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Is Left-Right Collaboration Possible?

Nader's new book has the intriguing title Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State.

The Hemp Renaissance

Nothing exemplifies Ghandi's vision more stunningly than the citizens movement to legalize marijuana and industrial hemp.

It Might Be a Conspiracy…BUT it All Went Wrong

Could it have been "the October Surprise" that didn't work? Crazy as it might sound at this late date in December, could there have really been an October Surprise planned to insure the re-election of Obama to the Presidency?

The inmates are in charge of the asylum

Let me get the facts straight about the status quo of American left thinking. It will be a real stretch because I consider myself conservative (somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun), spent time in many of the countries leftists point to as being better than the US, lived in Eastern Europe for a brief period, and married into a family raised under the Communist Party.

Sunday Morning, September 9th, 2012

If we have news this week, it involves Russia. Putin drives me crazy. He is hard to understand, one week, he is surrounded by Israeli oligarchs, doing the full "Obama" and the next week, his backbone and sanity has returned.

Ron Paul Stands Against America’s War Machine, for both Syria...

The video below by Texas congressman Ron Paul is clear. He makes his case. America is a nation obsessed. Twice Paul avoids mentioning Israel but we know what he is not allowed to say for his personal safety or the safety of his family. They would be brutally murdered if he spoke what we all saw him allude to. Our obsession with Iran is illegal, it is a war crime, it constitutes an illegal declaration of war through sanctions, which are, as Paul states, an act of war.

Strategic Lessons from the Rand Paul Fiasco

Summary: For many years, the liberty movement’s aspirations and actions have been focused on the presidential candidacy of Congressman Ron Paul.

Election Fraud, Media Deception and the Crisis of Conservatism (Part II)

The Treatment of Ron Paul and Stephen Harper in Engineering the Political Economy of North America.

The “U.S.” House of Representatives Again Promotes Israel Over America

In yet another sickening display of gutless obedience to the Israel lobby and the Jewish dominated media, the "U.S." House of Representatives has passed legislation which promotes Israel's interests over the interests of America and Americans by passing the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012.

Election Fraud, Media Deception, and the Crisis of Conservatism

The Treatment of Ron Paul and Stephen Harper in Engineering the Political Economy of North America.

Is Ron Paul a “False Flag” Pied Piper?

For years my colleagues and I have been asking Ron Paul about a slew of petrochemical disasters in and around his Houston-area congressional district.

Is Ron Paul part of a US-BP Iran War plan?

Captain Eric H. May, a former NBC editorial writer, issued a series of warnings through alternative media interviews and articles. The mainstream media at first ignored them, but were compelled to report them when a day-after nuclear response team arrived and set up operations in Ron Paul's district on February 1, 2006 -- the day after Captain May's predicted attack date of January 31.

Reflections on the Situation of Ron Paul; Do We Dare Really...

Advice to self: Get out of the prediction punditry game; stop trying to understand human psychology; learn to forgive and not forget. Quit over-thinking the room.

Bibi, Obama, Nobel, Peres, Manning, Mordechai and George

This Monday's talks between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu maybe the most consequential encounter yet between the U.S. and Israel and the focus is all on Iran.

Ron Paul Only Candidate To Warn of a Fascist Takeover in...

Republican Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate of either party to tell the truth that America is “slipping into a fascist system.”

We Can Stop The Machine, If We Want To

We must take action and become the friction to stop the imperialistic predatory capitalistic machine before it consumes us and our precious liberties ~ that is, if we really want to. So how do we stop it?

Even If You Don’t Like Ron Paul You Should Watch This...

You can change the future. Stop the spending its bankrupting America!

Why I Have Backed Ron Paul For More Than 20 Years

Even an Oxymoron can understand this video montage that carries Ron Paul's "Liberty" thread during the past two decades?

Laughing Example of Media Wallowing in Willful (Evil) Ignorance

Watch this video of the MSNBC election night “experts” for a solid example of controlled media evil at work.

What – Who is a Neocon? Ron Paul Speech Exposed...

Since the media whores are so eager to expose Ron Paul's past public writings, why don't they “out” his long speech on the House floor in 2003 as the nation was prepping for a “cake walk” of shock and awe against Saddam Hussein?

Ron Paul and Libertarian Idiocy

Paul's entire premise is flawed. Total personal freedom was clearly not the intent of the founding fathers.

