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Netanyhau's Deep Pockets: The Price of Silence

Arafat Jaradat It was difficult to find out why there were protests, though they took place in an extensive geographical area and seemed related.

Netanyhau’s Deep Pockets: The Price of Silence

Arafat Jaradat It was difficult to find out why there were protests, though they took place in an extensive geographical area and seemed related.

What do Obama and Abbas have in common?

Short answer - both are grovellers (definition in a moment). The president of the United States of America grovels to the Zionist lobby and its neo-con and Christian fundamentalist allies. The Palestinian “president” grovels to Obama as well as Israel’s leaders more often than not. Obama and Abbas are, one could say, grovelling twins, but if there was the equivalent of a Nobel Prize for grovelling, it would have to be awarded to Obama. (If when he leaves office Israel is still able to impose its will on the occupied and oppressed Palestinians, I think he should hand back the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded).

WANTED – A psychiatric diagnosis of Nazi holocaust denial

While I was reading some of the responses on various web sites to my last post (Understanding the real significance TODAY of the Nazi holocaust), the following question occurred to me.

With UN report, will Israeli settlers be prosecuted for ‘war crimes’?

On January 31, 2013, a three-member UN panel cited Israel as in violation of the human rights of Palestinians and the sovereignty of the Palestinian nation.

Johns Hopkins Genome Study of Jewish Origins

First peer reviewed study proving the Jewish population's origins to be other than the Middle East.

JPost: IDF shoots, kills Palestinian youth in West Bank

The IDF opened fire on a Palestinian youth who it said attempted to cross into Israel from the West Bank on Tuesday morning. The youth later died at a Ramallah hospital.

Murdering The Truth

Judging from the latest Israeli attacks on Gaza with its bombs and missiles, Palestinian journalists have been doing their best to get the news reported.

Stark Christmas Message from the Holy Land

My first Christmas greeting this year came all the way from Bethlehem itself, just yards from where the Big Story is supposed to have begun 2012 years ago.

Why they call him ‘Agent’ Cameron

Britain’s prime minister David Cameron has again shown why he should stand down from British politics.

Netanyahu for Anti-Christ? He’s got my vote!

Why stop at the post of Israeli PM? Netanyahu should run for Anti-Christ!

Press TV: US Builds Israeli Nuke Bunkers and Bio-War Labs

Legally, the law, based on the disputed Oslo Accords, which expired in 2000, would require the dismantling of the “Gaza Wall,” a project no different than the Warsaw Ghetto, the Berlin Wall or Buchenwald.

Are Israel’s Jews, some of them, on their way to becoming...

Some and perhaps many will regard my headline question as offensive but I make no apology for asking it; and I take comfort from the fact that my decision to pose it is fully supported by one of my very dear Jewish friends - Nazi holocaust survivor Dr. Hajo Meyer.

VT mole slips Netanyahu truth serum

The Veterans Today-led psy-op campaign against Israeli PM Netanyahu is starting to draw blood.

A real Jew, a Zionist, and a truth jihadi walk into...

Kenneth Katzman says he'll boycott Press TV if they keep featuring guys like me who blame Israel for 9/11.

It rains rocket from Gaza, never bombs from Israel

Alistair Burt is the UK Foreign Office minister in charge of Middle East affairs. He is also a former officer of the Conservative Friends of Israel lobby group.

Press TV: Darkness of Western Media Over Gaza

The fighting, for now at least, in Gaza is over. Both sides are “spinning a victory,” for the press.

Targeting Journalists: A Modest Proposal

If you're a journalist, and you report something Israel doesn't like - such as the truth - Israel will try to blow you up.

Gaza’s courage under fire puts a brake on the Zionists’ evil...

First, the courage and resilience of the Palestinians in Gaza has won the hearts and minds of the world. In Stephen Lendman’s words, “we’re all Gazans now”.

Press TV: Israel seeks expansion of Zionism in Middle East: Analyst

"The problem is that Netanyahu, the current leader of Israel, is a psychotic."

