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Will Global Financial Demolition Lead To New World Order?

The next step in the Occupy Wall Street movement, after establishing its presence and credibility, is to fully expose the enemy, the global financial elite, as well as their ongoing global financial demolition plans which will eventually lead to a New World Order ~ unless the people reclaim their power as they did in Iceland.

Happy Thanksgiving – The Magic Of Gratitude

Gratitude is the only antidote for unworthiness for gratitude helps remove the stifling blanket of self-negating unworthiness ~ and gratitude allows a closed heart to open, to love and be loved, and to dance in inner joy and delight.

OWS Meets Police State – The Revolution Has Begun

The more the Occupy Wall Street movement grows, the more apparent becomes the police state that has emerged from the Patriot Act.

OWS Is Trigger For Major Shift in Global Consciousness

In essence, the "Occupy Wall Street" movement is a form of massive intervention by the American people on a political system that is addicted to deception and not only will not listen to them but is quite literally afraid of the truth. Our point here is that one of the principle demands of the OWS movement is the demand for truth and transparency from our government ~ and that must eventually lead to 9/11 and the governments role in either condoning this tragedy or aiding in its implementation.

The World Is A Business, Occupiers – It’s All About Profits

And this is just what the Occupy Wall Street movement is saying to the financially elite and corporate America as it spreads like wildfire ~ I'M MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!

OCW Wave Will Become A Tsunami – Wall Street Beware

There is something glorious in the people led Occupy Wall Street movement for it is rooted in the moral imperatives of justice, self-sacrifice and social responsibility.

OWS Is For Real – America Has Lost Its Moral Bearings

Obviously, we have lost our moral bearings and focus and that is what’s driving the Occupy Wall Street movement ~ and many others acknowledge this driving collective moral force of a country that wants to redeem itself from its past and continuing moral transgressions.

Band Of Brothers #7 – Going To The Edge

This is, without a doubt, the most powerful and rewarding work I have done in over 35 years of practice. Seeing the light go on within combat veterans, who were taught to kill, is an unforgettable experience.

We Are The 99% Who Want Peace, Harmony And Love On...

Mark this moment ~ a true shift in global consciousness is upon us for the Occupy Wall Street Movement is touching deeply felt evolutionary chords which will eventually break down the global walls of greed, separateness and war and will eventually replace them with altruism, social cooperation and peace ~ the true driving forces of evolution.

Obama Is Tip Of Wall Street Iceberg

President Obama is in deep re-election trouble, for not only do the majority of Americans not trust the global elite and Wall Street but that mistrust also extends to Obama ~ whose re-election campaign pockets are lined with ongoing donations from his corporate base. In essence, American taxpayers are being ripped off by Wall Street and Obama is being paid off to look the other way.

Steve Jobs Epitaph – Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish and Follow Your...

Steve Jobs used his brief time well and, in the process, made a profound difference on this small planet. He wasn’t afraid to take risks or experience failure ~ and he had the courage to create his vision and live his dreams. In many ways, Steve Jobs was always that excited, foolish and fearless young man in the garage building his first computer, living his dream and then sharing it with the world.

And We Thought We Were Free

And we thought we were free but, in reality, like the Germans in the 30’s, we are being manipulated and conditioned by fear to slowly give up our rights, liberties, guns and freedom ~ and all in the name of National Security and the never ending war on terror.

It’s Really Quite Simple – It’s All About Love

Science will surely remain one-eyed and lacking in depth-perception until it acknowledges the equal validity of subjective, sensory and spiritual experience.

This Week We Are All Palestinians

This week the United States Middle East hypocrisy will be viewed by the world. After 44 years of illegal military occupation by Israel, Palestine is reaching out to the world for recognition and statehood even though their bid for statehood at the UN Security Council will surely be vetoed by Obama

Orwell Was Correct – Ignorance Is Strength

Maybe you need to take another hard look at the official 9/11 conspiracy story to fortify your ignorance ~ before you finally succumb to the rapidly emerging and unsettling truth that you have been bamboozled ~ as Orwell predicted.

Face Of The Monstrous Lie Of 9/11 Is Dick Cheney

The noose is slowly closing around the monstrous lie of 9/11 as well as the unindicted co-conspirators but one name stands above them all and that person is not Osama Bin Laden.

9/11 Film The Government Does Not Want You To See

Americans are no longer satisfied with the discredited 9/11 Commission’s airbrushed official version of events, where both Cheney and Bush were never questioned under oath, and are now seemingly ready to face the brutal truth of that day as well as the true criminal perpetrators and enablers of 9/11.

Falling Man Of 9/11 Cries Out For Truth And Justice

Every abuse of power by the Cheney/Bush administration can be traced to the 9/11 false flag operation and cover up and we, as a nation, will not be free until we fully investigate, uncover the evidence and prosecute the perpetuators of America's greatest bamboozle ~ no matter how difficult it may be to acknowledge this evil deed.

The Spark Of Life Is Love Not The Higgs Boson

What if infinite love and not the speed of light was the absolute constant of the Universe? My own personal experience and work as a psychotherapist, particularly in my work with veterans with PTSD, has demonstrated this great truth a truth that all human beings sense and respond to at their deepest level of consciousness.

