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Lords of War and the Birth of a Multipolar World

American corporations have to beg for capital from the cash-rich Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Persian Gulf. By invading Iraq, President George W. Bush grossly undermined American credibility in the international arena and irrevocably weakened Washington’s diplomatic clout. Now what?

More Than 30 Top U.S. Officials Guilty of War Crimes

More than 30 top U.S. officials, including presidents G.W. Bush and Obama, are guilty of war crimes or crimes against peace and humanity “legally akin to those perpetrated by the former Nazi regime in Germany,” the distinguished American international law authority Francis Boyle charges.

Press TV: Romney more Hitleresque than Bush

For weeks, Americans, even others, have been going to the same stale, lying “pop culture” news for assurances that the candidate they were taught to hate will, somehow, slink into oblivion after Tuesday’s presidential election.

Real Terror in America – Political Corruption and Incompetence

- Homeland Security Fusion Centers - Just Another Budget Scam

Will the American ‘Final Option’ work?

Hitler took pride in his “Aryan race” that put Jews in disadvantage because changing race is beyond one’s means. So, he found an easy excuse to go for Final Solution to solve his Jewish problem once for all.

File Sharer from Sweden Kidnapped in Cambodia

- Get me a movie of a house falling on Julian Assange and Rupert Murdoch while Tony Blair and George W. Bush are visiting and maybe we can win an academy award

Breaking: Bandar Bush – Saudi Intel Chief Believed Dead Now...

Bandar Bush has been reported either missing or dead by Israel and the Voltairenet in France.

Ron Paul Stands Against America’s War Machine, for both Syria...

The video below by Texas congressman Ron Paul is clear. He makes his case. America is a nation obsessed. Twice Paul avoids mentioning Israel but we know what he is not allowed to say for his personal safety or the safety of his family. They would be brutally murdered if he spoke what we all saw him allude to. Our obsession with Iran is illegal, it is a war crime, it constitutes an illegal declaration of war through sanctions, which are, as Paul states, an act of war.

Press TV: Israelo-US war of bluff, baloney on Iran

Add in the nuclear contamination which will be widespread and devastating...the world will never be the same, and we might even get some new Nuremberg style trials and hangings which I dream about so much.

Mob Boss Judge Brags About Rigging Presidential Election

Watch him talk. I diagnose him as a malignant narcissist. He thinks he owns the courts, our courts, he thinks the controlled press controls America.

Let it Begin Here, the American Armageddon

Americans love their country so much and have, because of that blinded love, Americans have become, if any people today are, the representation of the power of Satan on earth.

Vietnam Promise – It Was to be Our Last

Raised on war propaganda, political claptrap and only mildly suspicious that America had been overthrown in the Coup de Etat on November 22, 1963, I was going to do my part.

Is Independence Terrorism, Our Government Wants Us To Think So

America died when we got Fox News. Is this a coincidence, the national addiction to paranoia, conspiracy theory and hate?

The Attack on the LIBERTY

"The Untold Story of Israel’s Deadly 1967 Assault on a U.S. Spy Ship" blows apart the only American investigation that was ever conducted: the U.S. Naval Court of Inquiry's white wash rush job that confirmed Israel's claim of "mistaken identity."

War, Press TV and Death By Political Correctness

As many know, I am the preferred voice chosen by Press TV, the Iranian news network, when discussing military issues.

Memorial Day – Time to Ask Why

Our general agreement, with dozens of wars, thousands of medals, top clearances or activists with decades of personal sacrifice, we are slowly coming together, but no so slowly anymore.

Election Fraud, Media Deception, and the Crisis of Conservatism

The Treatment of Ron Paul and Stephen Harper in Engineering the Political Economy of North America.

Black Bush Barack: False Flag Frankenstein

In light of the current and well-founded anxiety that the Obama administration will conduct a false flag operation during the May 20-21 Chicago NATO summit, this article, although written in 2008, is crucial reading now.

May On Edge After Chicago Nearly Nuked

In an historic 2006 interview, VT columnist Captain Eric H. May and Daniel Ott, host of The Edge, discuss the damning evidence that Mayor Richard Daley and Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich are setting up an attack on Sears Tower.

Nearly Nuked! NLE-06 Targeted Sears Tower

With the Internet buzzing about a possible Windy City dirty bomb attack during the May 20-21 NATO Summit, we must consider how close we came to that very event six years ago.

