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NEO – Has Freedom Become the Preserve of the Far Right?

- Seth Ferris..."Every country, new or old, has to be part of one geopolitical alliance, and only one. That is a practical fact."

Johnny Racist and A White Jew With A Fat Arse

Instead of supporting tolerance and brotherhood, PC has matured into a totalitarian force despised by all people rich and poor, white and black, witty and shallow.

On Abby Martin, Freedom and Tolerance

Martin’s statement means that Russia is far more respectful of freedom of speech and thought than our so called ‘Free West.’

The Folly of Electoral Politics and the Imperative Merger of the...

This new version of an older article is re-posted because it (i) is relevant to the coming revolution, (ii) contains a substantial revision, and (iii) provides background and rationale for the sixth part of my “Bird’s Eye View of Contrived Terror.”

Independence Day 2013: I Love the USA!

How can we even consider celebrating independence day from tyranny when this government is secretly spying on all of us without probable cause and without our permission?

West, Zionists Mortally Threatened by Truth

Press TV is being censored by the US government. What are they afraid of?

NSA SPYING: Americans Support Security Over Privacy

Decades of ruler led mass media brainwashed abuse has irrevocably damaged the American psyche forever.

United Against Scholarship

In the last few years we have been witnessing the emergence of a self-gratifying populist culture in the midst of the Palestinian scholarly discourse.

Harlem Shake: Freedom Dance Goes Viral Threatening Crusty Establishments Worldwide

The Harlem Shake has gone worldwide and viral going from stupid fun dance to a major protest effort by the young against the crusties who seek to oppress them and their future.

Tina Turner: America Loses Another High Profile Citizen

Like Tina Turner, should you escape the US to gain financial advantage and gain personal freedom?

The Peace People and Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire says ‘NO...

Much of the terror has been imported...

Vanunu Mordechai: Friend, Hero, Brother's Latest Message

Not everything Vanunu wrote me over the past week is for publication, but what follows is...

From the Maple Spring to the Education Summer

The Maple Spring has blossomed in Quebec and is starting to proliferate throughout Canada and beyond. Chris Hedges recently described this outburst of anti-authoritarian energy in the French-speaking heartland of les canadiens as "the most important resistance movement in the industrialized world.

New Face in NYC and New Voice from Florida

Last week it became official that this author and reporter will be on the 2012 ballot for US HOUSE of Representatives, District 5 in Florida. Last week, this image also flashed during rush hour in Times Square, NYC...

Israel to Rule on Nuclear Whistle Blower’s Appeal to Revoke Citizenship

Mordechai Vanunu wrote, "The court hearing [cancel Israel citizenship] is June 6th." In a separate email, he added...

A Mother’s Day Manifesto and about Shimon Peres

Anna Jarvis, organized a day to raise awareness of poor health conditions in her community and 15 years later, Julia Ward Howe, organized a day encouraging mothers to rally for peace. Today, Grant S. Smith offers us this Mother's Day opportunity to speak Truth to Power regarding a Master of War.

Presidential Awards, Masters of War and Vanunu’s Final Message to Facebook

Today, Israeli Nuclear Whistle Blower, Mordechai Vanunu wrote, "Hi. Today they sent first notice, they will renew the restrictions. Sent to my Lawyer. Now you are free, we can close the Cause. either you do it or I will do it."

Global March to Jerusalem Began in Tahrir Square

"Ready to be martyrs, by the millions, to Jerusalem we are going." -

The Stages of the Soul and How Religiosity-Fundamentalism is Holding up...

"I said, you are gods: you are all children of the Most High God."-Psalm 82:6...The first mention of Israel in the Bible is in Genesis 32, when Jacob wrestled, struggled and then clung to the Divine being and was then renamed Israel.

Will Colbert Grow a Pair for The Secret Policeman’s Ball Vis-a-Vis...

Amnesty International is celebrating fifty years in support of free speech at a comedy show on March 4th in New York City with the import of The Secret Policeman's Ball.

Is The US The Only Answer to The “Global Cop” Issue?

Debt and financial crisis. Who will finance global peace?

The Fragility of Freedom: SOPA, Ken Starr and Vanunu Mordechai

If Congress passes the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) it will allow the government to censor sites deemed to be trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and YouTube would likely be shut down.

Government Secracy Which Runs Afoul of The Constitution

How can secrecy and security exist in the same society?

The Decline of America And The Cause

The decline of America and its global stature probably began with the implementation of our modified capitalistic society, though I choose to discuss the decline from the end of the Second World War when it is far easier for us to view and for us to remember.

DemocraticUnderground.com, Censorship, Google Alerts and Carpe Diem

This morning's email included a Google Alert for "eileen fleming" which led to another lame attack by The Democratic Underground and another opportunity to expose Zionism on the WWW.