In My Time Lies And Quotes From Cheney And Neocon Pundits

In light of the release next week of Dick Cheney’s memoir, In My Time, we must never forget that Cheney tried to justify illegally attacking Iraq on March 20, 2003 by using intelligence that the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee later labeled "unsubstantiated, contradicted, or even non-existent."

Ron Paul Won’t Go Away – Nor Should He

I am one of millions of Americans who want to vote for a man of integrity and clear principles in 2012 versus a shill for Wall Street and the corporate elite. However, the corporate controlled main stream media is well aware of the Ron Paul populist threat ~ which is why they either ignore or belittle his candidacy.

Obama Going Down With Dow – Obamageddon Approaches

Obama’s lack of moral courage for taking a strong stand for what is right or wrong regarding our economy is not just because of his self imposed calm, pragmatic and unflappable persona, which he feels elevates himself above the conflict and chaos of the masses, but rather his innate fear of failure and offending his uber-wealthy corporate donors ~ which are right now his only true base.

The Sinking Of America

Not only are over 50% of U.S. Homeowners under water but America itself is underwater, owing more than we are worth, while Obama continues to offer false hope and promises while preparing the country for an Imperial presidency and the New World Order.

The Eagle Has Landed

The eagle has landed ~ but it should also now be obvious that man’s quest to touch the face of god must eventually turn inward. The ultimate frontier is not space but understanding the journey of the heart and the true intent of love

Wall Street Rejoices While Main Street Cries – Where Are The...

It’s time to face reality and finally get beyond the lies and misinformation that caused and perpetuate our current economic crisis by recognizing that we are in a deepening recession, we’re broke and millions of Americans want truthful answers and jobs ~ not lies, hype and theater.

Obama Needs Primary Challenge; Bernie Sanders Is The One

Vermont’s Independent Senator Bernie Sanders is often called ”America’s Senator” for good reason ~ Bernie represents what a vast majority of Americans truly want and what Congress and President Obama continue to ignore. Here are eight examples ~

Norway Massacre; Symbol of World Wide Hate Filled Politics

This is an obvious statement of the deadly potential consequences when hate filled right wing Zionism is mixed with Islamophobia ~ for it was in fact an anti-Muslim zealot, Anders Behring Breivik, who committed the cold blooded murders of 92 people in Norway.

Band Of Brothers #6; Finding Another Choice

Most of us were at one time or another moved to tears. For me it was tears of spiritual joy. For others it was perhaps tears of glimpsing past the pain, and under the sadness, a sense of the innocent little boy we all once were.

The Four Levels of Relationship

Authentic relationship begins when both partners realize that their quest will be fulfilled not in any “perfect relationship, " but only when they reunite with their authentic self, which is usually still trapped within a self-imposed prison of childhood fears.

Eleven 9/11 Questions Which Still Demand Answers

Here are eleven 9/11 questions which have yet to be adequately answered along with the still unanswered question of Dick Cheney’s role in the most treasonous act in American history.

Obama Pulls A Nixon In Afghanistan

As I watched President Obama’s recent draw down speech regarding Afghanistan ~ I saw the ghost of Richard Nixon saying exactly the same thing about Vietnam along with the same hype and lies.

Army’s Top Brass Acknowledge Need For Alternative PTSD Vet Care

If combat veterans are responding positively to these once a week eight week action oriented heart centered workshops ~ it’s time for the VA to open the door to alternative healing methodologies which the rest of the country is already acknowledging, supporting and experiencing.

Put Away The Flags / There Is Nothing Natural About War

The so called “War on Terror” is rationalized economic rape with Iraq and Afghanistan as the prime examples.

Fukushima Cover Up Continues Amid Looming World Health Crisis

Fukushima Radioactivity is Everywhere All Over Northern Hemisphere and Every One is Already Contaminated to Some Degree.

Father's Day Thoughts

A wise father learns to accept his mistakes and celebrate his triumphs hoping that his children will learn from those failings and be inspired by his victories. Happy Fathers Day!

Mainstream Media Is Establishment Tool

The only antidote for the shameless propaganda and hypocrisy of the Mainstream Press is transparency and the truth ~ which the Obama administration and the establishment continually avoid ~ because Americans don’t demand it or perhaps don’t want to hear it.

Arab Spring Reveals America’s Moral and Economic Fall

Three ongoing military campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are costing the U.S. a fortune and give no comfort to the nearly 14 million unemployed Americans. With food stamps and a minimum wage the only hope for many, a career at McDonald's has now become very appealing.

The Eternal Message of Voyager 1

So now imagine, if you will, at some point of distant time ~ an Intergalactic spaceship retrieving a seemingly lost frozen space vehicle and cautiously examining its contents and coming across this strange gold-plated copper disc.

Ron Paul: A True Choice For 2012

To me the deciding factor is not party affiliation, since both parties have sold out to corporate interests ~ the deciding factor is integrity and Ron Paul stands tall in that category against all comers ~ especially Barack Obama.

Quotes and Questions On Memorial Day 2011

Here are some thought provoking quotes and thoughts to mull over on memorial Day 2011 and then a must see 5 minute video of Ron Paul speaking on the House floor about the death of the Republic as Defense Authorization Act H.R. 1540, aka The Forever War Act of 2012, was recently overwhelmingly approved.