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A Window into the Palestinian/Israeli Tragedy

Dr. Dov Khenin is a current member of the Israeli Parliament (Knesset). In 2008, he ran for mayor of Tel Aviv and received one-third of the vote.

The Sacrilege of War

I will spend this Memorial Day weekend grieving the suffering of all who have been touched by war remembering that I am both a victim and a victimizer.

Give Peace A Chance

I'm tired of the militarization of our police force, the glorification of the military and the humanization of war at the expense of peace, altruism and social cooperation ~ which also happen to be the driving tenets of evolution.

Meeting with Enemy

Though, as a member of Veterans For Peace and a philosophy professor with a focus on war and ethics, I have often discussed my impressions and insights about war and its aftermath in the classroom, at conferences and with civic groups, I had never had such discussions with someone who had been my "enemy."

The Guardian Laments Sharon

Is it really The Guardian of the truth or has it become The Guardian of Zion?

Talking with the Christ

The Christ spoke with me last night. I guess you can imagine my surprise when, of all the people in the world he could have spoken to – clergy members, political leaders, Fox “news” commentators, etc. – he chose me. I thought maybe he just needed to rant a bit, to blow off steam. I can certainly understand his frustration given the state of the world and the way his teachings have been ignored, misinterpreted, and exploited by those who claim to be his followers. Or maybe he just wanted to talk with someone he could trust to just listen and not distort his words for their advantage or to the disadvantage of other human beings.

Iranian Children vs. American Children

How Young Iranians View America article sparks review of how all children see the world and what we can do about it for our future.

The Global Promised Land

21st century visionary Johnny Punish proposed a new Global Promised Land to replace the 20th century Theodor Herzl flawed "My Promised Land" vision that has killed so many and caused so much harm to millions.

The Folly of Electoral Politics and the Imperative Merger of the...

This new version of an older article is re-posted because it (i) is relevant to the coming revolution, (ii) contains a substantial revision, and (iii) provides background and rationale for the sixth part of my “Bird’s Eye View of Contrived Terror.”

Remembering Dr. Bob Bowman, 1934-2013

The USA just lost one of its greatest-ever leaders - Dr. Bob Bowman, the man who should have been President.

Is a Palestinian Peace a Mirage or a Dream?

- Netanyahu ignores settlement freeze to jump start peace negotiations when Israel has never negotiated in good faith, which is why they don't want a freeze.

Israel and Palestine: Obama Bumper Car Diplomacy vs. Old Bibi...

Will bumper cars replace bombs in Israel and Palestine?

Salam, Peace, Shalom

May the New Year brings freedom and liberty to all those under Israeli and American Occupation.

Stark Christmas Message from the Holy Land

My first Christmas greeting this year came all the way from Bethlehem itself, just yards from where the Big Story is supposed to have begun 2012 years ago.

Peace or Perpetual Struggle in the Holy Land?

The window of opportunity for peace between Israel and the Palestinians "is closing before our eyes", warns a hard-hitting report by 22 well-known and highly regarded NGOs from nine EU member states and from Norway and Switzerland.

Demilitarization Is Not a Dirty Word

The political, social and economic changes we all face are serious. Some might call the state of the world today chaos.

Veterans, Military Families, Peace Groups Protest New NBC Show

RootsAction.org, Just Foreign Policy, Veterans For Peace, and Military Families Speak Out have launched a campaign at http://StarsEarnStripes.org targeting NBC's new program, "Stars Earn Stripes," which the network is advertising during its Olympics telecast. The show will debut on August 13th.

Hakim: Peace Needs a Chance

I am grateful that the U.S. officials at the U.S. Embassy in Singapore considered my visa re-application in the light of the surprising write-in campaign on my behalf, and have kindly granted me a U.S. visit visa.

A Mother’s Day Manifesto and about Shimon Peres

Anna Jarvis, organized a day to raise awareness of poor health conditions in her community and 15 years later, Julia Ward Howe, organized a day encouraging mothers to rally for peace. Today, Grant S. Smith offers us this Mother's Day opportunity to speak Truth to Power regarding a Master of War.

Where the ‘Self’ Ends and the ‘West’ Begins

The Western subject, as well as Western society, is submerged in self-love. Somehow we cannot understand how it is that a system that was created to explore our human liberties, can fail.