Threats of Lawsuits and Remembering Nakba

On the second day of 2012, I received my second threat of a legal action in an email with a letter attachment “regarding a libelous publication on wearewideawake.org” from a law firm in Tel Aviv.

The Media, Ron Paul and a Third Rail named Vanunu Mordechai

Ron Paul’s poll numbers are surging, the Media’s scrutiny is focused on the contents of an “investment newsletter” that Paul produced and profited from back in the ’80s and ’90s.

Islam and Liberty: Contradictory or Complementary?

Is the so-called Arab Spring, whose twin banners are Liberty and Islam, doomed to collapse under the burden of a contradiction?

The Serial Hypocrisy of The Media vis-a-vis Ron Paul and Mordechai...

Inspired by Presidential contender Ron Paul who demonstrated on CNN that he will not tolerate fools, this candidate for US House of Representatives seizes this opportunity to address the “serial hypocrisy” of corporate media in regards to their 25 years of failure to report on Israel’s nuclear whistle blower Mordechai Vanunu, who wrote today:

Facebook Causes and Connections: The Jewish Internet Defense Force and FREE...

A few days before a friend in Tel Aviv alerted me to a story in Haaretz written by Yossi Sarid, my most recent struggles with Face Book began. Sarid wrote, “A week has passed and I'm still wondering who the hell sent those security people to attack the book and me, and what exactly he wanted to achieve. And why now of all times?”

Deja vu Redux: Anat Kamm and Mordechai Vanunu

Former Israel Defense Forces soldier Anat Kamm was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison for “collecting, holding and passing on classified information without authorization". Kamm passed on the documents to reporter Uri Blau whose investigative report in Haaretz Magazine exposed misconduct by the Israel Defense Forces/IDF. Kamm's trial maybe over, but no decision has been announced whether Israel will prosecute Uri Blau for reporting the brutal truth.

Refugees, Gandhi’s and Free Radicals

Gandhi pointed out three possible responses to oppression and injustice. The coward’s way out, which is to accept the wrong and run away, or to stand and fight by force of arms, but the third and best way is to fight by speaking truth and remaining physically nonviolent. The Palestinian Gandhi Project is.......

WIKIPEDIA Censors Mordechai Vanunu: Again!

On Wednesday, Mordechai Vanunu updated the world regarding his appeals. Under “Arrests and hearings” on Vanunu’s WIKI page I posted Vanunu's words and linked them back to his Youtube Channel.

Phone call and Email to Secretary of State Clinton RE: Israel,...

On Monday morning around 9 AM, I left a message with the person answering the phone for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seeking a statement regarding Israel, Nuclear Weapons and Mordechai Vanunu.

30 Days to a FREE Vanunu!

On Thursday in Tel Aviv, the High Court judges ruled that Mordechai Vanunu's petition must be answered within 30 days that he wrote over two months ago requesting the revoking of his Israeli citizenship citing the Citizenship Revocation Law passed in March that enables the courts to revoke the citizenship of those convicted of crimes against the state...

Obama and Gaza: US Blockade Aid a Violation

My daughter's death shows the cruelty of an America that won't protect its own and is complicit in harming Palestinian civilians.

Starving Gaza Is Not Cricket

You're suddenly in the blockade busting business and if you succeed in getting through you'll put a lot of noses out of joint and symbolically squidge the evil ambitions of racist-supremacists like Netanyahu, Barak, Lieberman and Peres.

Federal Court Declares Veterans Administration Violated Free Speech Rights of Veteran

A federal court has ruled that the Veterans Administration (VA) violated the free speech rights of a veteran who protested the agency’s failure to use part of its property in west Los Angeles for the benefit and care of veterans, particularly those who are homeless.

Terrorists Attack Jefferson Memorial with Deadly Dance Moves

Dancing "Terrorists" struck the Jefferson Memorial on May 28th in an apparently coordinated effort. Early reports revealed this coordinated attack carries the signature of young freedom seeking American citizens OR maybe, Al Qaeda types using multiple targets and unrelated agents.

U.S. Border Patrol Harassment Against Military Veteran Within U.S. Border Raises...

Consider a U.S. Military Veteran minding his own business driving his car within the U.S.A. gets stopped by U.S. Border Patrol. They seek to search his car without resonable suspicion that he was violating any law and question his citzenship. Mind you, this goes on within the U.S. Border; not upon entering into the U.S. but within the U.S.! Don't believe it?

In The Midst of All the Chaos can We Please Take...

Though I have traveled the inroads of war and the back alleys of unknown battles, diligently and honorably, I am not with out flaw or fail.

U.S. Congressman Calls for End to All Foreign Aid

The Brushfires of Freedom Are Burning! Ron Paul's Full Speech at CPAC 2011 inspires a new group of Americans Congressman Ron Paul appeared at the recent...