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RT’s “Truthseeker” rips the lid off false flags!

Will the NSA cyber-attack RT's new TruthSeeker episode - just like the did last September?

Is Boko Haram a psy-op?

"Boko Haram vs. schoolgirls": Another PR fabrication? It certainly smells that way.

Takfiris defame Islam – “Boko Haram” a psy-op

The anti-Islam PR campaign continues in Nigeria.

Syrian opposition’s call on US, act of desperation

- These Syrian National Council (SNC) people all need to be prosecuted for war crimes, along with all those who helped them, including State actors

NEO – The Organizer of International Terror – 4

- Americans forget...that Hitler did the same, using cannon fodder fascists from European countries on the Eastern front.

NEO – Seth Ferris…Redlines and Headlines

- The Ukraine crisis has now entered the theater of the absurd, where no one is embarrassed over what they say or do anymore.

A Brief History of Terrorism in Palestine

In the United States, Jewish terrorist groups such as the Stern Gang tried to assassinate President Harris Truman, according to Truman’s daughter Margaret.

Confessed 9/11 terrorist Silverstein “helps NYC shine”

How much did 9/11 perp Larry Silverstein have to pay to place this sickening PR puff piece?

Ex-CIA Bin Laden chief Michael Scheuer speaks out

The Zio-cons "are defending, in many respects, a position that's absolutely treasonous to the United States, and incompatible with being an American citizen."

Takfiri terrorists strangulate Syrian girl in public

- Western supported religious terrorism replaces Valentines Day for this brave young girl

McCain Goes Takfiri!

"This must be the first time a sitting United States Senator has conducted a suicide bombing."

The Party Begins – Iran will sue Saudis for terrorism

- I have been wondering for a long time why the current perpetrators of terrorism in the MidEast and their sponsors were not facing legal action

Growth of International Terrorist Threat from Syria

- New Eastern Outlook - The 100,000 dead in Syria will all agree they did not enjoy their brief flirtation with Western demoracy

BP Goes Terrorist in Gulf Spill Coverup

BP is accused of hiring Internet trolls to attack and threaten people who are discontent with the way the company has handled the spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

This Tuesday: Million Mask March vs. NWO!

"If you've seen nothing, if the crimes of government remain unknown to you, then I suggest you allow the fifth of November to pass unmarked."

9/11 Perp Giuliani Joins Terrorists to Attack Rouhani

Giuliani's fingerprints are all over 9/11 and the follow-up anthrax attacks

Should West be Sanctioned for Terrorism?

- State terrorism has to be faced directly for what it really is, a threat against all of us.

Congressman Mark Siljander: "Why I went to prison"

Congressman Mark Siljander - possibly the greatest Christian peacemaker of our time - is out of prison and healthy. Hallelujah and al-hamdullilah!

Congressman Mark Siljander: “Why I went to prison”

Congressman Mark Siljander - possibly the greatest Christian peacemaker of our time - is out of prison and healthy. Hallelujah and al-hamdullilah!

Hitler or Stalin in Syria?

The neo-Bolsheviks/neoconservatives keep propounding that Assad has used chemical weapons as if it is a brute fact. But repeating an idea without evidence is not a serious argument. It is a circular argument.