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Veterans Hotline Seeking Volunteers

A new Veterans nonprofit, "Veterans Workshop" has begun their nationwide recruitment for Volunteers who can assist with answering calls from American Veterans via a new Veterans911 hot-line.

The Looting: The Libyan Circus Continues

Two weeks ago, he was ducking NATO bombs. Now he's seeking the intercession of NATO justice. VT takes a look at the real backstory of the looting of Libya and Saif Gaddafi.

2011 Marine Corps 236th Birthday Message

The Continental Marines were the Marine Force of the American Colonies during the American Revolutionary War.

NTC Releases Gaddafi Fighters Nutter Bloggers Said Massacred

Today, the NTC released pro-Gaddafi fighters from camps and jails across Libya, all accounted for, all unharmed during captivity. The only remain being held are the thousands from Mali, Niger and other areas of Africa, many of them reported as Boko Harum and Al Qaeda fighters, some from the same terror cells now believed to be hiding Saif Gaddafi, wanted for war crimes by the ICC.

Saif Gaddafi, the Enigmatic Threat

Who can threaten acts of terror against the United States but not be named as a terrorist or even be put on a “no fly list?” Enigma, irony, what do we call this? Betrayal?

Exclusive: VT at Gaddafi's Capture

" I was right there when he was caught."

American Prosthetic Sharing Program

"Used Prosthesis should be brought to foreign military veterans."

21 True Facts About Gaddafi You Weren’t Told

Libya’s tyrant Muammar Gaddafi is dead and buried but his pimps around the world don’t seem to have got the message yet.

Warning: What Time is It?

We are not going away quietly, no longer buying the lies, no longer divided by "left" and "right." We are taking our lives back, not just in America or Israel or across the Arab world but Europe as well.

Libya and America

What Does Libya Say About Us? American, Canadian and European generations, certainly Israeli generations, have been raised on a litany of lies and cheap propaganda.

Living with David Duke and Louis Farrakhan

A discussion about race is one of those subjects that frighten most people. Yet, the facts of social and ethnic differences are a major cause of our idiotic public policy in a society that is rooted in denial.

Gaddafi dead: What next?

The report that the evasive Libyan ruler Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has died as a result of the wounds he sustained during a NATO attack has flung the Libyans into a jubilant frenzy while it has provoked mixed reactions from the political observers who may eye the event with reasonable degree of suspicion.

Libyan New Mass Grave and the Cynthia McKinney International Brigade

Many friends have been killed, just because they did not like Gaddafi.

CIA Opens Books with Surprises for Lee Wanta, Libya and More

The fist interviews ...will outline relations between President Reagan and Emil Lee Wanta, letting a few into the dream world of White House insiders.

Nato and USA Relentless Intervention is The Fatal Mistake Recommitted in...

The emphatic collapse of Gaddafi’s supposedly die-hard fighters as the rebels converged on Tripoli was an exact re-run of how the Northern Alliance militias swept into Kabul unopposed by the Taliban militants who evaporated into thin air.

We Are All Neo-Cons Now

“the Bush-Obama agenda marches on.”

Libya: CIA Reportedly Worked Closely With Gaddafi Intelligence Services (Updated...

Peter Bouckaert of Human Rights Watch, which found the documents, called the ties between Washington and Gadhafi's regime "a very dark chapter in American intelligence history, and it remains a stain on the record of the American intelligence services that they cooperated with these very abusive intelligence services

NATO “On the Ground in Libya” – for Gaddafi?

“To our astonishment, we saw names and photos of British men. The passes were headed “Collaborators With The 32nd Brigade”. What was the nature of their “collaboration” with the elite and feared 32nd - run by Khamis, the colonel's son?”, added the Channel 4 News reporter.

Federal Reserve Continued to Fund Gaddafi Banks After Sanctions

Sanders asked why the central bank made at least 46 emergency, low-interest loans to the Arab Banking Corp., in which the Central Bank of Libya owns a 59 percent stake. In the same letter, Sanders asked Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner why the Treasury Department on March 4 let the Libya-controlled bank skirt the economic sanctions against Libya.

Gaddafi’s Israeli Intel Mercenaries Uncovered

incontrovertible proof that Israelis, working in Tripoli, actively managed Gaddafi's intelligence services.

Amnesty International: Libyan Prison Records Sought – Detainees Killed by...

Key prison records and other documentation are at risk of being lost as sites remain unsecure and documents are destroyed or taken away in Libya, Amnesty International warned today.