Is Ron Paul a “False Flag” Pied Piper?

For years my colleagues and I have been asking Ron Paul about a slew of petrochemical disasters in and around his Houston-area congressional district.

Is Ron Paul part of a US-BP Iran War plan?

Captain Eric H. May, a former NBC editorial writer, issued a series of warnings through alternative media interviews and articles. The mainstream media at first ignored them, but were compelled to report them when a day-after nuclear response team arrived and set up operations in Ron Paul's district on February 1, 2006 -- the day after Captain May's predicted attack date of January 31.

The Newest War- Disinformation, Lies and Censorship as “Activism”

Press TV Banned in Germany and Britain, But Why?

JetBlue 191 Jumble: Izzi Iran Ixxi?

My suspicion that Flight 191 was dedicated to destruction isn't at all fanciful. Indeed, it can easily be inferred from international and internet articles that are either unreported or under-reported by the American media.

Sunday Night, April Fools Day, 2012

Race has been a profitable game, as has religion, in dividing and exploiting mankind

8th Anniversary: How Ghost Troop Stopped a BP Nuke

On March 25 the FBI issued a Gulf Coast terror alert, conspicuous in its parallels to Captain May's false flag scenario, warning that the Texas oil industry might be a terror target. On March 30 the British Petroleum refinery in Texas City, Texas exploded. Texas City is a petro suburb of Houston, and the event confirmed May’s target and time to within 24 miles and 24 hours.

Financial Support for Mark Siljander

Editor's note:  We are unable to mention why former Congressman and UN Ambassador Mark Siljander became a target of the Neocon Mafia/Bush and Company. ...

A Tin Foil Hat Day, We All Need More of...

It was my job, much because of my checkered past, to learn who was who, separate the wheat from the chaff.

Cyber Drones and Vanunu Video

This article was published first at my site, which was founded in July 2005; three weeks after my first of seven trips to Israel Palestine.

Google+ Plus and the L-Shaped Ambush (Part two)

In my earlier writings about the Google+ platform I suggested to my readers that this Google product was perhaps the most significant leap in social media technology since the invention of the telephone.

Your God’s Will Die With You

- One of the things we learned is that American Christian Evangelists, give billions to Israel.The amount is staggering, conservatively over $30 billion a year.

Tidbits: What is Being Held Back from You

Out there somewhere is a photograph of Osama bin Laden and George H. W. Bush, shaking hands in the White House. It exists.

Israeli Wrecking Crews VS a State of Nonviolent Solidarity

The night before President Obama’s State of our Union Address, Israeli authorities demolished the Beit Arabiya Peace Home for the fifth time. While standing astride those ruins, ICAHD Director Dr. Jeff Halper, vowed, "We shall rebuild, we must rebuild as an act of political defiance of the occupation and protracted oppression of Palestinians.”

CIA – DOD – Panetta and the Hidden Truth

Former CIA Director Panetta condemns Marines peeing on dead Taliban with "utterly deplorable" comment. Ain't that the pot calling the kettle black? .

VT Correspondent, Marine Combat Vet Put on Terror List

Ken O'Keefe has been named as having 'known links to Al Qaeda, Hamas, and other terrorist organizations' in US Congressional Bill now being processed through the traitorous US Congress. Here is the applicable paragraph;

Bury Bin Laden at Arlington?

Did you know that Osama bin Laden quite probably had been awarded civilian and military decorations by the United States? Osama bin Laden is responsible for more high risk intelligence and combat support operations on behalf of the US than any member of our military today. Sources indicate that his equivalent rank, when representing the United States government to the Mujihideen was that of Colonel and that he qualified for combat awards including, not only the Bronze Star but multiple Silver Stars as well.

Pissed off Marines

As many of you already know, I volunteer at the "National Veterans Hotline" a few nights per month. The hotline website can be found at www.Veterans911.com Last night, I was on duty for close to four hours and during that time I talked to over twenty callers.

Mitt Romney – Ted Kennedy and Veterans Milking Cows

Years later, I found out that the anonymous donor was Romney. Out of his own pocket he did this.

Sons of the Fallen from Iraq and Afghanistan

I seldom get moved about a movie, or a cause, beyond the confines of my own home, where I take time for my own kids every day, day after day, week after week.

America the “Bad Guy,” a Lesson in Historical Hypocrisy

I could have done 5 years in prison...though I think I behaved in a civilized manner toward the Vietnamese I didn't kill.