Shambles On The Strip

Not much to be thankful for in the Middle East, sadly. Like turkeys voting for Christmas the Israeli Government have let southern Israel in for further rocket bombardment from Gaza Strip, a lot less fun place than the Vegas Strip.

And After The Ceasefire…

In 2009 when Israel’s 22-day blitzkrieg was over, nearly 1,400 Palestinians had been wiped off the planet of whom four-fifths were civilians and 350 children, and over 5,000 wounded.

6.99 Billion People Side Against Israel and Gaza Murderers

The Military Industrial Complex loves this war and we, the global people, are it's victims

Lyin’ for Zion: Pro-Israel media incites genocide

British Israel-booster Charlie Wolf called me an anti-Semite on world-wide TV yesterday. Ooooo! That hurt! After I stopped sobbing uncontrollably, I kicked his ass all over the screen.

Sharon the Truth Teller

We must now critically examine Jewish politics, Jewish Lobbying, and Israeli crimes in the context of Jewish culture.

What Hell-on-Earth was like 4 years ago in Gaza

This seems a very good moment, on the sixth day of Operation Cast Lead Mk2, to remember what happened when Israel unleashed its last blitzkrieg on Gaza – Operation Cast Lead Mk 1 - over the Christmas/New Year holiday period nearly 4 years ago.

Take “Terrorism” out of Hamas. Arm it.

This is not a cynical suggestion but a serious one. Perhaps it would do the US and Israel some good to provide the necessary material and logistical support to get Hamas out of the "group terror corner" and into a more advanced stage of state terrorism, if not equal to Israel then close to it.

U.S. People Should Choose Sides in Israel Palestine Gaza War

JA PEOPLE or The Beast, US citizens need to choose sides now!

ALEX JONES: Gaza Descends into Absolute Bedlam

New World Order Using Palestinians As Pawns for Global Game. Get the inside story!

Operation Security Roof*

PM Netanyahu is determined that the only way to defend Israel’s populated area is to cover the Jewish State with a thick layer of iron and cement.

Obama Succumbs to Bibi; Paving the Way in Blood

It seems President Obama agrees with Bibi Netanyahu and both see the price for an invitation to the White House must be paved with the innocent blood of Jews and Arabs.

Does Anyone Seriously Think it’s About Rockets?

These words are printed on a tee-shirt I sometimes wear. They cut through the propaganda crap straight to the true cause of the latest unpleasantness in Gaza.

Turkish PM Says Gaza War Netanyahu Election Ploy

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has accused Israel of deliberately striking Gaza ahead of the elections in both 2008 and today, but urged that “the conditions of 2012 are different than they were in 2008.” He also called for an immediate cease-fire to be observed.

The Land Grabbers Strike Again

I don’t travel. If I did, I probably wouldn’t visit Israel. I remember how it was in 1948 when Israel was being established and all my Jewish friends were ecstatic.

Press TV: Strike on Gaza, Netanyahu’s swan song of rage

The tendrils that stretch from Tel Aviv have shown themselves of late, not immediately but the mosaic is beginning to come together, the pattern to be seen, understood, its brazenness and hubris grossly contradictory to popular “victimization mythology” used to wage war on the world “through deception.

Crucial Update: Netanyahu Says No to Ground Operation

They can kill, they can destroy, they can deliver misery to the entire region but for some reason they never prevail...

“Anonymous” Winning Cyber-War Over Israel

When the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) this week began taking military action in the Gaza strip against Hamas (as the IDF announced on Twitter), Anonymous declared its own war as part of #OpIsrael.

Gaza: The Red Line Israel Crassly Crossed

Reports indicate that Israel is reportedly setting the stage for a full-scale war on Gaza.

Israel-Gaza Latest Escalation: Testing the Waters of Post-Arab Spring

"The diminishment of the national pride/consciousness is a very grave sign/sin of an evolving and looming (religious) extremism in the Arab-Israeli conflict"

Hague Needs a Good Grilling

After yesterday’s dismal performance by the BBC’s flagship ‘Today’ news programme in quizzing the Israeli ambassador over the latest bloody assault on Gaza, this morning’s effort was a little better but still well short of what’s required in order to paint a truthful, balanced picture.