South Carolina Was More Rational, Patriotic In My Day

In the mid-1990s, when Newt Gingrich was destroying American Sovereignty by pushing the globalist agenda of NAFTAFA and GATT with major media help, my Radio Free America and Liberty Lobby were two of the most outspoken opponents.

Woe Unto You; Hypocrites, Liars, Oxymorons

OMG! South Carolinians vote Newt After Tossing Sanford for infidelity. Pay attention to this video because I Could not have said this so well myself.

Israel Firster Casino Mogul Super-Pacs Against U.S. Taxpayers

Sheldon Adelson, Las Vegas casino magnate, has been secretly funding a new Super Pac for Israel to fight against presidential candidates that don't tow Israeli first line.

Golden Rule, Ron Paul Booed by Oxymorons

Nothing illustrates the depths to which Our politics have sunk more vividly than this one minute video clipped from the recent Republican debate in South Carolina.

Voters Choice: Ron Paul or Bibi Netanyahu

A curious glance at the current crop of presidential candidates makes it clear that Ron Paul stands alone when it comes to the issue of US engagement in foreign wars.

2012 Is Here, Moral Pole Shift Underway

Americans have obviously lost their moral compass. The poles of morality - good and evil - are switching places.

Media Assault on Ron Paul Indefensible

If the media were reporting responsibly, Paul and Romney would nearly be in a dead heat; and Paul would wear the "over-achieving underdog" mantle and be in a commanding position to win the nomination.

Why Are They Afraid of Jesse Ventura?

This is why Jesse is the real hero and why he is feared. THE MOST POWERFUL SINGLE PIECE OF JOURNALISM IN AMERICAN HISTORY

America on Israel’s Altar

The label has been attached to Paul primarily because he differs from the other Republican presidential candidates on foreign policy. Said The Globe after the presidential debate In Des Moines, Iowa on December 10th:

US-Engineered Sanctions: No Coup De Grace For Iran

Will Washington dispense with a new round of sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran? Or will the warmongers in the White House march for war against the country?

The Stealth Zionist War on Ron Paul

I’m sorry, but when a New York City detective calls me and tells me that they arrested the 9/11 terrorists but had to put them on a plane to fly to Israel afterward..

2012 – Darkness and Bottom Up Change We Can Believe In

The time for the truth and transparency is now as we creep into 2012 darkness and the immediate start of the Presidential primaries. In that regard, a vote for Ron Paul in the primaries is a vote against the establishment and the special interest groups that have hijacked our Republic as well as both parties.

The Iowa Caucus: a Ron Paul Win or a GOP Heist?

A caucus selection process is a much fairer method than party controlled primaries. That is why the GOP establishment fears the voice of the public. A caucus that could actually influence or determine a nomination must be stopped.

The Serial Hypocrisy of The Media vis-a-vis Ron Paul and Mordechai...

Inspired by Presidential contender Ron Paul who demonstrated on CNN that he will not tolerate fools, this candidate for US House of Representatives seizes this opportunity to address the “serial hypocrisy” of corporate media in regards to their 25 years of failure to report on Israel’s nuclear whistle blower Mordechai Vanunu, who wrote today:

Nat Defense Authorization Act Confirms Battlefield USA

With the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA), America takes another giant step toward tyranny.

Are Neocons, Zionists Protesting Too Much?

Evil radio power burst forth yesterday (Dec. 6) with what seemed to be a coordinated attack against Ron Paul. The hatred was as thick as the stupidity. Why?

Ron Paul Assassination Hoax: Is It an Israeli Threat?

Reliable sources tell VT that the real threat is one concocted by the Gingrich camp and their Israeli backers, based on Newt's private promise of a full scale invasion of Iran.

Idiocy on Parade—Republican Candidates

One presumes that members of Des Moines Register's edit board would be well-versed in history and geopolitics; Watch the candidate who should have been named to Supreme Court half a century ago school these boards on the board.

Reason and Rationality in Public Debate: The Case of Ron Paul

During the organizing meeting of The Human Behavior and Evolution Society at the University of Michigan in 1988, I raised my hand after a presentation by Lida Cosmides, then the doyen of the movement, which had made a certain impression on me, and said, “I have only two concerns regarding your presentation”.

Bunkered Barack Obama Awaits World War

There are unsettling current events that make this presidential appearance in Denver seem like another command post exercise ready to go live for a false flag, world war or both.

Why Are Some Americans So Shockingly Cruel?

Every other civilized country in the world provides universal health care for its citizens. Only in America...