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Congressman Criticizes U.S. Mint for “Disappointing and Concerning” Inaction on Counterfeit...

U.S. Secret Service Also Frustrated with U.S. Mint’s “Lack of Supporting Action” Washington, DC (March 12, 2018) – Congressmen Alex Mooney (R-WV) criticized the United...

Celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah in Government Buildings?

Jeffrey Goldberg: “[Obama] is the most Jewish president we’ve ever had (except for Rutherford B. Hayes)."

U.S. Government: Rap Music Means Covert War in Cuba (and around...

"The sad truth is that so many female ‘artists’ — almost all of them rabid feminists and sexual exhibitionists — have nothing to sell but vaginas"

Government Siege and National Rape

- BATR Editorial on the State of the Nation

Christians Worship Authority of the State

With the rapid awakening of the world on the internet, the state mind control program of Christianity is being exposed as an integral part of the political power structure.

Blanket Immunity For American Taxpayers… A Plan to Dismantle Debt Lawfully

In the United States House of Representatives, the “Jubilee Act for Responsible Lending” (otherwise known as H.R. 2634) was passed on April 24, 2008.

Justice Caps Announces "Dusk 'til Dawn" Video Surveillance Protection

First of eleven products designed to protect citizens from their own governments attempts to monitor their every movement.

Justice Caps Announces “Dusk ’til Dawn” Video Surveillance Protection

First of eleven products designed to protect citizens from their own governments attempts to monitor their every movement.

Why It’s Worse Than It Looks and Why We The People...

All that Power cares about is keeping it for themselves and time is NOW for We The People to be The Boss!

Hate Crime or Terrorism? The Ku Klux Klan Still Kill At...

Once upon a time in America back in the nineteenth century, there was a far-right organization known as Ku Klux Klan that adhered to primitively radical and hidebound ideas including white supremacy and brutalized and persecuted the colored race through an act of terrorism.

2012 Intergalactic Space Probe Landing – Earthling Contact

What would happen if we intercepted a report from an intergalactic space probe expedition that has been collecting data on Planet Earth for some time?

A Brief Lesson in History That Foretells of America’s Rise and...

If we are going to hell as a country, it shouldn't surprise any of us

Government Secracy Which Runs Afoul of The Constitution

How can secrecy and security exist in the same society?

The Decline of America And The Cause

The decline of America and its global stature probably began with the implementation of our modified capitalistic society, though I choose to discuss the decline from the end of the Second World War when it is far easier for us to view and for us to remember.

The Wars We Fight To Protect Freedom Have Lead Us To...

I began this series of articles on the forty facts you should know about why many see America as being on the decline.

Voluntary Ignorance

An old cliché states that ignorance is bliss. If this were really true, the US would be a very happy country.

Leaving Every Citizen a Reflection On The Year in Government

It is time to flush the toilet in Washington

Being “under the bus” with COLA

Keeping your fingers crossed about COLA for veterans won't make it happen

The National Personnel Record’s Center has “New Digs”

Locating military personnel records should be easier with the new National Personnel Record Center in St. Louis

Jesus Christ, PIA’s and Nuclear Resistance

Today, the third of The Y-12 Thirteen were sentenced. They were arrested on 5 July 2010 after crossing through the thin strands of barbed wire at the Y-12 Oak Ridge.