Libyan Kabuki

When hundreds of thousands of Israelis began protesting their own government, that had to be stopped. The timing was all wrong. How was it dealt with?

America’s Libyan Rebels

Twenty years ago, three hundred and fifty Libyans - trained by the CIA to topple President Ghaddafi, arrived in the United States. This year, they returned to "liberate" Libya.

Can Libya Reap the Fruits of the Arab Spring?

Just as Saddam Hussain portrayed himself as the new Salahuddin Ayyubi of the Arab world, Muammar Gaddafi projected himself as the new Omar Mukhtar of Libya. Salahuddin Ayyubi fought the marauding crusaders, and Omar Mukhtar fought the Italian invaders, whilst the Arab dictators spent their life oppressing their citizens and empowering their family and tribes.

Understanding the opposition to NATO’s intervention in Libya

Understanding the opposition to NATO’s intervention in Libya

Amateur Hour: The Libyan Bloodbath

Through a combination of greed, blind stupidity and a total lack of familiarity with the region, the story of Libya has been hijacked, at least partially, by conspiracy theories, some dreamed up by Gaddafi himself, some by American friends, all duped.

Gaddafi Forces in Retreat: Mass Executions, Murdering Everything That Moves

"Things will be better when we have a president who doesn't kill and steal money."

Former Libyan Prime Minister: “Gaddafi escaping, dressed as a woman”

Qaddafi will remain holed up in the south of Tripoli “until roads reopen and then he will emerge perhaps disguised as a woman or something else to leave” the capital, Jalloud said.

Libyan WMD – Veterans Today and Wikileaks Were Right

We were right and they were wrong...And the Libyan people will be the final judge of both.

Gaddafi’s “Pet Journalists” 5 Star Prison

Some are real journalists but others are highly paid "guests" of Gaddafi. They were brought into the country to "seed" propaganda.

Waiting for the Endgame in Libya

Since this observer is not privy to any secrets around here and would not share them if he were, it’s fair enough to engage in frank discussions with former colleagues in Congress and new cyber acquaintances who work on the Hill.

Rebels Taking Tripoli – Army Surrendering – Said Gaddafi Captured

There was no information coming in Sunday night (US time) on fighting in the east. Here is what we have this morning, but still not much yet as to why these non-Tripoli units still want to fight.

Libya Intelligence Officer Defects, Evidence of Payments to Journalists by Gaddafi

We've received a number of documents detailing rates for articles published and blogposts posted, with the highest rates being paid for articles that make it into the mainstream media (2,000 USD per article) and the lowest (500 USD per item) for blogposts of more than 700 words.

Libya: Today’s Video Report from Sky News

7 hour old report from Sky News, UK on current situation in Libya.

Libya: Royal Navy Warship HMS Liverpool Comes Under Heavy Fire

The attack came after Liverpool fired a barrage of illumination rounds in support of an air attack on the regime stronghold of Zlitan. No casualties were suffered by the ship's crew during the exchange and the MoD were unable to confirm if the battery was destroyed during the duel.

Libya, Western intervention and the left’s great betrayal

We pay special attention to the so-called “anti-imperialist” camp’s great betrayal of the Libyan people and how, through ignorance, stupidity, dogmatism, naivety and greed for Gaddafi’s money, these faux “leftists” turned their backs on the Libyan people and supported the murderous Gaddafi regime.

Libya: Amnesty International Reports

A real discussion is needed, simply to get some of the liberal left back to earth. Well meaning people are being hoodwinked into taking the wrong side. The Libya "sideshow" has been used to end any effective antiwar movement to stop Afghanistan, a very real slaughter. This isn't by accident. There are certainly ways to defend Gaddafi, especially when worse is happening in Syria and Bahrain, Israel and Gaza also and nothing is being done.

Time to Say a Resounding “No” to Government

Bring the Army home and close the friggin' borders totally, "shoot to kill" totally. Freeze all assets held by Federal Reserve banks. If any (almost all) those banks are found to be foreign owned, declare all relationships with them to be inconsistent with our constitution. America will no longer pay banks, particularly foreign owned, to profit on our debt, sell us our own money and do so in direct violation of our laws.

Libya: The Propaganda War

Gaddafi attracts no sympathy within either the Islamic or the western world because during decades of power he appeared to be a rude and selfish leader; therefore, the majority of global news coverage remains pro-rebels, focusing just on how weapons are used, regardless of the consequences for the future of Libya.

Norway Terror Attacks a False Flag

The tragic terror attacks in Norway display a number of the telltale signs of a false flag provocation.