War is a Racket, in which he points out how war harms the average person while enriching the plutocrats and most wealthy people.

Questions Over 7/7 Bomber’s Trip To Israel

Khan was in Israel weeks before two UK men bombed a Tel Aviv bar but potential links between them were not properly investigated.

Recent Sinai Attacks; killing the beast

We are not in the aftermath of the so called Arab Spring, Egypt and the rest of the Arab countries are deeply engulfed in a real war.

Syria Winning War with Israel Hands Down

Army assumes control of al-Tal Citadel in Zabadani, al-Nashwa al-Sharqiah neighborhood in Hasaka

Israel: Egypt Asking Israel to Bomb Gaza Again

An obvious attempt by Israel to embarrass Egypt

Caught: RT and Israel

How ISIS got VT custom weapons.

Former Israel Ambassador Oren Writes Memoir Complaining Obama Major Obstacle to...

Zionist Negotiator Outlines Disdain for Barack Obama in new Book aimed at influencing future Presidents to back off from Eretz-Israel

Wikiweasel Coverup As Saudi Contact With Israel Censored

Wikileaks and Israel strike again with Saudi Leaks, full scale censorship by the Mossad with fabricated documents thrown in for fun

Gaza; Ending the Siege Now and Forever

Sami Jamil Jadallah - Let the people of Gaza open their port

Israel Freezes Defense Aid Talks with US Pending Iran Deal

Israel threatens US with cut off of aid to itself.

Free American: Theologian Dr. Jake Wade Discusses the Bible with...

Host Clay Douglas Talks God and Bible with an Academic Scholar. Are you ready to get all fahklempt?

John Friend & Gilad Atzmon on Jewish ethnocentrism, hypocrisy, & “anti-Semitism”

The Jewish political attitude is pretty simple to grasp. It is a concentrated institutional collective attempt to shift the blame from the Jews onto the 'Goyim.'

US Politicians Hurt America While Helping Israel

Most people with common sense know that nothing good will come to a nation and its people who fight the wars of another nation as the US has done, and for all practical purposes, still is, in Iraq. The Iraq war was started for the security of Israel.

NEO – Is Israel Beyond Saving or Worth it?

Jim W. Dean - Uri Avnery the long time critic of militant Zionism gives us his Israeli Leftist insiders analysis of the Likud parties complete take over of Israel - its campaign to eliminate any effective opposition, forever.

NEO: A Look at Current Strategic Analysis for Middle East

Gordon Duff - You can kiss global nuclear non-proliferation goodbye because of the nuclear attack on Yemen. The IAEA will go the way of the League of Nations